Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Day After the Yard Sale

Well, after 2 previously rained out attempts we FINALLY had a yard sale. Crappy hot weekend with threats of rain as well as a holiday weekend. And man was it ever a bust. I was hoping for enough money to board the dog for vacation; we didn't quite make it but its $140 we didn't have before.

I spent about 4 hours in total gathering items for the sale and labeling items. I wish I had purchased a few more tables. Tables get more views then items on the ground on tarps for sure.

At the time I took this picture, this was about half the inventory for the sale. Between working at 5am and then dragging totes around, I am absolutely beyond exhausted. It's good exercise I guess. But being so busy I missed the deadline for the local paper ad and I didn't realize till now that my Facebook ad didn't post to many groups. The foot traffic was horrible; we ended up only with about 2 dozen people. For all. that. work.

My in laws were in a hurry to get home so they grabbed the items they wanted to keep and told us to sell what we could online and donate the rest. They had out some beautiful teak wood 1970s salad bowls I am hoping to get $30-50 for. Other little things like Philadelphia Eagles Monopoly etc. The rest, we gladly take the tax deduction.

I was exhausted (and sun burnt) after sitting in the sun all day but I knew that the tomorrow me would thank me for organizing and donating everything up front instead of dragging it back into the house. Remember the ties I bought years ago? The 311 I had left all got donated. I can't wait for those tax deductions. Suddenly, I'm almost positive I'll be itemizing. In all 3 entire van full of stuffs went to the thrift with 3 tax receipts. I still have 1 more load to take over but they closed before I got there.

Sure enough, today's me is super thankful for yesterday's me actions. More than half my attic is empty; in doing a huge purge I was afraid I would seriously decimate my eBay store inventory. In reality on 30 or so items were removed from the store.

The biggest win in this was being forced to sort my attic; almost $400 of Amazon inventory was "found".

But it will be a LONG time before I do another yard sale.


  1. Oh my gosh, just a couple dozen people after all that work? Gee, if you put up a sign around here, you get mobbed at 7 in the morning even without an ad. Well, at least you made some money, cleared out your attic and found more ebay inventory. Sounds like a win overall! :-)

    1. my phone sent me a notification the next morning that all the pics I uploaded to social media never posted. Sigh. No use stressing now. I think I'm at the place you were a few years ago. I crave un-clutter and space more than the few dollars.