Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Sales

Thought I'd drop by with some of my better sales for February. I don't think I've posted sales in quite a while.

I am pretty happy with these Amazon numbers. A lot of small "bread and butter" sales lately. Still turning a good bit of profit I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty confident February's numbers will be good.

....and some eBay sales. The total sales have been lower than normal but the sale $ is higher.

 lot of 5 Littlest Pet Shop dogs. Paid $2 or less. Sold for $50 free shipping. The one on the far left is 2141 and is worth about $35. The rest are just average for dogs.

 Mario Party 4 for GameCube. Paid $1; sold for $35 free shipping.

NWT Mickey Mouse costume size 5/6. Paid $20; sold for $75+shipping.

Etsy has been slow. 3 sales. But I haven't listed at all in February either.

I LOVE this depression glass bowl. I paid $20 for 10-15 pieces in total.

This serving bowl sold for $30 plus shipping.

This February definately was kinder to us than last :D

How are sales treating you?

Friday, February 26, 2016

Your the Bread to my Butter

Yeah I wanted a better "your the ___ to my ___" than that for the title but Google never fails to send the me the most awful ones.

Anyway the title references hubby and I FBA shopping. Its always great to have a thrifting buddy isn't it? Hubby and I now shop often together (he plans his shopping days around my days off because he knows shopping is the best part for me LOL).

However, we rarely stay together. He hates baby sections and despises Babies r Us. I on the other hand love it. So I will go to baby while he hits up hardware. He will look at electronics (he has a 6th sense for that) while I look at health and beauty. We go to toys together; he looks at the "boy" toys while I go get lost in pink and glittery princesses. Other sections, like pets and household, we do side by side (both for time and we can decide if we personally need any good buys without sending picture text after text.

He always "double checks" everything I pick before we buy it (that way I don't get blamed for any bad buys....those days are over) but its is way more efficient that way. Plus its a cheap way to get a "date" in.

Do you prefer to shop alone or do you prefer company?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

January Numbers and Misc Ramblings

OK now that February is almost over, let's talk about the January numbers. Yes, I did finish the books within the first couple days of January but didn't know how I felt about them....I still have mixed (mostly dissapointed) feelings.

However in January 2015 we started out the year with buying $3,000 in new merchandise. I'm not sure where my brain was (especially since we were closing up FBA) so at least we didn't make the same mistake 2x. I'm not happy with what we spent on COGS in 2016 either but I guess a new venture takes a little $. Glad we aren't using a credit card anymore. That's a weight lifted by itself.

That being said, it is SO NICE not to worry about the office. Since our attic is not insulated, I am waiting for a nice day to declutter it. No consignment sales for now, no yard sales most likely this year. Little new eBay inventory.

I will be yard saling for both eBay and FBA inventory come summer but it will be extremely relaxed and hobby-like. 2016 is the year that only the best of the best comes home with me.

That being said we did spend more than I would like on new inventory....but we had to start up FBA with something. Like in my previous posts, this actually seems like it may work. I just pulled 2 more totes of FBA inventory from the attic (and NONE was listed on eBay.)

I'm having serious motivation issues listing on eBay. I list a dozen things at once and thats it for 2 weeks. My sales keep drizzling in so I'm not convinced Cassini likes consistent listing. I did just put almost all of my listings on 25% off....even the American Girl stuff (I hate putting AG on sale).

I also started selling off AG stuff on Facebook American Girl groups again. Oh to be free of fees (minus Paypal!)

Last week on my day off I was bound and determined to relax and do nothing. What ended up happening is I ended up sortings, taking pictures, and listing 21 pounds of bulk Legos. Hoping to squeeze $350 out of it. We will see. Still waiting for the "relaxing" day off.

Time management has never been my thing either. The days go by so quickly; I can't believe its already the 24th. I can go into a store and spend 3 hrs for 1 thing. The perk is 10 hour days don't bother me so much.

That's enough rambling for now. Onto the numbers.

