Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Holidays and New Years.....I'm still here (and some financial results)

Hi all!
Sorry its been so long since I've posted. A good bit of depression set in early October and that's been an issue the last few months (my previous therapist called it chronic severe depression....not sure how accurate that is). Work has been crazy busy and not much time to post let alone blog.

It's so great to have the credit card paid off. If nothing else is accomplished this year, I am a happy girl. Hubby and I are sitting down tonight to make money goals for the new year.

I knew going into the holiday buying season, Amazon was missing "giftable" items. We have mostly focused on "practical items" as they sell consistently year round. However, I was more worried about paying off the credit card faster so I didn't invest in inventory the way I should have.

My eBay store was lacking new items (both new in package and newly listed). I'm down to an all time low of 300 items. It's not because I lack items to list but rather time/motivation.

We have decided to close down the Etsy store at least for now. I marked everything down 50-75% and it generated some sales. As the listings expire I won't be renewing them. The beads that I have been selling for the last 2-3 years are finally almost gone.

I believe I didn't post October or Novembers Sales Numbers. I'm going to post the abridged version
ebay 827.56
amazon 2545.20
etsy 21.95
fb 532.55
other 40

income 3967.28

costs of goods sold 913.58

outgo 3305.12

profit 662.16

ebay 7736.53
amazon 1828.42
etsy 8.54
fb 75.25

income 2685.74
costs of good sold 512.86

outgo 1795.86

profit 889.88

Thankful that we are turning profit regularly now. In 2016 I started January with a loss of 354.76 due to excessive sourcing. I'm hoping to avoid that pitfall this year. We are almost out of Amazon FBA inventory so it feels largely like starting from scratch. Thanks to eBay's supplies coupon quarterly, I am spending much less on supplies. Now that we are paid off the card, I am determined to spend the couple dollars more on "nicer" supplies (like for FBA bags that already have the suffocation warning label printed on it).

So just for are some eBay resale bombs for me.
+ A couple years ago I bought 400 ties. I still have 350. Very close to donating
+ When Kmart went out of business in June, I bought 50 or so pair of slippers for 2 each. I sold 3 pairs.
+ American Girl is no longer elite. It's sold at Kohls, Toys r Us and their are several pop up stores. The old stuff is still collectible. I have an entire tub stuffed full that I forced myself to list before the holidays. I still have 95% of it.

I will continue to post when I can/when I feel like it. I do enjoy reading all my blog friends posts though :D I will be back later in the week to look at 2016 goals make 2017 goals and December results. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


ok, so not our personal accounts so much yet but there's hope now, but our business is completely 100% debt free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started 2016 with over $16,000 in credit card debt to our business (a horrible story I don't wish to rehash  but most of it is posted within this blog in the last couple years). Sadly we ended up in default on it due to low sales, medical issues, not listing enough, sourcing too much, a 28% interest rate plus fees, etc. and ended up working with a collector but I made my last payment this morning!!

To those who have followed my journey, thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement throughout the journey.....they all did mean so much to me.

Now that we have that burden off our back, we are excited to save more, give more, pay off our personal credit cards faster, do some much needed home improvements, and probably my favorite, enroll our kids back in gymnastics :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Every Resellers Dream....the Motherload

So, as the family and I were eating at a restaurant on Sunday, I ran past a yard sale post with a girl sized American Girl suitcase for only $5. Me, well being me, asked if she had any clothes, dolls, or accessories. The yard sale closed at 2, we couldn't get there until 2:15 but she would hold the tote of clothes for us.

The lady included the tote for me also as she had no bags and I needed the tote. Bitty baby, Bitty twin, and American Girl stuff galore. 75% of this is branded and tagged American Girl.

I would have gladly paid $50-100 for this tote. The price it came with....$5!!! No that's not a typo. The cost of a 5 buck Dairy Queen lunch. My daughter and I had a blast sorting through this tub. I decided to post a Facebook flash sale before listing on eBay (which I haven't done yet). By the time I went to bed I had $125 in profit. I'm up to over too and I still haven't sorted 1/4 of the tote. Not shabby.

Here are some of the better pieces.

 Lindsay was the first Limited Edition Girl of the Year (in 2001). She is pretty sought after and because of her age, the shoes are often in crappy condition from play....there was a manufacturing defect that showed up with time and use. These sold instantly for $37.

 Shoes very much are a thing. These are Girl of the Year Jess's meet sandals. These haven't sold yet but I have sold several no problem at $20 per pair.

 So this hasn't sold either yet. But it's super pretty. Trying to get $20; it's a little high for the market but super cute.
 ....and the rest of Lindsay's meet outfit (minus the sweatshirt). Also haven't sold this yet but shooting for $20-30

Ruthie's PJ's. $15. Not a super lot of $, but Ruthie is retired and can be pricey and the PJs are cute.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

BOLO Candy Land Castle and a Quick Sale

So this week has been rough. Sales are way down on both Amazon and eBay (I haven't had any extra energy to list) , we had some car problems (thankfully more inconvenience than expensive), and this is the 3rd time in 3 months that our household has been dealing with lice. Except this time it was me who had it and not one of the kids. Fun fact, 44 states have chemical resistent lice; I kinda think that's what we are dealing with. It was bad enough for me that I took a razor and shaved all my hair off (think buzz cut guard 1 LOL). I wish this happened in April when its not quite so cold out Ha. Insult to injury I was exhausted when paying some bills and accidentally overdrafted (ok so this has only happened like 3 times in my life). Not the end of the world, but $100 in fees later I am frustrated.

So needless to say I'm exhausted and ready to head on vacation for a week....but that doesn't happen to February. So I'm going to keep plugging along.

For a quick sale, look for Cards Against Humanity. We sold our set for $50 within a week.

We loved this game for a while but the novelty has worn this isn't a game to play when kids are around. They used to be order online or print your own only but I saw them at Target the other day. This game actually already made us $. We originally had only the big box and 2 small boxes. Someone on a local site needed one for the next day (and they weren't sold in stores yet); I offered to sell mine to her but told her I needed full price as I was going to repurchase. She was happy to get them; I waited patiently for a great sale and ended up with all 7 boxes for $5 less than she gave me. Not too shabby. To purchase this set retail is about $90.

And then a little BOLO....Candy Land Castle.

This first time I bought this I didn't realize it was a fast $40 flip. My kids LOVED it and played it several times. I have found 3 of them in all of my travels but I have never paid more than $1. (oh and BTW this is Amazon's stock photo not mine).

Hope you all are having a better week than I am.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Septembers Numbers

Well it's that time of the month again! Since most months I'm happy with the profit, I'm FINALLY glad to do these rather than dread them.


ebay 1032.44
amazon 1674.81
etsy 57.39
facebook 78.00
other (sold wrapping paper and preemie clothes on a local site....the facebook category i save for national BST sites) 33.00

Total income


COGS 898.79
Shipping 296.27
Sellery 100.00
Supplies 42.18
Ebay 116.77
paypal 46.52
etsy 4.20
amazon 733.64
refunds 8.75

Total Outgo 2247.12

Total Profit 628.52

Obviously not quit my job worthy but I love the extra income with one of us always being available for the kiddos. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fourth Quarter Push....Listing Goal Checkup.

