Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goodbye Summer....Hello Halloween Sales!

Well only 2 weeks left of summer.....the kids are excited to go back (and so is mom!) School supplies are bought, backpacks are packed, middle school orientation day is requested off from work, and I think we are all set to go. I've never been one to buy new clothes at the start of school; I buy lots of clothes for Christmas....except shoes. This is the first year a child has asked for brand name clothes. He really wanted mom that I am went and found some for $22. I have a weird thing about used shoes so they were new :D

Anyway on to the sales front. Unfortunately not as many kids clothes sold as I hoped they would. I did sell my youngest son's backpack from last year. He never liked it and only used it a few months. It sold within 24 hours for $14.99+ shipping. I am a brand snob when it comes to backpacks. LL Bean's have a lifetime guarantee and my kids are rough with backpacks. (it is common courtesy to only exchange a backpack purchased directly from them. it is encouraged not to exchange items purchased at yard sales etc.)

I try to have all my Halloween stuff listed by December; this year was a fail and I'm sure we missed out on several sales. We are frantically trying to gather the rest of the Halloween stuff and list it/ship it to eBay. In 2 weeks I have listed about 90 items (thats a TON for me). It's about halfway done. On eBay, I have 45 costumes currently listed at about $1400. In addition to tons and tons of Halloween stuff listed on Amazon. I figure probably $4000 before fees. We would love to make about $1k after
fees. We typically spend about $500 on new Halloween inventory each year.

Here are some of my favorite costumes.

The banana one I actually bought for my son who never wore it. I love the lion costumes. Being raised in New England, I can appreciate a warm costume.

And these are considered Lularoe "unicorn" leggings. The selling price over the summer was around $40. I put it up for $50 OBO. I already received an offer for $10. I paid $10 for them.....worst case senario I will wear them before sell them for that price. They are the most comfortable, overpriced leggings I have ever worn :D

In other news my attic is now 75% organized into 3 sections: eBay listed (and Etsy), eBay unlisted, and Amazon FBA for later (seasonal etc). It's so nice to have some resemblance of organization back in my home. Eventually we will have a yard sale section as well but I am not ready to tackle that for at least 2 years.

I will eventually do a what I found/what sold post but for now sales are really not exciting.

Take care all and happy thrifting!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have several costumes in a tote somewhere that we never used so I should dig them out.

    I absolutely detest LLbean (the company) as we had several items that were gifts and they wouldn't stand behind the warranties because we didn't purchase them directly yet the gifter was deceased so they couldn't call. I begrudgingly say they make a good canvas tote bag but won't give them a quarter for one so I continue to mend grandma's.

    Hope your first day of school goes well! 😀

    1. Maybe you should escalate your claim. Either call until you get someone who will help you get what you deserve or go to the supervisor. Be nice. Explain the situation. Tell them that you like their company and know that they want to stand behind their quality. If it goes further, ask them if they want their tote to represent their quality. You know they don't. Ask them what they can do to honor their own policy. Again, be nice, no matter who you are talking to. Explain your situation {gift-giver is now deceased}. Sometime just talking to the right person will get what you want, and from what you're saying, what you deserve. Crossing my fingers for you!

    2. I hate when companies are like that. I agree be nice and keep calling till you get someone awesome. I don't normally buy their stuff (other than backpacks) because I feel they are really expensive. I have also run into several backpacks at yard sale for $1-5 so the kids have a great selection.
      Thanks for the well wishes. It's not my first day of school but my kids (first year all 3 kids have full day school) so as long as I don't get a call one is sick or misbehaving I will call it a sucess.

  2. It's great that you're organized. Now your job is to keep it that way. I know that's difficult. {You should see my garage, and I'm only a garage-sale seller!} I wish the best for you with your Halloween and seasonal sales. Fonda

    1. thanks! organization is a gift I rarely give myself. The haunted house leggings already sold for a best offer of $35+ shipping (it's not top dollar but I'm happy with a quick $25 profit :D )