Wednesday, May 25, 2016

100% Positive Feedback!

....for less than a week. Yeah, sadly after working so hard toward a better feedback score (it was 98.9%) I person didn't read my handling time. Apparently they needed it in 4 days and my handling time is 3. I was never notified and negative feedback was handed to me. Sigh. Things like that make me seriously hate people. That was 2 weeks ago. Since then I have gotten 2 more neutral feedback about my handling time. Seriously people can't you read?!?!?!

My feedback score is 99.6% so it is still up. I started my new job today; it seems like less hours, more pay, and less stress. The bill just passed about low salary employees directly affects me so I guess I can be thankful. I will receive 10 hours of OT a week but the company plans to make sure I don't work more than that. My previous job I was working 55-60 hours a week.

Kmart's last day was Sunday. I wish I got there earlier. 90% off everything. The real winner was my dog. 6 big bags of Purina Beyond food for $2.99 a bag. I told the vet we feed him whatever is on sale; she is OK with him switching foods. Apparently it helps prevent food allergies. I think it saves my budget.

Even with tons of people in the store when I got there and many people pulling 2 carts, I still bought 3 overflowing carts of stuff. Christmas presents, PJs for the kids, shoes for me, and TONS for Amazon. There are a couple things for eBay also; however, I didn't feel like buying more eBay items was a good use of the $. Around $300 total was spent. I had to call hubby to get me as it didn't fit in my car.

The party store across the street is going out of business; I guess that's where our next focus will be. For those who haven't heard, Sports Authority is also going out of business nationwide. An Ollie's trip is due soon also.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a million and 2 Amazon shipments to make and my car could be on the vehicle version of Hoarders.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saling Saturday

I really had no desire to go out yard saling this weekend. I start a new job in just over a week and am gearing up for that. It's better pay, better hours, more growth opportunity, less hours, more vacation, better health insurance and benefits, etc etc etc. Hoping it works out. Sad to leave my other job though.

Anyway, Thursday I went through my daughters summer clothes only to realize I estimated her size wrong for this year. I largely went out hoping to find her some clothes....and I find I did. I NEVER have luck finding my kids clothes when I'm looking. I hit up 4 community yard sales in really nice areas. I found 2 sales selling all Justice clothing in her size (I love Justice. I try to buy only them so I know what size I am actually buying). I ended up with a huge pile for $11.50. I bought more than she will ever wear. What didn't fit/she didn't like went into the eBay pile. I expect to make about $50-75 from the "rejects".

In total I spent about $125. I bought 2 Anna (from Frozen) costumes, a Bumbo with tray, Littlest Pet Shops and misc other things. I don't have motivation to take pictures of everything. 

 Infant nasal aspirator.....seriously why didn't I have one of these when my kids were infants!?! It looks like a seriously good idea. Paid $4 selling on Amazon for $42.
 Tinkerbell light kits. New with shelf wear. Got 2x; paid $1 each. Sells on Amazon for $25 each.  Money was said to be donated to the SPCA. I see no downside :D
 Paid $3 sells for $25
 In total I bought 28 video games. This is my eBay pile; the rest is going to Amazon.

 What's not to love. I hope this is a good buy. For $2 I had to.
 NWT Disney Store swimsuit. I have found the Little Mermaid sells fairly well. Paid $2.50. Dissapointed it is 1 size too small for my daughter.

 American Girl stuff!!!!! I was beyond excited. $2.50 total. The ugly blue dress in the front goes to the doll Samantha; it's her "play dress" (originally with a white frilly pinafore and matching hair tie). The purple shoes and shirt sweater go to Bitty Baby. I'm not sure on the leggings and red shirt yet.

This is a "reject" from my daughter. It's NWT. Paid 50 cents. It's cute but she's not a K :D

Honestly I had horribly luck. I went to 50+ houses and only bought from around 5. Stuff was not what I was looking for or prices were crazy high. I do enjoy coming home with lots of little stuff.

MIL is asking if I'm up for a yard sale again this year. I'm not sure.

