Saturday, July 29, 2017

Just for Fun

I got home from work today and had a little motivation to take pictures for eBay. I absolutely hate taking pictures (i get headaches from the bending etc) so I procrastinate as long as possible. I knew hubby wasn't super happy with me for buying some American Girl dolls last night so I'm trying to list them as fast as possible.

So with an empty house, I settled in to start my picture taking.


I'm sure she doesn't notice....

Yup....right here on her lap is perfect. 

meanwhile the cat pulls no punches. 

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Too funny! I feel ya, though. We have cats. We can hardly do anything without their...ahem..."assistance". We painted the living room a few weeks ago. We put a tarp on the floor and tape where we should. After we got half way on the first coat, Mr. Franklynn decides it would be fun to scootch under the tarp. When he was having "too" much fun, we introduced him to a room with a door and closed it. One kind of listens to what we say and kept away from it, and the other two weren't interested in that kind of play. The next day for the second coat, we took care to place the tarps flat. See...our cats teach us stuff... We didn't have to worry about them getting on or in the tarp! We learned well. We are getting ready to paint another area. Now we know to put the tarp flat against the floor. I wonder what else we'll learn. Our pets...we gotta love them and put up with them. We never know what wisdom they will impart. Enjoy!

  2. Glad you had a casual day with furry friends! Cute photos!