Monday, June 19, 2017

Getting ready for a yard is the theme

So yard sale Saturday if all goes as planned. Issue is that my attic is so fill and miserably hot it is hard to organize. So I've started taking all the christmas items and prepping them to send to Amazon.  Next is Halloween costumes for eBay!

Our target had these 90% off but instead of in the christmas section they left them in the home endcap with bath towels so it was a major win for me.

Hoping for no rain on Saturday. Happy thrifting everyone!

Monday, June 12, 2017

BOLO Simpson's Holiday Express Christmas Train Set

So if you have followed me long enough, you know I hate shipping anything I have to bubble wrap, and decorative pieces in general. Just not my thing.

However, I went to a yard sale on the next street over and came across TONS of Simpson's stuff at a wicked cheap price. I didn't get most as I have more than I can list already. I picked up a NIP Aladdin DVD, a piano keyboard bench (I'm going to set up a music stand and bench in the corner so my little trumpet and clarinet players have a proper place to practice) and lots of books for the kids all for $7.

Then I spied this.

The Simpsons Holiday Express Christmas Train. Limited edition hand numbered blah blah blah. I know the Simpsons is popular and Christmas figures/trains/villages are popular and for only $20 why not? Worst case senario I throw it in my own yard sale (and it came in a nice tote).

I got 20 trains (18 have certificates of authenticity), and another 4 that have pieces broken off and once hubby glues them will be sold as damaged/repaired.

The lowest piece I have seen on a buy it now is $20 (sold during the summer). Most pieces only have 1 or 2 listed and the average price is $50. A couple pieces have none listed and I plan on listing for $80; all will have best offer.

Overall I should make $500 (easily) to $1000 (pushing the max of the high end).

Here's a couple of my favorites just for giggles.

Also picked up a Christmas and Halloween outdoor inflatable decoration at $5 for both. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

May Numbers

Here's the May breakdown

ebay 611.23
facebook 45.95
etsy 19.47
amazon 969.33
other 9.71 (this was a usps refund for a broken candle)

cost of goods 350.35
taxes accountant (this was actually april but forgot to add it in 275
advertising for a yard sale that was rained out 18.60
car 56.87
licenses 10
shipping 183.63
selling expense 100
paypal 27.04
ebay 72.21
amazon 371.88
etsy .35
refunds 77.04

income 1655.77
outgo 1542.97

total profit 112.80

I've become accustomed to better profits than this so I'm a little dissapointed. I don't know know about all of you but eBay was unbearably slow for me in May; June has come on with a bang. I have a yard sale planned for last week in June/1st week in July so I am running 1 final 50% off sale until the 18th to try to clear the last minute clutter.

Also mid June-mid July is about time to start sending Christmas inventory into Amazon.

Also no costumes have been listed on eBay from last Halloween yet.

And our Rue 21 goes out of business their final day is June 18th so I'm trying to get there on the last day to scoop up some sport team related stuff.

But for today its the kid's first day of summer and we are celebrating with Philly soft pretzels and dying their hair with kool aid :D

Happy June everyone!