It's the most wonderful time of the year....for retailers anyway. Hoping its profitable for everyone reading this. Sadly Halloween costume sales aren't rolling in the way they have the last couple years. Brick and mortar stores certainly have upped when their sales start....I have already seen a Target Cartwheel coupon for 40% off.

That being said, I set really low listing goals for myself. I knew September was the last real month I would have time to do anything (or energy; being that my job is in a busy strip mall across from an enclosed mall we will be completely nonstop through all of December).

My goal was 5-10 items a month for Etsy and 30-31 items a month for eBay. I haven't been sourcing for Etsy midyear game plan became to focus on eBay; anything on Etsy is a bonus.

                                    My actual listing.....

 Month                  Ebay            Etsy
Jan                         21                  10
Feb                       21                   0
March                    34                 1                
April                        49                  1
May                          7                   0
June                       ?                    ?
July                          ?                     ?
August                      28                     0
September                146                     0

It doesn't help I forgot to record 2 months of listing....but I don't think it was much. I look at Septembers numbers and I have no idea where I got that energy from. It does help on my days off all 3 kids are in school. Plus even with that high of a number I have been making sure to take more time for myself and I am overall happier in 2016 than past years.

I wish my sales immediately started reflecting what I list but we all know that isn't the case.

Happy listing everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2016

It's the Time of the Season.....

for cooler weather, hot chocolate, bonfires and boots.

....and Halloween!

One of the first things I started selling regularly on eBay was halloween costumes and they sell pretty early. The 2nd 2 weeks of September and the first 2 weeks of October are the prime selling season....although they do sell well all year long.

This year is the first year I am primarily doing "generic" costumes such as animals rather than character ones. I'm hoping it works out for me. In order to ensure my inventory is mostly depleted, I am toying with the idea of doing some auctions (remember they were 90% off last year so even at really terrible pricing, I should be able to profit). Many items are left over from last year; I am lowering the prices on them and then put on sale.

So....if you are sitting on costumes NOW is the time to list.

I have about 8 out of 100 left; it will be done by the day's end.

After that it's onto ugly Christmas sweaters for me!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Everything is Better with a Friend

Remember a couple weeks ago I shared by yard sale finds and how it was going to be the last for the season? Well I'm apparently I complete liar.

There was a few promising community sales within 10 minutes of home. In addition a friend, who I don't believe has ever been, wanted to come with. So leaving all the kids with the hubby (did I mention how great hubby is?!) off we went.

It was a 4 hour ordeal and I spent a total of $43. Not bad. It included a ton of American Girl books, 2 music stands for my kiddos (we have 1 but since I don't know if I'll find another I went ahead and bought the other 2 in prep for when all the kids take an instrument. It's a family requirement out of us so it will happen for at least a few years.) Knowing someone who just paid $20+ on a music stand I gladly paid $2 for one and $3 for the other. Also was Disney Store costumes, a long standing Bolo of mine (for another post), a big bag of Michigan State clothes for hubby, etc etc etc.

One of the first stops had amazing mannequins. 4 of them. I don't really *need* another mannequin but I sure did want one for only $10. They were very flexible with price but I was more concerned about what hubby would say when we are always tripping over the ones I have.I went back right before heading home again; phew they were gone. Temptation averted.

Usually I'm all business when I yard sale but honestly I don't have any friends who yard sale so it was great to having someone with me (childless no less). She got a 3 book set she wanted for only $1 total (selling currently for $40 on Amazon).....and, I think she's gone over to the dark side with all of us. LOL.

Sometimes it's nice to stop and sell the roses.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

August Numbers

August came and went way too quickly. Heck, we are halfway through September now!!! School is back in full swing and everything is settling down to a nice "normal" routine.

eBay 496.46
Amazon 1819.74 (not bad for having no new inventory hit the warehouse)
Etsy 89.46
Facebook 117.50
Craigslist 13.00

Income 2533.16

Cost of goods sold 370.25 (most of this being new Amazon inventory purchased the last 3 days of the month when school went back in session).

Accounting 300.00 (paid the CPA for our taxes done 2016).

postage 239.56
sellery 100.00
supplies 64.69 (i wait until I'm pretty much out of everything then order all at once. Usually I buy the biggest unit I can find but this time I didn't....we will see how that turns out for me).
ebay 59.50
paypal 32.13
etsy 6.86
amazon 760.02

total outgo1933.01
 total profit 600.15

not bad. To be clear I spend about 20 hours a week on reselling. So I guess that's only 7.50 per hour. I guess that needs to go up. At tleast I'm not in the negative each month anymore.

I'm really glad I switched my eBay store down. I am saving $20-30 each month it seems like.

This month was a little rough; we had to pay the IRS all that money. Rather than borrow it in the form of a bank loan or from family, we had enough cash flow in the business to take it out with the intention of paying it back in November ($1425). I don't think we will end up paying that back to the business though. But that's a story for a whole other blog post.

OK guys we are T-3 weeks until 4th quarter starts. Who's ready!?!?!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back at Amazon....and a Great Thrifting Week!

Ok so this post is about a week late....but you know how life goes :D

So I had 1 last full weekend off before yard sale season ends....hubby and I went back and forth about about going. I wanted to go but didn't want to spend any money....Hubby just wanted me to go.

So I decided to go to 2. A regular yard sale and a flea market at a church where my youngest went to preschool last year. My goal was $50 tops....and only on amazing things.

Well the first sale I spent $97. Had our budget been a little looser I definately would have spent a lot more....can we say American Girl heaven?!?! Her prices weren't fantastic and she was definately rude and kinda snobby. She wanted $12 for an outfit and wasn't budging and wouldn't "lot" items. The only thing that she didn't realize was what she had. Yes, like the point she made it was much cheaper than buying new but she had several retired Girl of the Year outfits that sell for decent money (like in the $50 range). So begrudgingly I shelled out the asking price.

This is the "Just Like You" version but Girl of the Year Marisol has an almost identical outfit with black fishnets and black bows on the this is worth less. I have it listed at $30+ shipping. I know the picture isn't great....and I wish my floor wasn't so hideous. :D Isn't it freaking adorable.

I think mini dolls are my new thing. I listed 17 mini dolls between $10 and $38. I paid a total of $65 for these dolls. 11 of them sold within 3 hours. This doll, Cecile, is currently listed at $28 OBO plus shipping. If you ever see her in 6" or 18" size GRAB HER. She's worth some serious money.

So then on to second sale at the church. Not much there. Got a couple Lego sets for my kids but for resale a couple pair of dress up shoes and an American Girl desk for $2 (I'm going to list for $25+ship).

