Monday, August 21, 2017

...and the breakthrough

It must be officially end of summer/back to school. After a horrible couple months, I have had Christmas like sales the last few days. It's been a breath of relief honestly. I know the ebb and flow but I think (and I know its not just me) is this the year reselling died? Do I need to find another side hustle?

I sold more in 2 days on eBay than I did the entire month of July. Amazon finally cracked too.

....and my best sell.

I am going to withold the picture for now because it just shipped and I don't want to jinx it. I found an alarm clock (NIP, discontinued) at a yard sale for $1. It was from around 2008 ish. It's just a plastic cheap made in China alarm clock (retail price was only $20). The last couple on Amazon sold for $50; great return. Sent it to FBA and forgot it. We do have an auto repricer who checks an updates up to 500 listings an hr. Because there was no other competition the repricer seriously jacked up the price (would have manually corrected it had I known). So what to my surprise when it sold for $196! Yes that's not a typo.

So I'm praying buyers remorse doesn't kick in and it gets returned.

At that point I would have been happy with a $10 sale....LOL. Great way to kick off back to school retail arbitrage money :D

Hope all your sales have picked up too!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

July's Totals

I will admit, I thought July was going to be an absolute bust. The sales were painfully slow. After losing over $300 (not debt fueled) in June....I was prepared to lose a bit more in July.

ebay 201.12
facebook 0
Etsy 17.90
amazon 578.72
swap 66.70
yard sale 140

income $1004.44 (see that's really really bad. even January and Feb had over $2500 each in sales)

cost of goods sold 153.99
shipping 69.35
sales tax 24.07
sellery 100.00
supplies 2.83
paypal 10.09
ebay 58.28
amazon 234.79
etsy .30
refunds 9.16

outgo: 662.86

total profit 341.58

Sales tax no longer has to be filed every quarter for us but 2x a year based on our sales which is fine by me. I feel like lots of people don't buy online when they see they have to pay sales tax. We only charge for PA residents.

Cost of goods sold started out with a return from the previous month so that definately helped keep it in line. $100 was American Girl dolls; the rest was on Amazon inventory.

With cold weather approaching soon and a good handle on current inventory I am legitimately concerned I don't have enough to keep me going on eBay through the winter. So I took off 3/4 of the Saturdays in September. Yup I'm that person. Lots of situations not appropriate for the internet but I'm really frustrated with my "real" job so it's time to take care of myself for a while.

So thankfully my worst fears for July didn't come to fruition. Hope you all are having a profitable summer.

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Old Bolo Worth Repeating....Not Everything is as it Seems

I wrote a post about this a while ago here

I realized I never actually put the final selling price for the toy. It was around $103.00 or so with another $40 to ship it to the UK. Unbelievably crazy. My kids all loved that show and it super nostalgic to me now.

A few week ago I ran into another set.

They had tons of Nick Jr toys; had I the time, space, and motivation I would have bought them all as the price was right. I limited myself to just these. Sadly they don't go for quite as much as the last time I sold them.

The small car I hope to get $10, the big car with figures $50 and the 2 stuffies together $15 (they are slightly stained). I paid $5 for the lot so that would be a pretty great investment. They have only been sitting waiting to be listed for around 2 months. LOLOLOL.

Patpat rocket from Little Einsteins is still selling for upwards of $50. I've only found 1 that was $2 and sold the next day for $99.99 (I think....a few years ago).

Oswald my kids were never really into (and I couldn't stand it) but the toys are nothing to sneeze at. A plushie just sold for $97. This 7 pc PVC set sold for $149.99

So kids toys are nothing to sneeze at. Thankfully a lot of scavengers overlook these cheap made in China toys and the "valuable" ones are often left at the end of the day.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goodbye Summer....Hello Halloween Sales!

Well only 2 weeks left of summer.....the kids are excited to go back (and so is mom!) School supplies are bought, backpacks are packed, middle school orientation day is requested off from work, and I think we are all set to go. I've never been one to buy new clothes at the start of school; I buy lots of clothes for Christmas....except shoes. This is the first year a child has asked for brand name clothes. He really wanted mom that I am went and found some for $22. I have a weird thing about used shoes so they were new :D

Anyway on to the sales front. Unfortunately not as many kids clothes sold as I hoped they would. I did sell my youngest son's backpack from last year. He never liked it and only used it a few months. It sold within 24 hours for $14.99+ shipping. I am a brand snob when it comes to backpacks. LL Bean's have a lifetime guarantee and my kids are rough with backpacks. (it is common courtesy to only exchange a backpack purchased directly from them. it is encouraged not to exchange items purchased at yard sales etc.)

I try to have all my Halloween stuff listed by December; this year was a fail and I'm sure we missed out on several sales. We are frantically trying to gather the rest of the Halloween stuff and list it/ship it to eBay. In 2 weeks I have listed about 90 items (thats a TON for me). It's about halfway done. On eBay, I have 45 costumes currently listed at about $1400. In addition to tons and tons of Halloween stuff listed on Amazon. I figure probably $4000 before fees. We would love to make about $1k after
fees. We typically spend about $500 on new Halloween inventory each year.

Here are some of my favorite costumes.

The banana one I actually bought for my son who never wore it. I love the lion costumes. Being raised in New England, I can appreciate a warm costume.

And these are considered Lularoe "unicorn" leggings. The selling price over the summer was around $40. I put it up for $50 OBO. I already received an offer for $10. I paid $10 for them.....worst case senario I will wear them before sell them for that price. They are the most comfortable, overpriced leggings I have ever worn :D

In other news my attic is now 75% organized into 3 sections: eBay listed (and Etsy), eBay unlisted, and Amazon FBA for later (seasonal etc). It's so nice to have some resemblance of organization back in my home. Eventually we will have a yard sale section as well but I am not ready to tackle that for at least 2 years.

I will eventually do a what I found/what sold post but for now sales are really not exciting.

Take care all and happy thrifting!

Monday, August 7, 2017

An Updated Review of

OK guys, fair is fair. 1 of my last posts was about Because of the lack of communication, I was on the fence about them. The original review can be seen here

However, my payout went to the wrong Paypal account. When I logged back into my account, I noticed the Paypal and communication email addresses were switched (my bad). When I corrected them, the communication became awesome. (everytime I sold something, when my next paid out was etc).

My new only downside (and for me its a minor one) is the site isn't completely user friendly and can be confusing to navigate (but then so can ebay/amazon/etc). Also I see no where to get the gross selling price and the listing fees (my books have separate line items as the fees typically are tax deductible). So I am just listing the net on my books I guess.

I am fairly confident I will use them again. Still working on the final numbers but to date paid outs (both I have received and is pending) is close to $75 for "dud" inventory. Not too bad. I only sold $100 (or less) on eBay in July.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Slow Summer Slump

Well it's official.....back to school is less than a month away for my kiddos....less for those in more southern areas of the country I've heard. That means 4th quarter is right around the corner.....and hopefully more sales.

I don't know about all of you, but sales have been BRUTAL this summer. Before shipping fees, I sold all of $112 in July on eBay (with about $7k listed). Like 8 items. Amazon was give or take $400. We all know its slow but when Amazon has 0 sales for 6 days and eBay goes for a few weeks, I get legit concerned.

I'm hoping for a HUGE Halloween. We have so much Halloween listed on Amazon, dozens upon dozens of costumes for eBay and lots of baby clothes!

After that is Christmas. We spent about 1k at 70-90% off that I'm just praying for great returns......because then spending hangover comes.

Right now my NWT Justice (primarily) clothes, backpack, and lunchbox sales have picked up a little bit.

How is everyone else doing sales wise?