Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's Good for the Goose isn't Always Good for the Gander

So one of the things I love most about the blogging community is how we bounce ideas, Bolos, etc off of each other. For the most part it's positive with very little negativity.

What I have come to terms with is that just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for all.

For a while I was hearing how great mugs sell. So I bought some really cute Disney Store ones for a quarter a piece. Contrary to my typical style I only bought 6 or 12 rather than hundreds. I don't think I have sold a single mug to date. It's been at least a year and a half.

Ties. I don't remember who mentioned they liked selling ties but it seemed like a good not-a-space-hog idea. So when a deal came at me for 400 ties for only $200 I jumped on it. I still have 350 or so ties.

Plush. Ok so this isn't as much of a flop for me as it could have been. I do find a lot of them slow movers though. I bought 3 Heffalumps at Salvation Army for .99 cents each a few years ago and sold them for $35; I have been mildly hooked since even though most flop for me.

But then looking at the other side, I have done fairly great with kids toys that people don't typically take a second look at. It tends to be my "niche". Not always big sales but lots of little ones.

I have also done great with American Girl; although I'm pretty convinced anyone can do great with them. And for a fun little BOLO meet Ivy.

Ivy was discontinued a few years ago. This isn't the 18" doll, she is only 6.5" and much thinner. New she sells for $175 on Amazon and $100 on eBay. Monday I bought a lot of 14 mini dolls and 2 dozen mini books for $50. Once I got home, I immediately listed on a yard sale American Girl site and sold her for $38 (free shipping) within 20 minutes. The other dolls range from $10-20. Hopefully they sell quick.

So while I'm always excited to find (and hear about) new info, sometimes what works for one doesn't work for another....with no noticeable rhyme or reason.

Friday, August 19, 2016

July Numbers

So No-Buy-July was rough. There was some purchases (my office furniture) that probably should have waited. Oh well. I'm dissapointed with the results but it could have been a lot worse.

eBay 412.91
Amazon 987.95
Etsy 00000
Facebook Groups 489.89
Other (yard sale and a Lego sale) 544.65
Bonanza 00000

Total income 2429.40

Cost of Goods Sold 1469.17 (almost $1000 was Sports Authority which we had planned on hoping to list by early October. I have some shoes listed totalling about $500 before fees. It was a quick multi-size listing; I felt better about myself by throwing that listing up quick.

entertainment: 8.96
Shipping 255.14
Sellery (amazon repricer) 100.00
Supplies 266.53 (desk and chair I believe along with a few misc items)
eBay 78.48
Paypal 44.65
Etsy 7.80
Amazon 354.34

Total Outgo 2585.07

Net Loss 155.07

I expect less than $100 spent on COGS during August. School starts in a couple weeks allowing us to source for Amazon again. It was neglected this summer. I may try to get to some yard sales before the season is over also. However, now I have tons to list from Sports Authority.

The nice thing is that almost a tote of girls clothes from a year+ of being listed has sold in the last month and a half. As soon as the weather cools I will head to the attic to organize :D

Sunday, August 14, 2016

IRS News, Sales, and a Cure for Migraines?

We officially started our business in 2013. Our 2013 tax liability went up dramatically. Being cheap I didn't want to pay a CPA. As a result, we missed some important paperwork, and I kept really terrible records for 2013 and 2014 (I kept fabulous records and paid for a CPA in 2015). Halfway through 2014 we got a letter saying we didn't claim all our income (we did but didn't know about the official Paypal/eBay tax document). Since records were bad, we just went ahead and paid the $1800 or so. I'd rather owe anyone but the government thanks.

Since we had already filed 2014 taxes by this point we knew it may come again this year but we had forgotten about it. We used the tax return to pay off the remaining student loans and some credit card debt. Whoops. Since I'm always so busy I didn't look at the bill till less than a week before it was due. $3950. Gasp. It was literally a look for change in the couch kind of experience. We didn't want to pull money from the business until its debts were completely paid off but we didn't have much of a choice unless we asked to borrow from family (an even worse option).

We pulled it off and hopefully it won't happen again.

Sales on Amazon are absolutely dismal. $590.00 in the last 30 days. Crickets on Etsy. Some on Facebook groups but not much. eBay I jumped the gun and put everything at 50% off for an entire month. (did you know you can't delete active sales??). I've had 34 sales this month but only total $214. I keep telling myself it's stuff I would have donated but geez its a lot of shipping for not much money.

Pic from

Still trying to set goals. 90% of school stuff is listed. School starts in 2 weeks here. Halloween is also 90% listed. After that I will tackle the toys and Sports Authority items.

If you have followed my blog at all you know that a couple years ago I had blackouts caused they think from migraines. I really hate taking medicines for it and haven't taken in close to a year but get really bad headaches or migraines 3-5 times per week on average.

While looking at a Facebook yard sale site someone asked for advice on a daith piercing if it worked. Apparently it's a body piercing that is close to the accupuncture spot for migraines. There is no medical studies etc. so it's purely mostly desparate people.

The cost was $90 (including tip and jewelry and aftercare solution) so I wasn't sure about it....hubby definately wanted me to try it to the point he handed me his birthday money for it (have I said lately how awesome my hubby is?) I took a further drive and paid more because the reviews are absolutely amazing (if you are local it is Lucky Strike Tattoo in Quakertown PA)

I heard it was painful and I was scared senseless. The piercer was amazing; the first thing he asked me was why I was getting it done. It's not super popular in PA but where he worked in SC previously he had done lots of them. He explained the science behind it and told me he was pushing it back farther in my ear to try to hit the nerve cluster.

Honestly it barely hurt at all. And since then I have only had 1 very minor headache and that was the day of (probably from stress).

I'm not super into body piercings but here it is....I think its kinda cute

He did make a fun observation. He said almost all the piercings he does for migraines have a differently shaped daith that people he sees just for the sake of having a piercing. It's more pointed like a mountain than goes flat where "regular" people just have a moderate curve all the way across.

So whether there is something medically to this or a placebo affect who cares I haven't had a migraine in almost a week.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hi Everybody!

Wow I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted last.....I'm so sorry- sort of.

Well, I finished up training at my job and was transferred to my new "home" bakery-cafe.  It's still the same distance as my training cafe but I much nicer drive so it takes me 5-10 minutes less. Plus I love the cafe and most the people already.

So I took a week blogging break to just do me and my job. The thought of transferring was stressful to me. But now, a week later, I'm pretty adjusted and happy.

Sales are still not doing so hot. I put my eBay store on a 50% off sale. That started some sales (mostly older inventory) but they are bunches of $5 sales. Oh well, I guess that's stuff that would have eventually been sold for a quarter at a yard sale. It's largely clothes, specifically kids.

It's back to school season! Sadly I bought backpacks 2 years ago and I still have a full tub left. A couple sold on Amazon (fulfilled by merchant), a couple on Facebook, none on eBay, and a couple at the yard sale. Like my million ties, I'm ready to have space back.

I'm trying to organize my thoughts for selling. 1) Kids clothes and school supplies. 2) Halloween costumes (I still haven't listed all of them I bought last year....let alone the couple I found at yard sales). 3) toys etc for Christmas (really everything else).

We haven't sent a shipment into Amazon in nearly 3 months. We took the summer off for the kids being home. Another shipment is being sent out today (its mostly done) so hopefully that increases some sales.

My "new" computer has been giving me tons of problems. Hoping hubby fixed it.

Numbers will be coming in a couple days....they aren't pretty. Just waiting on a working computer to print Paypal reports (my computer kept freezing)

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and profitable!