Then we have a seriously amazing womens consignment shop 20 minutes away. They have this huge once a year $1 sidewalk sale. I went to get myself some work clothes (dress pants and button down shirts....pretty basic stuff). I did get a good bit for resale but I limited myself. I couldn't pass up the NWT Tommy Hilfiger or the David's Bridal gowns (although I did tell myself no more formal dresses).

My last major purchase....and my hubby and I mulled this over for the 24 hr "cooling off" period. We bought 9 tubs of baby clothing for $180.00. As soon as I took it out of my car and opened the first tote, I regretted the amount of work I got myself into. Thankfully its all washed, great brands, and only a handful I won't sell.

I'm playing with waiting to get the initial investment though. I'm doing 7 day auctions with my "happy with" price. After we get the initial money back we are ok with waiting a little while on the rest to maximize investments.

Both Amazon and eBay sales have seen a spike up in sales this month. Hopefully it stays that way through Christmas. All Christmas items from last year are being shipped to FBA tomorrow. I have listed a 25 items already on eBay this month (thats a good amount for me). Our numbers from August are once again good. Those will follow in a few days.

eBay I am listing the last of the Halloween stuff now followed by Christmas items, then toys. (with baby clothes now being squeezed between).

For those that remember my stupid business credit card, it will paid off by the end of 2016. I am over the moon about that. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER use a business credit card again.

Happy thrifting everyone!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's Good for the Goose isn't Always Good for the Gander

So one of the things I love most about the blogging community is how we bounce ideas, Bolos, etc off of each other. For the most part it's positive with very little negativity.

What I have come to terms with is that just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for all.

For a while I was hearing how great mugs sell. So I bought some really cute Disney Store ones for a quarter a piece. Contrary to my typical style I only bought 6 or 12 rather than hundreds. I don't think I have sold a single mug to date. It's been at least a year and a half.

Ties. I don't remember who mentioned they liked selling ties but it seemed like a good not-a-space-hog idea. So when a deal came at me for 400 ties for only $200 I jumped on it. I still have 350 or so ties.

Plush. Ok so this isn't as much of a flop for me as it could have been. I do find a lot of them slow movers though. I bought 3 Heffalumps at Salvation Army for .99 cents each a few years ago and sold them for $35; I have been mildly hooked since even though most flop for me.

But then looking at the other side, I have done fairly great with kids toys that people don't typically take a second look at. It tends to be my "niche". Not always big sales but lots of little ones.

I have also done great with American Girl; although I'm pretty convinced anyone can do great with them. And for a fun little BOLO meet Ivy.

Ivy was discontinued a few years ago. This isn't the 18" doll, she is only 6.5" and much thinner. New she sells for $175 on Amazon and $100 on eBay. Monday I bought a lot of 14 mini dolls and 2 dozen mini books for $50. Once I got home, I immediately listed on a yard sale American Girl site and sold her for $38 (free shipping) within 20 minutes. The other dolls range from $10-20. Hopefully they sell quick.

So while I'm always excited to find (and hear about) new info, sometimes what works for one doesn't work for another....with no noticeable rhyme or reason.

Friday, August 19, 2016

July Numbers

So No-Buy-July was rough. There was some purchases (my office furniture) that probably should have waited. Oh well. I'm dissapointed with the results but it could have been a lot worse.

eBay 412.91
Amazon 987.95
Etsy 00000
Facebook Groups 489.89
Other (yard sale and a Lego sale) 544.65
Bonanza 00000

Total income 2429.40

Cost of Goods Sold 1469.17 (almost $1000 was Sports Authority which we had planned on hoping to list by early October. I have some shoes listed totalling about $500 before fees. It was a quick multi-size listing; I felt better about myself by throwing that listing up quick.

entertainment: 8.96
Shipping 255.14
Sellery (amazon repricer) 100.00
Supplies 266.53 (desk and chair I believe along with a few misc items)
eBay 78.48
Paypal 44.65
Etsy 7.80
Amazon 354.34

Total Outgo 2585.07

Net Loss 155.07

I expect less than $100 spent on COGS during August. School starts in a couple weeks allowing us to source for Amazon again. It was neglected this summer. I may try to get to some yard sales before the season is over also. However, now I have tons to list from Sports Authority.

The nice thing is that almost a tote of girls clothes from a year+ of being listed has sold in the last month and a half. As soon as the weather cools I will head to the attic to organize :D

Sunday, August 14, 2016

IRS News, Sales, and a Cure for Migraines?

We officially started our business in 2013. Our 2013 tax liability went up dramatically. Being cheap I didn't want to pay a CPA. As a result, we missed some important paperwork, and I kept really terrible records for 2013 and 2014 (I kept fabulous records and paid for a CPA in 2015). Halfway through 2014 we got a letter saying we didn't claim all our income (we did but didn't know about the official Paypal/eBay tax document). Since records were bad, we just went ahead and paid the $1800 or so. I'd rather owe anyone but the government thanks.

Since we had already filed 2014 taxes by this point we knew it may come again this year but we had forgotten about it. We used the tax return to pay off the remaining student loans and some credit card debt. Whoops. Since I'm always so busy I didn't look at the bill till less than a week before it was due. $3950. Gasp. It was literally a look for change in the couch kind of experience. We didn't want to pull money from the business until its debts were completely paid off but we didn't have much of a choice unless we asked to borrow from family (an even worse option).

We pulled it off and hopefully it won't happen again.

Sales on Amazon are absolutely dismal. $590.00 in the last 30 days. Crickets on Etsy. Some on Facebook groups but not much. eBay I jumped the gun and put everything at 50% off for an entire month. (did you know you can't delete active sales??). I've had 34 sales this month but only total $214. I keep telling myself it's stuff I would have donated but geez its a lot of shipping for not much money.

Pic from

Still trying to set goals. 90% of school stuff is listed. School starts in 2 weeks here. Halloween is also 90% listed. After that I will tackle the toys and Sports Authority items.

If you have followed my blog at all you know that a couple years ago I had blackouts caused they think from migraines. I really hate taking medicines for it and haven't taken in close to a year but get really bad headaches or migraines 3-5 times per week on average.

While looking at a Facebook yard sale site someone asked for advice on a daith piercing if it worked. Apparently it's a body piercing that is close to the accupuncture spot for migraines. There is no medical studies etc. so it's purely mostly desparate people.

The cost was $90 (including tip and jewelry and aftercare solution) so I wasn't sure about it....hubby definately wanted me to try it to the point he handed me his birthday money for it (have I said lately how awesome my hubby is?) I took a further drive and paid more because the reviews are absolutely amazing (if you are local it is Lucky Strike Tattoo in Quakertown PA)

I heard it was painful and I was scared senseless. The piercer was amazing; the first thing he asked me was why I was getting it done. It's not super popular in PA but where he worked in SC previously he had done lots of them. He explained the science behind it and told me he was pushing it back farther in my ear to try to hit the nerve cluster.

