Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Sales

Just thought I'd post some of my better January sales.

 Amazon FBA- this camera we bought at $59.95. I was nervous with the initial investment (but we only bought 1). Sold within a week for $172.46.
 Also FBA- Eddie Bauer Baby has always done well for me. Paid $12 (again only bought 1) sold for $57.99.

(the rest of these are all eBay)
 American Girl Emily. Sold for $74.95+ship. The generic clothes she came with but also came with a big lot of AG branded clothes. Paid $40....but the clothes are up for close to $100 also.
 Furby's don't sell nearly as well as they used to. This was $19.95+ship. I paid $5 in May.
 Disney Store costumes always seem to sell well but I will always buy Mickey Mouse and red dress Minnie when I can. I bought 2 (I wish I bought the other 3) in November for $20 each. The first sold for $59.95+ship; the comparables have gone up so I priced the other up to $75. I think I can push for more on the other one but I don't want to own it forever either. These are New.

I paid $20 for these and a huge lot of the wooden tracks. I promptly lost the wooden tracks AFTER selling them for over $100. Sigh. Still looking for those. But these I had for over a year before taking a $30 best offer. Glad to have them gone.

So happy that 2016 seems to be bringing higher $ sales....although the sales are few and far between. How's your sales been?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 Goals

With over 2 feet of snow falling today and everything closed (I honestly can't even walk to the end of my driveway) it was a good day to finally tackling those 2016 goals.

Now they aren't anywhere near as lofty as 2015's goals. However, I feel they are more on the low side. I need fairly easily obtainable right now. Making online selling a full time business is taking a backseat for right now; I am focusing on making it fun again and a reasonable side income. It lost all its appeal for a while; not stressing it and doing what I feel when I feel like it helps alot. I am super happy to have all my inventory in my attic.

Hubby, like previously mentioned, is trying his hand at Amazon FBA. Since he is more cold and calculated he already is better at the shopping part than I am (except that he seriously dislikes Babies r Us. I LOVE that store!). So this is his list with a few of my promptings.

* Eventually by the end of the year make $75-100 per day in profits.
* Continue to list Fulfill by Merchant as the situation allows for (although I typically do this).
* Source 2-4x a week. Right now his preferred source is retail arbitrage; this is clearance season. Moving past that he is going to begin looking for hole in the wall local places.
* Items shipped either same or next day. (we have shipped out 3 small shipments so far. In less than a week we have had $412 in sales....will make a separate post about sales soon). He is pretty confident on how to navigate Amazon's Seller Central. I am currently (and will continue as time permits) helping him ship items. I will also continue to help him shop (although he checks everything in my cart before we buy). This is, after all, the fun part. 

* List 1 new item a day. (hence the low goal comment before).
* Source only from yard sales as money allows (again the fun part).
* I have at least 3 full tubs and my car trunk still full of unlisted clothes; I also have both kids closets full and 5 totes of listed clothing. As profitable as clothes can be its overwhelming to me right now and I tend to procrastinate.....So no more clothes unless its something that I seriously can't pass up (believe me with clothes its few and far between).
*$500 in gross sales a month.
*In general just to be more selective about what I buy.

* List a total of 5-10 a month.
* Become more picky about vintage.....alot of that means learning more.
* I bought a few (and I really mean a few) things to try my hand at Etsy crafting again. The price was unbeatable. However, its on the back burner for the near future. I have inventory to list before I can bite off more than I can chew.

*Pay off business credit card by June. That's all I'm going to say about that till its squared off.
* We lost around $3k in 2015. Would like to make $7k in profits. That would be an increase of $10k
* Blog more consistently. Like other bloggers I have gotten sick of blogging. This blog has turned less into selling and more into my personal life story....which is not what I really intended it to be. Going back to basics. I would be happy with 1-2x a week. Increasing blog income would also be a perk :D

We will see how 2016 goes. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

and the 2015 final numbers.

Finally got the 2015 numbers totaled and everything is organized and ready to go to the CPA. After May's IRS bill, we are paying a CPA this year....we have a fantastic one.

Anyway, if you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know I have demonstrated how NOT to run a successful business. Thankfully, with December's better numbers I have a little hope for 2016; otherwise I probably would pack up and quit around now.

So here are the numbers....while I did keep track of what I listed month to month on each platform, I didn't tally them.

eBay 10,993.16
Facebook Groups 1,069.53
Amazon 2,720.63
Etsy 1.087.15
Bonanza 201.08
Craigslist 210.00
Gamestop Trade ins 78.47
Consignment Sale (from March) 111.50
Yard Sale 381.00
Sales Tax Collected (I stopped keeping track of this separately mid-year) 25.16

Total Income: 16,876.68

COGS 4,098.59
Auto Expense 1,157.79
Insurance 528.46
Interest 2,723.80
Misc 1,135.53
Office Exp 265.63
Postage 2,783.55
Rent 2,877.80
Sales Tax Paid 92.13
Paypal fees 602.80
eBay fee 1677.20
Etsy fee 109.21
Bonanza 6.84
Amazon 1,220.79
Refunds Given 621.78

Total Outgo 19,901.92

Net Loss for 2015 $3,015.24

There you go guys. Epic fail. Hubby has started FBA; I still have hope there. My attic (and all closets) are still full of stuff. Continuing to plug away even if only at a snail's pace.

Here's to hoping your 2015 was better than mine; and we all have a great 2016!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 2015 Numbers

OMG!! I actually turned a decent profit this month!!! (2015 not so much but thats a story for a few days later). I hope this is going to become the new normal.

eBay 1306.55
Etsy 234.11
Amazon 127.10

Total: 1667.76

Refunds 55.46
COGS 90 (2 Lego sets)
Postage 302.56
Paypal 56.11
eBay 158.93
Etsy 9.71
Amazon 21.38

Total 694.15

Total Profit 973.61

                                                Photo Credit Flickr

Yeah this dog's pose is how I feel this month. Like mentioned before overall 2015 was a loss; however, looking back I can pinpoint the majority obvious mistakes to 1st quarter 2015. The last few months have been substantially better (with no office LOL)

So thankful to end 2015 on a good note!

How did December treat you?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Life Update

Training is officially. I was told 0 chance of staying in the training store; 2 minutes from home. Count on driving 30+ minutes each way (I don't mind the time; I'm thinking gas $). The training store is super busy compared to the others.

....and I get to STAY! I'm beyond excited!

....AND I got a raise starting tomorrow!!

I can't guarantee I won't ever get moved but for now it's nice. I'll take happy moments when I can. I'm officially "official"!