Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015! Let's Revisit My Selling Goals

Another year has past. My first child turns 10 tomorrow (I still can't believe it. I swear he was in the NICU  yesterday). My 2016 goals will be a post for mid January; but for now I will compare 2015 goals against what I actually did.

* Starting small on Etsy. For 2015, 10 items new each month would make me happy....or an overall total of 120. Etsy is not my biggest platform by any means but I think 10 each month would keep my storefront from being stale.  I'm currently sitting at 99 items which I am pretty happy with. Sales are a very slow consistent. I do hope to continue to develop this platform.

* 50-100 items each month to go to FBA. Fees are going up plus the initial cost of merchandise is expensive so we will be ramping it down a bit unless there is an unbeatable sale or something. I will be looking at yard sales and thrifts more for inventory rather than relying solely on retail arbitrage. This is hubby's circus now. He has big hopes and dreams for large profit margins. Thankfully he looks at things way more objectively than I do (and it's a perk that he can use Excel) I expect him to do great!

* Bonanza is free so I will keep it open but will not be adding any "Bonanza only" items to the list. It will continue to feed solely off eBay inventory reports. I went on Bonanza yesterday and noticed several of my sold on eBay items (like months ago) are still active in my booth. I sent a help ticket yesterday and hope to hear back soon. I sold 2 or 3 things this year total so its not a huge thing.

* My business credit card is currently at $10,500. I would like it down to $5,000 or less by the end of the year.  I don't want to start preaching about the greed of banks. Our APR was upped to 28.99% and we have been trying to pay it off. Since they are unwilling to help/communicating with us rather than make payments we have been putting aside to give them a lump sum down the road. I will NEVER have another credit card. Expensive lesson to learn. (as a fun fact I am 28; I have had a credit card since I was 16....when it was still legal LOL. I have never had a balance carried over until 2014. They aren't so nice when you owe them.)

*I currently have 547 unique listings in my store (and with multiple quantities about 1,200). I would like the store to be at 1,100 listings by the end of the year. That equals only 47 listings per month provided nothings sells (which would be counterproductive). I am shooting to have 150-200 listings per month during the school year and 50-100 during the out of school months. I give myself a bit of wiggle room so I don't beat myself up extensively. I have 409 unique eBay listings (615 with multiples).  Not anywhere close to this goal. When I wrote this I wasn't planning on having a job outside the home in 2015 let alone 4 throughout the course of the year....and certainly not a 50+ hr job in fast food management. LOL.

*My overall sales through all venues in 2014 was $46,892.26....that's a huge number for me and about double was 2013 was. I am shooting high with a goal of 75k in sales this year. Each year I am refining how things are done and inventory picking is getting better. With an estimated December, my sales were about $17.5K for the year. Many many months were below $1k in sales (all while paying $300 in office rent). Still selling off old inventory; new inventory coming in is minimal. I think we can all agree sourcing is the most fun part but I don't even have energy for that.

*That being said only $1,800 was profit after goods costs, rent, insurance, van payments, and credit card interest. Thankfully the van is paid off and we had lots of 1x purchases (like a printer). My laptop is starting to go but I'm praying it hangs on at least another year. My laptop is still acting funky but thankfully it made it through 2015; hoping it makes it through 2016 also. I think the 1x purchased were minimal to none this year. I'm pretty sure we are at a loss for this year but thats a post for January. By a loss I mean cash poor inventory rich :D

*January 21st school starts again for me. I am actually going into a classroom (a dear friend is watching my kids so I can learn the most. I have never done well with online classes). A few of you who commented suggested I learn more about spreadsheets/accounting/bookkeeping/etc to keep my frustration at bay and keep things productive. Thank you. I am really excited. Dropped the class for health reasons. Had a month+ long fight with the school armed with drs notes why I shouldn't pay tuition. Thankfully it finally ruled in my favor. the short term I am doing everything in paper and I still don't know anything about spreadsheets. If I REALLY need something hubby will help me.

* Keep things productive enough to afford an office that is at least double in size by the time our lease is up in November. LOL! 'Nuff said. 