Honestly it barely hurt at all. And since then I have only had 1 very minor headache and that was the day of (probably from stress).

I'm not super into body piercings but here it is....I think its kinda cute

He did make a fun observation. He said almost all the piercings he does for migraines have a differently shaped daith that people he sees just for the sake of having a piercing. It's more pointed like a mountain than goes flat where "regular" people just have a moderate curve all the way across.

So whether there is something medically to this or a placebo affect who cares I haven't had a migraine in almost a week.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hi Everybody!

Wow I can't believe it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted last.....I'm so sorry- sort of.

Well, I finished up training at my job and was transferred to my new "home" bakery-cafe.  It's still the same distance as my training cafe but I much nicer drive so it takes me 5-10 minutes less. Plus I love the cafe and most the people already.

So I took a week blogging break to just do me and my job. The thought of transferring was stressful to me. But now, a week later, I'm pretty adjusted and happy.

Sales are still not doing so hot. I put my eBay store on a 50% off sale. That started some sales (mostly older inventory) but they are bunches of $5 sales. Oh well, I guess that's stuff that would have eventually been sold for a quarter at a yard sale. It's largely clothes, specifically kids.

It's back to school season! Sadly I bought backpacks 2 years ago and I still have a full tub left. A couple sold on Amazon (fulfilled by merchant), a couple on Facebook, none on eBay, and a couple at the yard sale. Like my million ties, I'm ready to have space back.

I'm trying to organize my thoughts for selling. 1) Kids clothes and school supplies. 2) Halloween costumes (I still haven't listed all of them I bought last year....let alone the couple I found at yard sales). 3) toys etc for Christmas (really everything else).

We haven't sent a shipment into Amazon in nearly 3 months. We took the summer off for the kids being home. Another shipment is being sent out today (its mostly done) so hopefully that increases some sales.

My "new" computer has been giving me tons of problems. Hoping hubby fixed it.

Numbers will be coming in a couple days....they aren't pretty. Just waiting on a working computer to print Paypal reports (my computer kept freezing)

Hope you are all happy, healthy, and profitable!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Trip to Sports Authority

Well my trip to Sports Authority was pretty uneventful. There was only 1 small corner of stuff left. Everything was 90-95% off. I got there at 8:45 expecting droves of people (like KMart). There was 2 other people. Sadly 1 was another reseller (I suspect although he volunteered the information that he was donating stuff. But later when I moved racks he was like "and here comes my competition" LOL. A little good natured fun.

I can't go in and not feel bad for the associates losing their job. That being said there was 5 cashiers and between the other guy (with more than me) and me (with 3 carts) they were really good natured and friendly. I can't say I would be that nice.

Anyway I got a total of 222 items for $375. A little more than I intended to spend. However, I got a couple "store fixtures" for $22 (included in the $375). I wanted to manequins for $20 but I left them there :( I did get 4 or 5 of those metal feet measurers. I have wanted 1 for my kids for quite a while but they are $50+ a pop several years ago online. They were $5 each; 1 we keep the other 3 we sell.

Honestly I mostly got softball/baseball pants. I tried to get mostly kids sizes as I feel those would be most popular (54 cents each) . I did get about 25 pairs of Under Armour womens ones (1.25 each). They are selling consistently on ebay right now for $20 a pair). several pairs of Adidas soccer shin guards (.85 each) selling on Amazon FBA for $15. Lots of Adidas socks. And more shoes than I care to count. I kept it to only Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. Most are cleats of some kind.

And in some raw pictures, my living room is a mess. LOL.

Look at all those wonderful pants hangars. Hubby wants to recycle them. Me...I'm not sure I'd rather keep them in the attic I think.

Yes, my living room is a terrible train wreck. We have 1 kid this afternoon so that's our plan. I'm just trying not to throw it somewhere to never be listed. Also trying to have it out of my living room before animals deposit fur on it like crazy.

The most expensive purchase was a $100 Eagles jersey for $10.00

Now the other local Sports Authority store closes Wednesday. I'm really torn if I should go or not. If I don't there is no turning back but I also concerned about a huge influx of sports items on eBay and the like. I am buying an American Girl lot today for $100 but 10 minutes later selling 30+ lbs of Legos. Hmmmm.

2 Bumbos sold on eBay last night.

Has anyone else been to Sports Authority liquidation? WHat was your impression?

Monday, July 25, 2016

No Buy July

....that's what a few women on BST Facebook sites have named it. I love it. So accurate.

I have had 6 eBay sales this month; 1 was my old iPhone 5s which certainly helped numbers. 2 FBA sales. This month we are definately hurting.

That being said sales for retail arbitrage are abounding. 1 particular store I was going to go to 4 different locations for a few items. When I started buying there were 150 listed on eBay (last week). Now there are 1,300 similar items! Obviously I wasn't the only reseller who found this sale.

I'm sure most people by now know that Sports Authority is going under. I've never really shopped there; back in my teenage years friends who worked there had to sign a no competition agreement (basically I won't buy sporting goods anywhere else while I'm employed.). I'm not a fan of that; off the clock and out of uniform it's none of your business where I buy stuff.

Anyway I'm not here to rant. All stores will be closed on or before this Thursday. Ours is today. Unlike Kmart they don't have a buyer lined up yet (or so I was told). They plan to be closed by mid afternoon but also will wait "until everything is gone"....if that's not a motivated seller I don't know what is.

It's about a half hour (1 way) drive from me (read that they can't wait 2 more days?! My new store from my job is in the next plaza and I start there Wednesday LOL. Oh well Ce la vie..  If the kids are good there will a Disney store and/or toys r us trip (1 is next door the other across the street), out to lunch (or chuck e cheese's) and call it a business trip.

Shhh...I don't plan on scanning much. Unlike Kmart, I haven't been there at all in the going out of business sale so have no idea what to expect. I do hope to find hubby a pair of shoes (he's a size 13-15 so shoe shopping is a nightmare). I expect chaos, but not as much as Kmart (who planned it well to end on a Sunday). All "normal" people work today right?

I don't plan on coming home with cartloads of stuff either. Our sales this month can't really justify it. I will probably spend around $200 and am hoping for at least 90% off.

When I get home, Christmas FBA gets pulled out of the attic and shipped to them along with misc stragglers and whatever is bought today.

Anyone else sick of dealing with no buy July?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Not listing on eBay...I'm Cutting Myself Slack

OK so who sells on Facebook? I'm not talking about local sites either. That's right, local Facebook pages I don't really sell much on. Too much hassle and drama around here. However, I do sell on national pages. Sites like "Gymboree/Justice BST" "anything Children BST" and American Girl obsessed pages I often sell in. In case you aren't up to date on ever changing lingo "BST" means buy/sell/trade.

These sites work a lot in the same was as eBay; once an item is sold it is invoiced through Paypal; Paypal buyer/seller protection works in the same was eBay's does.

