Friday, May 19, 2017

The Spark for the Flame....Just for Fun

I did a little Amazon sourcing today. I don't do much anymore; I (by choice) am working 6 days 65 or so week hours (overtime isn't always a thing and we are trying to get debt paid off faster). It was the ho-hum-drum stuff.

Until Cha-ching!

This is quite possibly the tackiest bathrobe I have seen but it should net us about $30 per robe and we bought 4 at $4 each.

Then I rarely look at books. I also didn't want to buy more as my cart was full and I didn't want to get another one. Then a book series caught my eye. At $11 each its definately out of my comfort zone. But the results from Profit Bandit took my breath away. They all sell from between $90-400; all have average selling prices close to $200. Sorry to be obscure but they will be a BOLO for a later date. I bought they all.....or at least I tried to. The manager came up to me at checkout and refused to let me buy them all. Sigh. I've never understood that; I'm TRYING to give you full asking price. Hello? Oh well I bought 20 for $180 and if all goes well will make a few thousand profit. Not bad; not bad. Oh yeah that's why I do this :D

And just for fun......
I turned 30 this past March. And so I got my camera card with the license renewal but it took me 2 months to go sit at the DMV.....actually it took half of my first day of vacation. Fun fact, I couldn't buy my own alcohol for 2 months. I was denied because my license was expired. Hubby was seriously amused by this.

I know this has got to be some kind of sin, but I actually really like the new picture (top). The bottom looks more like a mug shot. I was really close post-miscarriage which is why I look so horrid.

Happy thrifting everyone!


  1. Those two pictures are of you!?! Wow! How different they are! I never smile for my mug shot errr... license. I figure I won't be smiling much for the officer that is asking for it. lol

    That's weird about the manager preventing you from purchasing what you wanted to. Isn't the point of a retail store to sell as much stuff as it can? Weird.

    1. Knock on wood, I haven't really ever been stopped by an officer. 1 time because I had recently moved states and the inspection sticker was on the other side of the window and he didn't notice (he was visibly embarrassed) and the other expired registration (whoops). Never for speeding. I can't believe the difference in pictures either. They do have a sign that says they have the right to limit quantity but i'm not sure why they would ever do that.

  2. Great find! Can you tell us about Profit Bandit? How does it work? Were the books signed by the author? What makes them worth so much?

    1. its an app. scan the item, put in new or used, fba or fbm for amazon, buy cost and it shoots out the profit amount of an item based on the lowest current selling price of similar conditions. no signature. sometime I run across a fluke item just normal that sells for boatloads of cash. its the proverbial needle in a haystack.

  3. Thanks for the info! I've only sold on Amazon with an individual account (not merchant account). I guess I'm more of an eBay gal. I went ahead and got the Profit Bandit app. Unfortunately, it isn't letting me use it because I only have an individual seller account. I think a merchant account is $39.99? I have so many piles of stuff waiting to be listed, maybe I should be selling more on Amazon!