Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August Totals and a Fun Goal

So I'm all about little fun goals......this year was the first year we went all in going crazy buying seasonal items for the following year. So we are oozing Halloween items from 2016. So we set a goal of $1000 in gross sales for Halloween seasonal items. As I continued to list on both Amazon and Ebay I realized this goal might be a tad low but I'm going to run with it anyway. Soo.....I started a tally going back 90 day on how much sold and on what marketplace. I'm going to update each month from now till October's totals just for fun. Depending I may do something like this for Christmas too but I have a feeling I may be too busy.

Halloween goals- $1000 in gross sales
eBay $275.70
Amazon 238.34
total to date 514.04

So we are approaching the very beginning of the buying season (although in my experience it really is the last week of September) and I'm already halfway to my goal. I've started doing little things like this because I've been really discouraged at work lately and I need to find a way to keep myself motivated.

I almost passed up on this dress because I didn't want to put out $5.00. It sold within 2 weeks for full price of $24.95+ shipping. 

But now on to the regular numbers.....

August was nice to see numbers increase. I listed more consistently on eBay which I'm sure helped. (did they change anyone else's selling central format? They did mine I guess it's in beta but after getting used to it I love it). Amazon sales are slower than I would like but we are working on sending in several more boxes.I hope 4th quarter really rocks it with sales.

ebay 801.73
facebook 0
etsy 10.90
amazon 1000.52
other/swap 27.90

COGS 354.11
shipping 305.00
sellery 100.00
supplies 37.11
paypal 37.14
ebay 109.75
amazon 412.50
etsy 4.64
refunds 25.69

total income 1841.05
total outgo 1385.64

total profit 455.41

those amazon fees never cease to bug me :D

Here's to hoping September is awesome!

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  1. Good to know that the buying season is beginning. I will begin listing my items and see how they do ~