Depending on the activity on the board, the post can quickly be lost down the thread. "flash sales" or "purge sales" (same thing) are common.  I post a general description of what I will be posting....and then start taking pictures (this also gives people time to comment on the thread so they get notifications when it goes live. It also bumps the post back to the top when someone comments).

The "attention getting" picture for one of my sales Sunday.

So like for example on Sunday I didn't list anything on eBay; I did run 2 flash sales totalling 145 items. That's a lot of stuff; most was small insignificant donation worthy items. But I sold 50 of them. Most were $1 each plus shipping and Paypal fees but guess what? That's $50 I wouldn't have had.

I tend to beat myself up because "I've only listed x amount of items on eBay". I don't track Facebook listings or Amazon new listings at all...I think maybe I need to start. It will make me feel less like I am doing no work at all.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Little Office Facelift

OK so my laptop has been on its last legs for about 2 years now. I obviously was reluctant to spend money on it. I also had about 3 TV trays set up that my printer/laptop/etc. Again, didn't want to put out money on a desk. My cheap little desk chair is about 10 years old (and cost me $10 originally new)....I did notice myself slumping and bending over everytime to type/work.

Sooo....with hubby taking over, he agreed it's time to spend a little money on getting my corner of the dining room office functional.

Since we have been married 6 years ago, hubby keeps all these spare computer parts. I have bugged him countless times to get rid of but he didn't. (hubby builds/fixed computers as a hobby). He had a decent everything in a box. The case was my gutted computer from 10 years ago; the monitor is also my original computer screen. It cost $30 to upgrade ram.

And it runs better than it has for years. Not only that, hubby downloaded all the drivers etc needed so I could literally just sit down and work.

Sorry the picture is dark but we got a corner desk....I love corner furniture. It isn't super high quality but should last several years for my purposes. $113 free prime shipping was what it cost us; being about 50 lbs I can only imagine shipping costs. It was delivered today and hubby set it up while I was working.

The next one was to buy a back supporting chair; however since this desk is an appropriate height the chair now works decently. I may wait on buying a new chair.

So this is my pleasant little surprise today :D 

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Midyear Goal Checkup

Now that we are about half the year through (OMG TOO FAST), lets see how I am doing against my goals (I honestly don't even really remember them so this is a brutally honest undoctored post as I'm copying and pasting as I am writing.

* Eventually by the end of the year make $75-100 per day in profits. 

We are currently at $3500 in gross sales so we have a little way to go. 

* Continue to list Fulfill by Merchant as the situation allows for (although I typically do this). Sometimes but rarely. 

* Source 2-4x a week. Right now his preferred source is retail arbitrage; this is clearance season. Moving past that he is going to begin looking for hole in the wall local places. Made this during the school year....not so much now. Still finding hole in the wall places. 

* Items shipped either same or next day. (we have shipped out 3 small shipments so far. In less than a week we have had $412 in sales....will make a separate post about sales soon). He is pretty confident on how to navigate Amazon's Seller Central. I am currently (and will continue as time permits) helping him ship items. I will also continue to help him shop (although he checks everything in my cart before we buy). This is, after all, the fun part.  Some days are better than others. I would say we average 5-7 days to get things out. This setup is ideal but it typically takes us a whole school day to shop so we put away until the next school day unless we back to back      back source

* List 1 new item a day. (hence the low goal comment before). Nope, averaging 5-10 a month. Need to work on this.

* Source only from yard sales as money allows (again the fun part). Mostly. About 90% of the time. Can't tell you the last time I arbitraged something for eBay. 

* I have at least 3 full tubs and my car trunk still full of unlisted clothes; I also have both kids closets full and 5 totes of listed clothing. As profitable as clothes can be its overwhelming to me right now and I tend to procrastinate.....So no more clothes unless its something that I seriously can't pass up (believe me with clothes its few and far between). Bought Justice clothes for $2.50 each this week. 95% off. Brand new to sell on Facebook. 

*$500 in gross sales a month. Nope averaging $350ish. 

*In general just to be more selective about what I buy. This I have done. Still looking for higher ticket items, but it is a start. 

* List a total of 5-10 a month. have listed 12 new things since 2016 started.

* Become more picky about vintage.....alot of that means learning more. Honestly, I think I have decided to quit this altogether. 

* I bought a few (and I really mean a few) things to try my hand at Etsy crafting again. The price was unbeatable. However, its on the back burner for the near future. I have inventory to list before I can bite off more than I can chew. Sat in a box for months then sold in a yard sale. Don't have time. 

*Pay off business credit card by June. That's all I'm going to say about that till its squared off. About halfway there. 

* We lost around $3k in 2015. Would like to make $7k in profits. That would be an increase of $10k.At a YTD profit of 2391.10. I'm ok with that especially since 4th quarter will help. 

* Blog more consistently. Like other bloggers I have gotten sick of blogging. This blog has turned less into selling and more into my personal life story....which is not what I really intended it to be. Going back to basics. I would be happy with 1-2x a week. Increasing blog income would also be a perk :D Sorry guys. Still trying to do this. My main computer has gone done and won't let me write a blog post without deleting it. Hubby is working on building me another one. 

So yup, that's what I got today. I am happy with the direction things are headed. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

June's Numbers

Picture courtesy of

Junes's been both my best and worst month. Here's why....with kids out of school sourcing (especially for Amazon) has all but stopped. After crunching these numbers, I did what I do best...went yard saling. Haha. I did only go to 2 in our neighborhood and skipped the huge community sales. I don't have time to list much these days. I also expect come the start of school for our COGS to go up cutting into the profit as we restock. (we are sitting at 400 items on Amazon, 100 on Etsy, and 409 on eBay. But the sales were awful specifically on eBay.

Those 2 yard sales were profitable. The first was all newer items for cheap. 2x Disney Store costumes with the accessories for $1 each, clothes (but for my daughter, me, and to sell) for only a dime each. An entire bag on Build a Bear clothes for $2. I didn't buy a lot of what I should of but I try really hard to cherry pick and do quality not quantity now.

The second yard sale was selling tons of toys....vintage toys. Her daughter was the same age as me. Gallon size bags of Barbie clothes and accessories for a quarter a bag, a 23K gold Pokemon card thrown into a bag of Mcdonalds toys for $1. (that's a win/win. The kids get the rest of the toys which keeps them busy for 5 mins :D ). More Build a Bear clothes, a Light Brite for $1 (for the kids) etc. Oh and 3 big bags of Disney World plush (vintage) for $5. My car was pretty full for $20.

Anyway on to the numbers:

New listings in June:
eBay 4
Etsy 0

Yup I know that is definately part of the problem

eBay 192.81 (ouch!)
amazon 3881.06
etsy 78.26
facebook 48.50
other (selling game to gamestop) 24.

total income 4224.63

COGS 799.67
car gas 29.71
yard sale permit 10.
postage 182.20
hosting/sellery (209.89)
supplies 40.82
ebay 42.25
paypal 13.28
etsy 3.16
amazon 1379.58

total outgo 2710.56


Say WHAT?!?!?! I double and triple checked this number. I am Soooo insanely excited!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Big Day (AKA Yard Sale Day) is Over!!

