Monday, September 19, 2016

It's the Time of the Season.....

for cooler weather, hot chocolate, bonfires and boots.

....and Halloween!

One of the first things I started selling regularly on eBay was halloween costumes and they sell pretty early. The 2nd 2 weeks of September and the first 2 weeks of October are the prime selling season....although they do sell well all year long.

This year is the first year I am primarily doing "generic" costumes such as animals rather than character ones. I'm hoping it works out for me. In order to ensure my inventory is mostly depleted, I am toying with the idea of doing some auctions (remember they were 90% off last year so even at really terrible pricing, I should be able to profit). Many items are left over from last year; I am lowering the prices on them and then put on sale.

So....if you are sitting on costumes NOW is the time to list.

I have about 8 out of 100 left; it will be done by the day's end.

After that it's onto ugly Christmas sweaters for me!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Everything is Better with a Friend

Remember a couple weeks ago I shared by yard sale finds and how it was going to be the last for the season? Well I'm apparently I complete liar.

There was a few promising community sales within 10 minutes of home. In addition a friend, who I don't believe has ever been, wanted to come with. So leaving all the kids with the hubby (did I mention how great hubby is?!) off we went.

It was a 4 hour ordeal and I spent a total of $43. Not bad. It included a ton of American Girl books, 2 music stands for my kiddos (we have 1 but since I don't know if I'll find another I went ahead and bought the other 2 in prep for when all the kids take an instrument. It's a family requirement out of us so it will happen for at least a few years.) Knowing someone who just paid $20+ on a music stand I gladly paid $2 for one and $3 for the other. Also was Disney Store costumes, a long standing Bolo of mine (for another post), a big bag of Michigan State clothes for hubby, etc etc etc.

One of the first stops had amazing mannequins. 4 of them. I don't really *need* another mannequin but I sure did want one for only $10. They were very flexible with price but I was more concerned about what hubby would say when we are always tripping over the ones I have.I went back right before heading home again; phew they were gone. Temptation averted.

Usually I'm all business when I yard sale but honestly I don't have any friends who yard sale so it was great to having someone with me (childless no less). She got a 3 book set she wanted for only $1 total (selling currently for $40 on Amazon).....and, I think she's gone over to the dark side with all of us. LOL.

Sometimes it's nice to stop and sell the roses.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

August Numbers

August came and went way too quickly. Heck, we are halfway through September now!!! School is back in full swing and everything is settling down to a nice "normal" routine.

eBay 496.46
Amazon 1819.74 (not bad for having no new inventory hit the warehouse)
Etsy 89.46
Facebook 117.50
Craigslist 13.00

Income 2533.16

Cost of goods sold 370.25 (most of this being new Amazon inventory purchased the last 3 days of the month when school went back in session).

Accounting 300.00 (paid the CPA for our taxes done 2016).

postage 239.56
sellery 100.00
supplies 64.69 (i wait until I'm pretty much out of everything then order all at once. Usually I buy the biggest unit I can find but this time I didn't....we will see how that turns out for me).
ebay 59.50
paypal 32.13
etsy 6.86
amazon 760.02

total outgo1933.01
 total profit 600.15

not bad. To be clear I spend about 20 hours a week on reselling. So I guess that's only 7.50 per hour. I guess that needs to go up. At tleast I'm not in the negative each month anymore.

I'm really glad I switched my eBay store down. I am saving $20-30 each month it seems like.

This month was a little rough; we had to pay the IRS all that money. Rather than borrow it in the form of a bank loan or from family, we had enough cash flow in the business to take it out with the intention of paying it back in November ($1425). I don't think we will end up paying that back to the business though. But that's a story for a whole other blog post.

OK guys we are T-3 weeks until 4th quarter starts. Who's ready!?!?!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back at Amazon....and a Great Thrifting Week!

Ok so this post is about a week late....but you know how life goes :D

So I had 1 last full weekend off before yard sale season ends....hubby and I went back and forth about about going. I wanted to go but didn't want to spend any money....Hubby just wanted me to go.

So I decided to go to 2. A regular yard sale and a flea market at a church where my youngest went to preschool last year. My goal was $50 tops....and only on amazing things.

Well the first sale I spent $97. Had our budget been a little looser I definately would have spent a lot more....can we say American Girl heaven?!?! Her prices weren't fantastic and she was definately rude and kinda snobby. She wanted $12 for an outfit and wasn't budging and wouldn't "lot" items. The only thing that she didn't realize was what she had. Yes, like the point she made it was much cheaper than buying new but she had several retired Girl of the Year outfits that sell for decent money (like in the $50 range). So begrudgingly I shelled out the asking price.

This is the "Just Like You" version but Girl of the Year Marisol has an almost identical outfit with black fishnets and black bows on the this is worth less. I have it listed at $30+ shipping. I know the picture isn't great....and I wish my floor wasn't so hideous. :D Isn't it freaking adorable.

I think mini dolls are my new thing. I listed 17 mini dolls between $10 and $38. I paid a total of $65 for these dolls. 11 of them sold within 3 hours. This doll, Cecile, is currently listed at $28 OBO plus shipping. If you ever see her in 6" or 18" size GRAB HER. She's worth some serious money.

So then on to second sale at the church. Not much there. Got a couple Lego sets for my kids but for resale a couple pair of dress up shoes and an American Girl desk for $2 (I'm going to list for $25+ship).

Then we have a seriously amazing womens consignment shop 20 minutes away. They have this huge once a year $1 sidewalk sale. I went to get myself some work clothes (dress pants and button down shirts....pretty basic stuff). I did get a good bit for resale but I limited myself. I couldn't pass up the NWT Tommy Hilfiger or the David's Bridal gowns (although I did tell myself no more formal dresses).

My last major purchase....and my hubby and I mulled this over for the 24 hr "cooling off" period. We bought 9 tubs of baby clothing for $180.00. As soon as I took it out of my car and opened the first tote, I regretted the amount of work I got myself into. Thankfully its all washed, great brands, and only a handful I won't sell.

I'm playing with waiting to get the initial investment though. I'm doing 7 day auctions with my "happy with" price. After we get the initial money back we are ok with waiting a little while on the rest to maximize investments.

Both Amazon and eBay sales have seen a spike up in sales this month. Hopefully it stays that way through Christmas. All Christmas items from last year are being shipped to FBA tomorrow. I have listed a 25 items already on eBay this month (thats a good amount for me). Our numbers from August are once again good. Those will follow in a few days.

eBay I am listing the last of the Halloween stuff now followed by Christmas items, then toys. (with baby clothes now being squeezed between).

For those that remember my stupid business credit card, it will paid off by the end of 2016. I am over the moon about that. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER use a business credit card again.

Happy thrifting everyone!