Hope your week is productive and profitable!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

eBay and Amazon....What the Pair They Make This Week.

OK eBay first. Last month and beginning of this month, I was really in the mood to list. Plus with the little sales, I was desperate LOL. I just want stuff OUT; I put the majority of my stuff 40% off (except newly listed items) and 25% off bulk Legos.

I sold 20 things this week. Here are some of the better ones:

I listed 7 Bumbos last week and 1 still in my car not listed (I know don't judge). I sold 2 this week. This green one sold for $30+ship. Paid $5

....and this pink one with tray sold for $25 paid $5. It is true the green ones sell for more but I accidentally under priced it. I'll take the cash though thank you very much.

This was my daughter's Justice Easter dress last year. I'm not sure what possessed me to pay $20 for a dress; ok I do. It's the first year she was interested in picking out her own. The polka dots shimmer. She wore it approximately 15 million times. We definately got our money out of it. Sold 3 days after listing for a best offer of $10. It does show a fair amount of wear.

Bought 3 of these at Kmart 2 or 3 weeks ago for $3.16 each. Last year it was an absolute pain to find decent priced raincoats for my kids so I bought these hoping it would be a quick sell. I sold 5 days after listing for $15+shipping. Not a huge sell but hopefully it helped someone out. (NWT).

These were in my attic for the last year. Yes these....there were 2 of them. They both sold within a week of listing for $19.99 each plus shipping. 

Now on to Amazon. We decided to invest in a repricing tool; we chose Sellery at $50 a month (largely because our Profit Bandit account that we pay $10 a month for becomes free). Our inventory is just to the point we can't babysit it. Some items we have opted out to change prices ourselves. Others we have put in a minimum percent profit. Either way we are happy with the results.

Can you guess which day we started it on this week? LOL. Now I am nervous that inventory may become a problem soon. But for now, we are enjoying the increased sales. We just had 1 of our biggest payouts from Amazon yet. And we just pulled from the business to pay our electric bill. I know most of you probably pull for bills on a regular basis but it's a MONUMENTAL occasion for me. Hopefully we are on the side of mostly permanent profit now. LOL. Hubby's original goal was $100 in gross Amazon sales a day but mine is much higher :D

KMart's last day is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday. I hope to get there (at least) 2 more times before then. There is also at least 4 other stores we need to source from soon. Now that Sellery is "live" we have a huge shipment waiting to go out also (we were making sure all was OK there before we proceeded further.

Good night all. Hope your having a great and profitable week!

Monday, May 2, 2016

April Numbers

This by far has got to be the fastest I have ever closed my month. Best way to close out a 4 day weekend I know of. I got 20 new listings done, my eBay space organized, got several things shipped, lots of pictures taken, flea market morning, and 2 trips to Kmart. (to be fair 1 wasn't a "business trip". I went with a friend and we got Christmas/birthday presents and "oohed" and "awwed" over the infant girl clothing. You know all the stuff hubby would have had no patience for LOL).

Anyway on to the numbers:
ebay 442.07
amazon 2729.31
etsy 112.34
Total income 3283.72

eBay was a dismal month. Buyers on my American Girl Facebook site made comments about how when buying (auction style) they had no competition and got items for cheap. Hopefully it improves in May. Amazon was down about $800 over last month too. Etsy was up about $75.

COGS 1167.73
Gas 42.66
Shipping 229.55
Profit Bandit 9.99
Supplies (tape/bags/1 box) 59.13
Ebay 91.76
paypal 19.88
etsy 7.85
amazon 1047.72
total outgo 2676.27

Net Profit 607.45
Not too shabby. Honestly my favorite buy this month was about 30 Ugly Christmas Sweaters NWT. I can't wait to list those and hope they sell soon.

I only listed 1 new item on Etsy but 49 on eBay. We have held off sending more stuff to Amazon. We have a pile to go but we invested in a re-pricing tool. Hoping that helps in terms of sales.

Happy and looking forward to May. Hoping the reselling powers smile down on you all this month!