Just for fun, here are the 2 yard sale posts from last year.  

Since the 2nd post is mostly about other stuff and no pictures; I made $31 at the 2nd sale.

This year I advertised 4 Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and the local paper.

We only put up 2 signs (I forgot to buy tacks and tape wouldn't have worked).

I was concerned about a holiday weekend. The foot traffic was AMAZING!

Will never do another yard sale when its dark at 6am Haha.

Last yard sale the neighbor directly to my right had pipes being replaced. This year the contractor was working on my neighbor to the left because a car ran through their house.

Last year I froze; this year was gorgeous and I'm burnt to a crisp. This year my FIL came in addition to my MIL so it was an even better time. Growing up our yard sales were always lots of branches of my family and it was more about the get together than the actual sale.

Shopkins were my oopsie mistake from a few months ago. Had 158 of them. Sold 107 at the sale for $1 each. They were all "common" ones. The "expensive" ones are holding out till Christmas.

For the most part nothing was over $2. Lots of items I rounded down even when not asked for a deal. The kids total made $20. They are stoked; I'm stoked they cleaned out their rooms without my help. (They range from 5-10 so they are definately getting to that age).

We made $437. Not bad for quarter clothes. No "big" stuff. The American Girl items there was not even any interest in it for the most part. ....and I was only asking $2-3 for the most part.

I started at 6:30 setup instead of 5. I'm sick and I didn't feel like getting out of bed. I also didn't price much of anything. I kind of "winged" it and asked for offers. Most people were fairly reasonable. 1 guy came by and bought 70 video games (all ones even lot together wasn't worth my time. Trade in value at Game Stop averaged 13 cents each). Sold it to him for $50......walked away and hubby gave him more stuff for way less than I would have....reinforces my theory that the man of the house typically sells cheaper.

Not enough tables still....went to Ollies Thursday night and bought 4 flat sheets....STILL ran out of sheets :D

1 kid is visiting grandparents. So with the extra adult and 1 less kid it was much less stressful making sure my kids didn't get lost.

I pulled about 80% of the stuff out of the attic. I thought we sold half the stuff but I'm bad at guestimating so I trust hubby's word. He thinks 15-20%.....and we got rid of A LOT of stuff. In total we made $437. Not too shabby.

I totally forgot to take pictures. According to the Borough, we can't start before 9AM. When my inlaws got here at 8AM there were already several ppl here.

I'm not sure what an average yard sale income is but I'm pretty happy :D

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Sales Slump

Sales are WAY down. So are any kind of sourcing efforts. Still have lots to sell, and time is limited. As time allows, I still go to yard sales, but I am so picky I haven't bought anything is the last 2 sourcing weeks. I LOVE my new job. It's still 50 hours a week but the environment is so much less stressful.

I have had about $100 in eBay sales this month....and it's half over. I did downgrade my store this month to basic. At my current listing rate it's about $30 a month cheaper. They did charge me a $33 downgrade fee; I think this is a sleazy way to squeeze every last cent out of me they can. I can see if I cancelled my store completely. It leaves me with kinda a bad taste in my mouth. Even with the cancellation fee the $ is still in my favor.

Etsy, with the exception of 1 repeat buyer, has been close to nothing. It's so frustrating. I haven't ever had fantastic success with the platform. From what I read is very social media intense, which I don't have time for. Plus I'm not fluent in vintage.

Facebook was good to me in May; however, I only sell American Girl and I am pretty much out of stock on most items. Too much money/not enough time to restock right now.

Having a yard sale in 2-3 weeks depending on weather. Don't really want to; won't be putting the effort in that I did last time (as far as labeling etc). $100 and I'm happy. Most leftovers from last years sale are still sitting untouched in my attic.

Heres an update since I wrote and scheduled this: a car crashed into the other side of my twin (or duplex depending on where you live in the country). Thank God everyone is ok, it could have easily ended badly.  Sooo...there is construction on our front lawn. The contractor said it wouldn't interfere with a sale.

Just hanging on at this point to sales. This is day 3 on 3rd shift right now so I'm having a hard time caring about the lack of sales LOL.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

May Numbers

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have posted. My laptop has been on it's last legs for 2 plus years finally decided to give out in many aspects. The main one is that it likes to randomly delete huge chunks of text when I am typing. So frustrating. So this actually is the 3rd time I am writing this.

I am going to go ahead and schedule a couple more posts for later in the week. I am 3rd shift this week so I can't image I'm going to have motivation to do much of anything. God bless anyone who likes to work graveyard shift....I want to like it but my sleep says otherwise.

Hubby is building me a new computer (desktop) soon. Thankfully, he hoards (sort of) spare computer parts so it shouldn't cost us too much out of pocket.

....anyway on to the numbers

ebay 837.31
amazon 3493.70
etsy 65.16
facebook 202.00

income 4598.39

cogs 1765.80
car expense 52.83
shipping 467.71
profit bandit 9.99
supplies 154.21
ebay 132.52
paypal 53.45
etsy 4.73
amazon 1412.15

outgo 4052.39

total profit 544.78

Hey, lookie there, 2 months in a row a profit. Going in the right direction.

Took an owner's draw to cover a lot of the little end of the school year expenses. Nice that the business is finally paying us.

New listings:

Bad, I know. I really need to get better with listings ;D

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

100% Positive Feedback!

....for less than a week. Yeah, sadly after working so hard toward a better feedback score (it was 98.9%) I person didn't read my handling time. Apparently they needed it in 4 days and my handling time is 3. I was never notified and negative feedback was handed to me. Sigh. Things like that make me seriously hate people. That was 2 weeks ago. Since then I have gotten 2 more neutral feedback about my handling time. Seriously people can't you read?!?!?!

My feedback score is 99.6% so it is still up. I started my new job today; it seems like less hours, more pay, and less stress. The bill just passed about low salary employees directly affects me so I guess I can be thankful. I will receive 10 hours of OT a week but the company plans to make sure I don't work more than that. My previous job I was working 55-60 hours a week.

Kmart's last day was Sunday. I wish I got there earlier. 90% off everything. The real winner was my dog. 6 big bags of Purina Beyond food for $2.99 a bag. I told the vet we feed him whatever is on sale; she is OK with him switching foods. Apparently it helps prevent food allergies. I think it saves my budget.

Even with tons of people in the store when I got there and many people pulling 2 carts, I still bought 3 overflowing carts of stuff. Christmas presents, PJs for the kids, shoes for me, and TONS for Amazon. There are a couple things for eBay also; however, I didn't feel like buying more eBay items was a good use of the $. Around $300 total was spent. I had to call hubby to get me as it didn't fit in my car.