Listings (new)
eBay 21
Etsy 10

eBay $775.22 (estimated COGS $175)
Amazon $739.78 (that would be too difficult to figure out...hubby has spreadsheets of the individual profit)
Etsy $0
Bonanza $8.14

Total income $1523.14

Cost of Goods Sold (new merchandise) $1025.64 ($20 was eBay the rest was Amazon).
Entertainment $39.49 (hubby and I got a babysitter during a couple school days to go farther from where we live to source. We used partial leftover giftcards for lunches and business picked up the rest :D )
Shipping $305.45 (includes eBay/ merchant fulfilled Amazon and FBA).
4th quarter sales tax $20.24
Selling Expenses (Profit Bandit) $9.99
Supplies (tape, boxes, bubble envelopes, etc. seems we ran out of everything this month). $74.65
eBay fees 115.61
Paypal fees 33.19
Etsy 3.40
Amazon 244.24
Bonanza .50
Refunds 5.50

Total outgo 1877.90

Total loss 354.76

I seriously wanted to scream when I saw that number. Hubby doesn't think its so bad considering the amount of inventory we have in FBA. However, to make me happy we decided we spend $0 money we get from ebay/etsy/FB yard sale groups on new Amazon inventory. It will only feed into itself(decided halfway into Feb). Hopefully, that will help us end positive.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Deadpool....and Ask Before you Buy

I'm sure most all of you have heard the Deadpool movie is hot. I personally can't wait to see it; but this blog isn't about my movie preferences. If you have any Deadpool etc stuff list it now!

I have had this sitting around since November. I didn't want to miss the boat completely so I listed it last week. This Lego Minifig is missing 1 sword and both handguns and still sold within 24 hours for $31.95+ shipping....not bad!

Also a cautionary word of advice. I know its common sense but we all tend to get excited over a good buy. On eBay its 2nd nature to disclose whether its a smoke/pet friendly/free house. However, on other places (specifically Facebook yard sale groups) its still not a required thing. I jumped on a sale for 30+ Littlest Pet Shops, tons of houses, Zhuzhu pets (to be donated) and a 5 drawer Sterilite organizer. Not too bad for $20. (the LPS I counted are around $150+). They were awesome and the toys to me.

So excited.....until I brought it into my house. All 3 animals sniffed it forever. It smells HORRIBLE! Pets (which I don't mind), strong cigarette smoke, I'm pretty sure marajuana smoke, and other smells I can't place. I Febreezed it and its airing outside. I didn't even know plastic toys could smell so bad.

If I can't get the smell out, I'm not sure what to do. However, I do hope next time I will remember to ask....

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Buh Bye Bonanaza

After much thought and speculation, I have decided to close my Bonanza account. True, I haven't put any time into it; however, what Bonanza promised wasn't delivered.

I imported my listings from eBay. When something sold on Bonanza, I would manually take it off eBay. Anything that sold on eBay was supposed to be deleted from Bonanza automatically....or not.

After not checking for several months, I was shocked to see several items in my booth active that had sold on eBay several months ago.

I sent a support ticket; their response was quick and professional. It told me I had entered the wrong import settings but she had fixed it; I should see it updated in 24-48 hours.

Except it didn't. I don't feel like putting in another support ticket....and waiting. The final straw was I believe (and I could be wrong) but I think their fees went up. I thought it was around 5% but my last transaction said 10%

In a year and a half I have sold to 4 people. 1 ended up with an "unauthorized transaction" chargeback which was an inconvenience but thankfully not the headache it used to be.

In the end I decided it wasn't worth it for me especially with the addition of Amazon again.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Side by Side FBA Comparison

HERE is a link to a blog post I wrote in July 2014; this is approximately 2 weeks into our 1st FBA experiment. I thought it would be fun to check to see how we are doing 3 weeks into our 2nd FBA experiment to see if we learned anything. I know it won't be perfect since its a week more but anyways :D

Last time we sold 90 items; this time we have sold both senarios we have pending orders that haven't shipped (AKA we haven't been paid) so I won't include them.

Last time we still had 240 items still in the warehouse; now we have 210.

Last time we spent initially $2500 on inventory; now we spent around $900 (we are keeping track I swear!)

In both cases, lots of old eBay inventory has sold....even if its at a loss.

Our total sales was "just shy" of $800 with our profit a small $107 after fees. This time our sales is $1265 with our profit being apprx $551.

Our "old stock" counted for $75 of total sales (before fees). This time it accounted for  $317.

I spent 10 hours of just prep time for the items. Now it might be 5....but I don't think it was even that long. Not counting I knew how to do everything as far as prep goes and had saved most of the supplies so no initial cost was needed.

While we still have a long way to go, these numbers are encouraging for sure!