Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Sales Slump

Sales are WAY down. So are any kind of sourcing efforts. Still have lots to sell, and time is limited. As time allows, I still go to yard sales, but I am so picky I haven't bought anything is the last 2 sourcing weeks. I LOVE my new job. It's still 50 hours a week but the environment is so much less stressful.

I have had about $100 in eBay sales this month....and it's half over. I did downgrade my store this month to basic. At my current listing rate it's about $30 a month cheaper. They did charge me a $33 downgrade fee; I think this is a sleazy way to squeeze every last cent out of me they can. I can see if I cancelled my store completely. It leaves me with kinda a bad taste in my mouth. Even with the cancellation fee the $ is still in my favor.

Etsy, with the exception of 1 repeat buyer, has been close to nothing. It's so frustrating. I haven't ever had fantastic success with the platform. From what I read is very social media intense, which I don't have time for. Plus I'm not fluent in vintage.

Facebook was good to me in May; however, I only sell American Girl and I am pretty much out of stock on most items. Too much money/not enough time to restock right now.

Having a yard sale in 2-3 weeks depending on weather. Don't really want to; won't be putting the effort in that I did last time (as far as labeling etc). $100 and I'm happy. Most leftovers from last years sale are still sitting untouched in my attic.

Heres an update since I wrote and scheduled this: a car crashed into the other side of my twin (or duplex depending on where you live in the country). Thank God everyone is ok, it could have easily ended badly.  Sooo...there is construction on our front lawn. The contractor said it wouldn't interfere with a sale.

Just hanging on at this point to sales. This is day 3 on 3rd shift right now so I'm having a hard time caring about the lack of sales LOL.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

May Numbers

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have posted. My laptop has been on it's last legs for 2 plus years finally decided to give out in many aspects. The main one is that it likes to randomly delete huge chunks of text when I am typing. So frustrating. So this actually is the 3rd time I am writing this.

I am going to go ahead and schedule a couple more posts for later in the week. I am 3rd shift this week so I can't image I'm going to have motivation to do much of anything. God bless anyone who likes to work graveyard shift....I want to like it but my sleep says otherwise.

Hubby is building me a new computer (desktop) soon. Thankfully, he hoards (sort of) spare computer parts so it shouldn't cost us too much out of pocket.

....anyway on to the numbers

ebay 837.31
amazon 3493.70
etsy 65.16
facebook 202.00

income 4598.39

cogs 1765.80
car expense 52.83
shipping 467.71
profit bandit 9.99
supplies 154.21
ebay 132.52
paypal 53.45
etsy 4.73
amazon 1412.15

outgo 4052.39

total profit 544.78

Hey, lookie there, 2 months in a row a profit. Going in the right direction.

Took an owner's draw to cover a lot of the little end of the school year expenses. Nice that the business is finally paying us.

New listings:

Bad, I know. I really need to get better with listings ;D