The party store across the street is going out of business; I guess that's where our next focus will be. For those who haven't heard, Sports Authority is also going out of business nationwide. An Ollie's trip is due soon also.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a million and 2 Amazon shipments to make and my car could be on the vehicle version of Hoarders.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saling Saturday

I really had no desire to go out yard saling this weekend. I start a new job in just over a week and am gearing up for that. It's better pay, better hours, more growth opportunity, less hours, more vacation, better health insurance and benefits, etc etc etc. Hoping it works out. Sad to leave my other job though.

Anyway, Thursday I went through my daughters summer clothes only to realize I estimated her size wrong for this year. I largely went out hoping to find her some clothes....and I find I did. I NEVER have luck finding my kids clothes when I'm looking. I hit up 4 community yard sales in really nice areas. I found 2 sales selling all Justice clothing in her size (I love Justice. I try to buy only them so I know what size I am actually buying). I ended up with a huge pile for $11.50. I bought more than she will ever wear. What didn't fit/she didn't like went into the eBay pile. I expect to make about $50-75 from the "rejects".

In total I spent about $125. I bought 2 Anna (from Frozen) costumes, a Bumbo with tray, Littlest Pet Shops and misc other things. I don't have motivation to take pictures of everything. 

 Infant nasal aspirator.....seriously why didn't I have one of these when my kids were infants!?! It looks like a seriously good idea. Paid $4 selling on Amazon for $42.
 Tinkerbell light kits. New with shelf wear. Got 2x; paid $1 each. Sells on Amazon for $25 each.  Money was said to be donated to the SPCA. I see no downside :D
 Paid $3 sells for $25
 In total I bought 28 video games. This is my eBay pile; the rest is going to Amazon.

 What's not to love. I hope this is a good buy. For $2 I had to.
 NWT Disney Store swimsuit. I have found the Little Mermaid sells fairly well. Paid $2.50. Dissapointed it is 1 size too small for my daughter.

 American Girl stuff!!!!! I was beyond excited. $2.50 total. The ugly blue dress in the front goes to the doll Samantha; it's her "play dress" (originally with a white frilly pinafore and matching hair tie). The purple shoes and shirt sweater go to Bitty Baby. I'm not sure on the leggings and red shirt yet.

This is a "reject" from my daughter. It's NWT. Paid 50 cents. It's cute but she's not a K :D

Honestly I had horribly luck. I went to 50+ houses and only bought from around 5. Stuff was not what I was looking for or prices were crazy high. I do enjoy coming home with lots of little stuff.

MIL is asking if I'm up for a yard sale again this year. I'm not sure.

Hope your week is productive and profitable!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

eBay and Amazon....What the Pair They Make This Week.

OK eBay first. Last month and beginning of this month, I was really in the mood to list. Plus with the little sales, I was desperate LOL. I just want stuff OUT; I put the majority of my stuff 40% off (except newly listed items) and 25% off bulk Legos.

I sold 20 things this week. Here are some of the better ones:

I listed 7 Bumbos last week and 1 still in my car not listed (I know don't judge). I sold 2 this week. This green one sold for $30+ship. Paid $5

....and this pink one with tray sold for $25 paid $5. It is true the green ones sell for more but I accidentally under priced it. I'll take the cash though thank you very much.

This was my daughter's Justice Easter dress last year. I'm not sure what possessed me to pay $20 for a dress; ok I do. It's the first year she was interested in picking out her own. The polka dots shimmer. She wore it approximately 15 million times. We definately got our money out of it. Sold 3 days after listing for a best offer of $10. It does show a fair amount of wear.

Bought 3 of these at Kmart 2 or 3 weeks ago for $3.16 each. Last year it was an absolute pain to find decent priced raincoats for my kids so I bought these hoping it would be a quick sell. I sold 5 days after listing for $15+shipping. Not a huge sell but hopefully it helped someone out. (NWT).

These were in my attic for the last year. Yes these....there were 2 of them. They both sold within a week of listing for $19.99 each plus shipping. 

Now on to Amazon. We decided to invest in a repricing tool; we chose Sellery at $50 a month (largely because our Profit Bandit account that we pay $10 a month for becomes free). Our inventory is just to the point we can't babysit it. Some items we have opted out to change prices ourselves. Others we have put in a minimum percent profit. Either way we are happy with the results.

Can you guess which day we started it on this week? LOL. Now I am nervous that inventory may become a problem soon. But for now, we are enjoying the increased sales. We just had 1 of our biggest payouts from Amazon yet. And we just pulled from the business to pay our electric bill. I know most of you probably pull for bills on a regular basis but it's a MONUMENTAL occasion for me. Hopefully we are on the side of mostly permanent profit now. LOL. Hubby's original goal was $100 in gross Amazon sales a day but mine is much higher :D

KMart's last day is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday. I hope to get there (at least) 2 more times before then. There is also at least 4 other stores we need to source from soon. Now that Sellery is "live" we have a huge shipment waiting to go out also (we were making sure all was OK there before we proceeded further.

Good night all. Hope your having a great and profitable week!

Monday, May 2, 2016

April Numbers

This by far has got to be the fastest I have ever closed my month. Best way to close out a 4 day weekend I know of. I got 20 new listings done, my eBay space organized, got several things shipped, lots of pictures taken, flea market morning, and 2 trips to Kmart. (to be fair 1 wasn't a "business trip". I went with a friend and we got Christmas/birthday presents and "oohed" and "awwed" over the infant girl clothing. You know all the stuff hubby would have had no patience for LOL).

Anyway on to the numbers:
ebay 442.07
amazon 2729.31
etsy 112.34
Total income 3283.72

eBay was a dismal month. Buyers on my American Girl Facebook site made comments about how when buying (auction style) they had no competition and got items for cheap. Hopefully it improves in May. Amazon was down about $800 over last month too. Etsy was up about $75.

COGS 1167.73
Gas 42.66
Shipping 229.55
Profit Bandit 9.99
Supplies (tape/bags/1 box) 59.13
Ebay 91.76
paypal 19.88
etsy 7.85
amazon 1047.72
total outgo 2676.27

Net Profit 607.45
Not too shabby. Honestly my favorite buy this month was about 30 Ugly Christmas Sweaters NWT. I can't wait to list those and hope they sell soon.

I only listed 1 new item on Etsy but 49 on eBay. We have held off sending more stuff to Amazon. We have a pile to go but we invested in a re-pricing tool. Hoping that helps in terms of sales.

Happy and looking forward to May. Hoping the reselling powers smile down on you all this month!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 2 of the Long Weekend.....Misc Ramblings

I lied. I did go to a flea market and 4 yard sales this morning. It was only because I had to pick up a form for my new job that was a half hour away and the flea market/sales were on the way home. I'd hate to not utilize car gas right?

Well it was a bust which is both bad and good. I ended up with 2 dresses and a hoodie for my daughter, a Bumbo $5 (for eBay) and a package of diapers $2 (for Amazon).

