Sunday, April 16, 2017

I need some new blogging friends!

I don't have time to blog much but I do love to read blogs....and it seems like all my blogging friends are short on time too!

So....I need to add some new reads to my roll. If you have a  thrifting and reselling blog (or have a favorite one I haven't found yet) please leave me a link so I can add it.

Thanks a million!


  1. You might want to get rid of the blogs that haven't posted in the past couple of months.

    She Thrifts, She $cores appears to have another blog that I follow: She finds interesting stuff. She sells her wares. She also has written some guidelines about vintage and antique items. Explore!


    That's about all I have. Take a look at the blogs they follow, and you might find more blogs you would like. But, don't forget about cleaning your own blog roll out, because other people just might be casing yours! {like me!} Enjoy finding new friends. Someday, I'll open my own blog again. I have lots of stuff to show and plenty to say. I just need to take one step!


    This couple is hilarious!

    1. thanks I have heard so many good things about them