I hope you all had a better reselling year than I had. Keep your chin up and let's make 2016 an even better one. Wishing the best to you and yours. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Final Christmas Sales

Around the 20th, the sales slowed a complete stop until the 26th. Bonanza has proven a flop for me. Etsy hasn't done much better although I will be the first to admit it has been neglected.

Moving forward, I have been thinking alot about what 2016 will look like for us. I am in my last week of training; I thought I would be more nervous than I am. I feel pretty confident and pretty thoroughly trained. I have spent time at home finishing training videos I don't have time for in my 10-12 hour shifts. Tomorrow I am going in on my day off to finish learning some equipment troubleshooting I am not confident in. All that to say within the next week I should know my new normal.

Christmas morning I got a return request for a $50 sweater. I wasn't happy but what are you gonna do about it?

Hubby does plan on doing FBA for 2016; he has done a good bit of research on his own. More to come later on that.

I will leave you with some of my better eBay sales that last few weeks. I apologize if there are duplicates from my last post.

 American Girl Grace (Girl of the Year 2015). Sold for $104.95+ship. I wish I could afford to keep her. O well. Paid $110 for her but sold her clothes for $50, her book for $6, her bracelet for $25 so its not a huge profit but something I enjoyed.
 And her travel coat. $34.95+ship. Paid roughly $10.
 Dora earrings. Paid $16.95 (90% off at Kmart). Sold for $124.95.

 Not a huge sale but I LOVE these jammies. Paid 1.95 (last Feb bought tons of clothes at a going out of business sale for 90% off). Sold for $9.95.
Skylanders Trap Team Sunscrape Spire (part of light set). I actually got a message thanking me for being the only seller to have it reasonably priced. I didn't reprice it once listed but I'm glad it made someone happy...especially since I think $29.95 is a lot. Paid roughly $3.

So thats whats been happening in my neck of the woods. How have your sales been....and how do they compare with either last year or your expectations?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

November numbers

I'm late....yes I know. November was the first month without rent; I was dissapointed with the results but 1 month at a time.

eBay 930.24
FB groups 15.49
Etsy 74.93
Bonanza 100.24
(Refunds 27.17)

Income 1769.84

Cost of Good Sold 565.14 (skylanders bought from a friend and a few lego sets)
Interest 406 (the CC company has actually stopped charging interest as of 11/18)
Postage 387.90
Supplies 39.97
Paypal 46.11
eBay 123.84
etsy 6.08
Bonanza 3.38
Amazon 143.66

Outgo 1722.08

Total Profit 47.76

So in comparison to previous months not bad....but certainly not great. December I expect to be better I hope.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Some Sales

Just checking in to post some of my sales for the month of December. Glad things are selling; however, I am disappointed compared to last year. I keep telling myself life and my selling ventures last year this time looked very different.

eBay has seen 28 sold items.

 Columbia mens fleece. Paid $1 sold for $28.95.
 NWT JCrew sweater. Bought at either Goodwill outlet or Care and Share outlet; paid between .75-1.25 probably. Sold for a best offer of $50.
Luigi's Mansion Gamecube game. Paid $1 sold for $27.

Its nice to see my average $ creeping higher.

Etsy had all of 2 sales. I don't think I have listed since October

 Remember these beads?!?! I paid $25 for a storage locker around 2 (maybe more) years ago. We are still selling these.....and not surprising I still have a good bit not listed yet. They didn't sell well in individual packets of a dozen or so. I delisted them all and regrouped into bigger lots (this is like 13 packages). This sold for $26.95. I have gotten several hundred dollars from these beads but its definately the slow dime over the quick nickel.
I bought a huge lot of misc vintage flatware from Goodwill Outlet. I paid maybe a quarter for these; they weren't in great condition and sold for $5. (this isn't what I bought the lot for LOL).

In other news, my training is more than half over; I am so relieved I am fairly confident in what I am doing now and the days of coming home with serious stress headaches are over (mostly). Hubby and I are currently regrouping the business because starting the first of the new year he will be an active part of it....I am so glad the voice of reason and self control is going to be involved. LOL.

Hope your having a happy productive fourth quarter!!