I just wasn't in the mood to buy. Hubby had somewhere to be with the kids this afternoon so I listed, organized, and took pictures like crazy. I left my camera out last night and 1 of the kids removed the memory card. I found it a half hour later on the other side of the room. That was slightly irritating.

We went to Kmart last night and found ugly Christmas sweaters for 90% off. $3.49 a piece. Not bad; I had generic Walmart sweaters last year that sold almost immediately for $15 each. With a $35 price tag attached, I am thinking $24.95 OBO + Priority Bubble Envelope shipping. What do you all think of that pricing. So proud of myself. I didn't buy them all. In fact, I don't think I even bought half. We bought 2 of each in M, L, and XL. I left the XS and S; since literally no one has touched them, I hope to score more in a week or so. I had walked by those sweaters 5 or 6 times; hubby jumped on board and wanted them.

Unfortunately, there is little left at KMart that is Amazon worthy. I want some of the little clothes to lot up for eBay. New clothes are obviously easier to sell without having to look for stains. But with about 6 totes of unlisted clothing, I'm not sure that's the best use of our money.

With store fixtures being sold, I was hoping to score a clothing rack or 2. I called today only to be told someone came in on the closure announcement day and purchased them all. Crap. Oh well; honestly I wasn't sure where I would put them anyway. I just knew not using all of our closet space would be nice.

My eBay sales this month were absolutely dismal. A mere $290. Crap. Amazon not so hot either. We didn't buy nearly as much this month. Hoping we made up for last month's excessive spending. Am thinking about starting the numbers while I don't have kids in the house. The small consolation is that Etsy did fairly well considering its size.

My hubby says my talent is taking hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and not actually listing it. As mad as I want to be at that statement, unfortunately it is true. I pulled a bag of Littlest Pet Shop animals I didn't know I had out of the attic today and listed them....a little lower for a quick nickel. The grand total before fees? $287+ shipping. Hanging my head in shame.

I have purchased several pairs of kids slippers for $1.50 at kmart in the last few weeks. I don't typically do shoes but I have done slippers 1 other time. 20 pair gone in 3 weeks. I hope this goes as well.

I am done with my ramblings. It's time to stop procrastinating. Thanks for listening. I hope all your sourcing and selling ventures are treating you well!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

4 Day Weekend

Yes, oh yes, for the first time since last April I have 4 days off in a row.

It's been a rough 2 months but we got some really good news today.

In addition, I love my job and I have no desire to leave. However, a nicer job that pays 25% more than I currently make and better benefits fell on my lap. I have worked there 2x in the past. I had interview number 3 today. I should hear in the next few days. Either way with that I am happy.

I originally took these couple days off to head up to a town wide yard sale in New England. However, we decided to just stay put. We still are sourcing Kmart (they have less than 2 weeks now) and want to maximize that. Not going yard saling at all this weekend. I have been on a listing kick lately; yes, I do believe that Cassini likes consistent listing but I will take any listing motivation at all.

I have big plans to organize my work space, list, ship, organize my house, get caught up on paperwork, hey maybe even squeeze reading a book in there!

Enjoy your weekend! Hope you all find great yard sales!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shipping on a Dime

I'm assuming you are like me; wanting to spend as little as humanly possible on shipping supplies. For shipping to Amazon FBA I don't mind using recycled boxes. For merchant fulfilled Amazon, Etsy, and eBay I prefer to use new supplies. I know it's just personal preference and there isn't a right or wrong.

I spend a lot of time on Amazon hunting down the best bargains and I thought I would share some with you.

As a side note, these are affiliate links. I wrote this entire post without affiliate links until hubby just told me he knew how to do them. LOL.

 I buy in bulk as it is significantly cheaper and don't mind if it lasts me 6 months.

Shipping Tape

This is my shipping tape. I paid $36 for 36 rolls. Tape is the 1 thing I pay more for. I HATE cheap tape that peels down the middle and half the roll is wasted trying to get it started again. I was skeptical because of the price but it is AMAZING. The price is currently $45 but that is still an amazing deal. "cheap" tape at Walmart is about $1.50 for an equal sized single roll. Previous to this I only bought Duck E-Z start tape. I'm not sure if it's discontinued now because it is $35 for an 8 pack.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap. I rarely need large bubbles; if I do I just buy it at Walmart. In fact I rarely use bubble wrap at all. This is usually a 1x a year purchase.

FBA Labels

3,000 FBA labels for $8.50. I forgot to order at 1 point and paid $6 for 100 at Kmart. Amazon allows a few different sizes for FBA labels. These are the smallest so you get the most bang for your buck.

Poly Bags 10x13

I love polybags. I buy 2 sizes typically. I have a very small size I ordered accidentally (a case of 1,000. I think I will be using those forever. They do work great for American Girl clothes).  I only gave a link to 1 because it's been a while since I bought the other size (14.5x19).

Bubble Envelope

I used to have 3 or 4 sizes of bubble envelopes. I have streamlined down to 1 (equivalent to size #2) and buy large ones at the Dollar Tree when necessary (again not often). I like size 0 envelopes also but I have not bought in a while so I'm not sure as to the best price anymore. Haven't bought bubble envelopes since 4th quarter 2015 and still have half the box left. 

That's what I buy on the cheap. I did hear U-Line is cheap also; we have a warehouse a half hour from home. However, after looking through their catalog it is still cheaper to buy online. Most of these items (but not all) are Prime eligible.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

An Ode to Vintage (and Help Needed)

Admittedly I was born 30 years to late. I have always loved the midcentury 60s and 70s. In elementary school, I wanted to be a hippie when I grew up (in the mid 90s). To date, my favorite band still in the Beach Boys.

I don't know much about vintage though to sell on Etsy. Or at least what to buy. (We looked at a house 4 years ago with a 1950s TV in it, stained glass, harvest gold kitchen, and shag carpeting....We totally would have bought it had it a yard and not on the main street). Anyway back to Etsy. My grandmother passed this last November. I inherited an AMAZING dresser that screams midcentury. (Just so we are clear I NEVER plan on selling this. I'm not much into "stuff" but this dresser makes me happy when I look at it.Weird I know.)

Ignoring the contact paper on top and not in fantastic shape, it is absolutely beautiful. The bottom knobs and curves scream midcentury.

The reseller in me was curious enough to look up similar dressers on Etsy. If you are brave enough to ship one, this style sells for $800-1500 PLUS shipping! Holy cow!

I was also given a box of like 30 scarves to sell or keep etc. I'm having a hard time selling since they were my grandmothers; I decided on 1 to keep and the rest to sell.

For those who deal with vintage more than I, which decade do these look like? Most have no labels or no brand. Those that have labels either say 100% Polyester or 100% Acetate with Made in Italy or Made in Japan. Also what would you ask for them? Most are in perfect shape. Here is a sampling

What do you think and how would you price?