Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Some Sales

Sales year over year are dismal. Yes I know it's effort related but geez I'd love to be debt free right now and magically selling everything overnight would really help. I know that's unlikely but a girl can dream right?

So some sales. There isn't even anything exciting to share the big find. All bread and butter items. Ebay is shoes, swimsuits, and baseball pants (my only regret with sports authority is not buying more). Etsy is 1 random item a month it seems. Amazon thankfully is a lot of older inventory clearing out.

Sorry guys but this really is the most exciting things I have.
 These are cheap Disney Halloween jewelry. I think I paid something like 50 cents way back 3 or 4 years ago at Target. I had Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Tiana, and Snow White. They sat so long on eBay that I put them on Amazon as a last ditch before I donated them. And most sat forever. Out of the blue, I have sold 4 pairs of these Cinderella ones for $15 a piece (it's about $9 and some change each after fees). I'll take it. I believe I only have Snow White left. I have decided for the most part against buying Snow White items. I feel she is so classic that young kids want to be the cooler princesses. Yes or no....thoughts?
 This is amusing to me. I found this one bag of black jelly beans in with the regular ones 70% off after Easter. After doing a quick scan and finding they sell for over $20 a bag, I dug for more but sadly only came up with 1. It sold within a couple weeks for a little over $15 (again about $9 and change after fees). I paid 80 cents. I wish I knew the people who had money to spend $20 on a bag of jelly beans LOL.
These Toms though....they are duds. I thought Toms were hot and a great higher up brand. Nope. I have over a dozen pair that have sat.....and sat....and sat.....I bought them for $5.50 a pair at Sports Authority; I have sold a single pair on sale for $18.50. I won't lose but man I could have bought 10 pairs of baseball pants for each pair of shoes.....and the baseball pants flew off my proverbial shelves (more like flew out of my totes making sure the size/color I needed was on the bottom each time).
Also fun fact, Toms is apparently 1 of a dozen retails most likely to belly up next. (Gymboree also made that list which surprised me....then others like Kmart and Sears just didn't bring the shock factor).

I'm trying super hard to list a couple things each day to bring in sales. It's worked so far 3 consistent days....I know its not much but I don't think I have listed at all in over a month.

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