Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Yard Sale Season!

So I totally didn't plan on going to yard sales until mid May to give me a chance to 1) have my own yard sale and 2) mid May I have a week vacation I plan on using to tame the inventory monster.

This morning a yard sale was advertised and had pictures of rollerblades. My oldest who loves to rollerblade broke his the end of last year. Being that it was 5 minutes away, I took the chance and he and I went over to check it out.

The good news: they were exactly his size. The bad news: she was out of her ever loving mind wanting $15 for a pair of used kids rollerblades. I mean goodness gracious I can go to Walmart and get a pair for $25-30. And she wasn't budging. (I wish I had paid more attention to the advertisement because this is one of the houses I have blacklisted for outrageous prices and only go if I have time but they are always on the bottom of my list). After walking away, she came to me and said she would take $10 (which I still thought was high but more reasonable). So my little buddy got rollerblades and a couple books.

I poked around. She hemmed and hawed over every price (like it was seriously aren't doing me a favor). She wanted $20 for each coat (more on that in a minute) I offered her $39 for both (only because I didn't have an extra dollar).....and it took her several minutes to decide.

I know most yard sales aren't like this but it wasn't a good start.

OK I'm done complaining now. Here's what I got (at a great price)

 This alarm clock is discontinued. Its going on Amazon for $50 (I paid $1)

 And wow was there Harley Davidson stuff. At halfway decent prices too. This is a size XXL mens (big sizes have always sold better for me). It was $20
 Harley shirt $2
 Womens Harley coat $10
 Harley Mens coat $20
Have you ever noticed days of yard saling you find tons of the same thing but none for the rest of the season? I didn't find this at the yard sale today (i bought it 2 years ago) but I found it while cleaning today (it's build a bear and worth less than $10)

I probably won't go out for a few more weeks but it was a good start. I'm hoping for around $100 per jacket would be nice.


  1. Those are some great finds.It's not only yard sale season, but it's also motorcycle ridin' season!

    1. It is....and people are already not being careful. 3 reported motorcycle accidents in the last week. 1 directly in front on my neighborhood. Everytime I think about learning to ride, I think about the PA people suck at driving :D

  2. I'm surprised that Build-a-Bear things don't go for much. I don't know much about that field. I found 3 pairs of shoes for $1 a pair, and then found out they don't see well and aren't worth much. I suppose if I sell them all together, I can at least get rid of them a make a menial profit. I hope you get a decent price for yours.

    I have to throw myself into the garage to go through more stuff for a yard sale. I had saved some decor to see if I could use it after we moved. I think I can, but I'm sure there's some stuff we can't use. I think I should have the garage sale soon while it's still cool.

    Let the yard sale games begin!!!

    1. Rumor is they used to go for quite a bit....but that was before I got into eBay good. Lotting them together does seem like your best bet.

      I have tomorrow off and was going to start the yard sale piles....until I found a hornet in my attic tonight. There will be no more of that until hubby deems the area hornet-less. :D

      Let the games begin!!

  3. Seems like some great deals. I hope the jackets sell well for you.