Wednesday, February 22, 2017

January's Results, Some Fun Sales/Bolos, Etc.

Hi everyone! Sorry I post so infrequently now. I decided forcing myself to blog made it soo not fun anymore, so I'm going to pop in every so often. Life is hectic. Tax filing day is tomorrow....and I'm largely procrastinating getting my paperwork in order. We loved last years CPA but he is overwhelmed and not great with communication so we are trying out our local Liberty Tax. I'm hoping for the best.

January results weren't as great as hoped; however in January and February I am just happy with not losing money. In January we had a net profit of $293 so I can't complain. That included several hundred dollars spent on Christmas merchandise. (fun fact....I'm allergic to real Christmas since I didn't grow up with them I forget to water them so we have a crappy $39 regular price Walmart tree. I'm a big believer in divine providence and God allowing us to have a little "stuff" that makes us happy. Not excessive though. Anyway I fell in love with a tree but only would buy it at 90% off. Sad little tree was the only one boxes, no display trees. It was there for me at 90% off.....So now we have a 7.5' pre lit silver Christmas tree.....a retail price of $269....and ours for only $26.90. I was so thankful for both the tree and the really awesome employee with a merchandise dolly who offered to move it up to the registers for me).

The last week of spring like weather has lots of people thinking about running. This past week I have sold 10 pairs of running shoes and a pair of baseball shoes. My Sports Authority buys from last year were mostly baseball/softball; I dug those out of the attic and started listing in full force this last week also. Cassini seemed to like that.

We also continue to minimize the house. A few years ago I bought stuff and then "lost" it in the house. We now that stuff is discontinued and worth decent money on Amazon. Win win. I cleaned out and reorganized our inventory attic space now that is a tolerable temperature. I am never ceased to be amazed how much "forgotten inventory" is up there; I've listed like crazy because let's be honest I'm never going to stay away from yard sales. Speaking of, end of May I already requested 2 consecutive weekends off for our now annual yard sale with my mother in law.

Now how much would you pay for a can of frosting; a discontinued flavor? If you REALLY wanted it? You know the $1.50 kind at the grocery store? Hubby definately wins the prize (sorry no flavor or brand or pic right now). He found some for $.99 at a discount store and flipped a single can in the $20-30 price range. Wait....what?!?!? He did this last month and we still laugh about it.

This Smackdown vs Raw has a cult following. I first realized it several years ago when I got one out of a locker. This I picked up (used at a yard sale) for $1 I think and it sat in my attic. It sold this morning for over $40. I panicked thinking we accidentally hit the "new" button but no it is correct. New copies sell for over $200.

This is another one that surprised me. I bought it at KMart going out of business for around $3. The price by the time I was going to list it dropped significantly so I threw it in the attic. It sold before we even got it to the Amazon Warehouse for $45. Not too shabby :D

I'm still at Panera Bread full time; I am completely in love with my job. The pay is good, atmosphere is great, and the food benefits are amazing.There's my last random thought for the night. :D