Monday, August 7, 2017

An Updated Review of

OK guys, fair is fair. 1 of my last posts was about Because of the lack of communication, I was on the fence about them. The original review can be seen here

However, my payout went to the wrong Paypal account. When I logged back into my account, I noticed the Paypal and communication email addresses were switched (my bad). When I corrected them, the communication became awesome. (everytime I sold something, when my next paid out was etc).

My new only downside (and for me its a minor one) is the site isn't completely user friendly and can be confusing to navigate (but then so can ebay/amazon/etc). Also I see no where to get the gross selling price and the listing fees (my books have separate line items as the fees typically are tax deductible). So I am just listing the net on my books I guess.

I am fairly confident I will use them again. Still working on the final numbers but to date paid outs (both I have received and is pending) is close to $75 for "dud" inventory. Not too bad. I only sold $100 (or less) on eBay in July.


  1. I am going to check it out now AND it isn't blocked at work as an auction site (yet ...)

  2. Glad you figured out what the problem was. I have had amazing communication from them. You are doing great with everything accepted and making $75 after fees, especially since you only sent in 30 items.