Thursday, July 6, 2017

June Numbers

This month is the first month that has me beating my head against the wall.

(Just before we start in May, Amazon "lost" about $300 worth of inventory so we were credited for it. In June they "found" it deducting the $300 back out of our account which really screwed us up.

 eBay 561.78
Amazon 556.29

Income 1118.07

COGS 432.80
Shipping 216.50
Sellery 100.00
SUpplies 68.36
Paypal 27.88
ebay 61.35
amazon 472.49
etsy .40
refunds 52.12

Outgo 1431.90

net loss 313.83

at least this is the first loss of 2017 and none of it is debt inspired.

1 comment:

  1. Summer months are rough: kids are out of school and family focus is on vacation, sports, free pool stuff, etc. Also, aside from Mother's/Father's days and birthdays, there aren't many gift giving necessities. I think your key statement is that this deficit isn't debt related so I see you as doing well. Build towards Christmas at this time and at the end of the year, average your year out to see how the months really did. 😀