Thursday, November 26, 2015

Shopping Season....Who's Ready!?

Ok I will apologize first off. I am very caffeinated and ready to get lots of Legos, Skylanders, and other items listed. So my mind is all over the place. The last 3 years it has been my Thanksgiving Day tradition to stay home alone and list, list, list. Today I actually had to work till 3. I'm not sure when 9 hour shifts became short. 

I swear yesterday was the middle of the summer....but yet here we are with Black Friday tomorrow and Cyber Monday and the rest of the shopping season upon us. I wish I had taken more time to prepare like I did last year; however, I do have a good assortment of toys listed still.

Stocking upon stocking have sold; 4 sold last night while I was sleeping. I am glad they are selling....however, with the exception of 1 on eBay, all have sold on Amazon.

I really doubt I will buy stockings again unless I get them at 90% off....and even then the only ones that have sold are Disney Princess. I have sold 25 of my 29 Frozen which I am thankful. Stockings sold so much better than Halloween costumes this year.

I stayed up an extra hour last night to take pictures of Skylanders....the ones I recently listed sold nearly as fast as I listed them. I did price them slightly lower than in times past (although I still listed on the "high end" of the spectrum) because Skylanders seem to be quickly losing popularity.

I got my first holiday season return request. For those that remember last year, eBay recommended opting in to the extended return program....or suffer decreased visibility. Amazon makes that mandatory. I don't know if it is mandatory this year on eBay or not but it seems to remember my settings from last year.

I will be popping in from time to time from now until the end of the year but between sales and work, I plan on spending every possible minute with my's too short to not. :D Oh and organizing my house. It isn't bad but little details like my mannequins are still in my car from the move need to be ironed out. New Year's Day my oldest son turns 10 (WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!) and I will be around sometime after that.

Best of luck to everyone and may the sales and happy buyers be on your side!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More Sales

Days pass by quickly and I don't realize how long it has been since the last post. So I thought I would update you quickly on the sales in the last 2 weeks.

Etsy sadly has had no sales at all.

I sold that dog on Bonanza (see previous post)

1 sale via FB yard sale groups. It was an American Girl doll brush set

26 Amazon sales. Yes their fees are higher but I'm really glad I'm doing merchant fullfilled to get rid of some stockings. 24 of those sales were stockings.

4 were beauty and the beast, 1 was sleeping beauty and 18 were frozen. I had 29 Frozen originally and I was afraid they might not sell.

eBay has had 25 sales. Honestly there is nothing super exciting to report. The vast majority were Skylanders from a friends lot. I thought I priced them high but the majority sold almost instantly.

 Shoes from American Girl Grace's baking outfit. Sold for $24.95/Fs. Not bad considering the entire outfit is like $30.

And this cute little charm bracelet comes with the doll in the box. Sold from $22.95 F/s which certainly helps justify buying the doll :D

And thats it for me for now. Tomorrow is my day off; 2+ weeks of regular employee training is done; now onto another 6 weeks of management training starting Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sold but Crossing My Fingers

Remember my last post about Savannah the LPS dog? Well she sold last night for $96.35. It was on Bonanza hence the lower price (and lower fees!).

I have only had 3 or so Bonanza sales and 2 of those ended up filing "I didn't make this purchase" claim. Because Paypal has pretty great seller protection I didn't lose on any of those.

This Bonanza buyer has been active for 3 weeks. Here's to hoping there isn't a headache involved.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BOLO: Littlest Pet Shop Savannah

Ok so by now the majority of us know that Littlest Pet Shop animals are a Bolo. Cheap to find, easy to store, etc etc etc.

Cats and dogs are more valuable than others. I love getting $15-30 for an animal when I rarely pay more than 50 cents.

Than today, hubby and I bought a lot of 60 (mostly cats and dogs) for $25. (insert lecture about buying more here). There were 2 daschunds which tend to get the highest prices.

Got them home....filthy; hubby offered to clean them up for me.

Off I go to research.

 This is Littlest Pet Shop original Daschund, Savannah the Savvy. She is animal #675. I knew some were better than others. On first glance I thought I could get $20-25 for her; I was pretty happy with. With more research she sells routinely for $99.95. What?!?!?! I am absolutely blown away.

For point of reference, she is two toned brown. Front feet are white. Bottom of one foot has a magnet. Marked Hasbro 2006. Her eyes are 2 toned green + white. Her pupils are tear drop shaped.
This little guy is the low average selling price around $7.50. Not bad considering what I paid for the lot.

So remember to dig through all the odd and end toy boxes at yard sales and thrift stores....people still don't think toys have value.

Monday, November 16, 2015

When the Lines of Communication Cross

Last week I found a Facebook post for a lot of Legos for $100 and table. When I showed interest, they almost immediately talked themselves down to $80. Hubby and I decided it was a good deal; I was talking about for our kids. Hubby thought we would resell them. Either way fabulous deal.

When we got there we quickly pawed through to make sure the majority were authentic. It was a teenager in one of the wealthiest part of town.

Hubby has spent over 8 hours pulling out minifigs. He loves Legos and is working on seeing if he can figure out some of the sets.

So far we have many pieces from Cars, Star Wars, and Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle sets. The Hogwarts castle is $550+$50 shipping! We have friends coming over to help us sort.

So far minifigs we have:
marvel comics
Buzz Lightyear
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
NBA Basketball
Indiana Jones (I think)

and more I can't remember. Overall we are talking a decent table and around 30 lbs of Legos.

 Doesn't look like much....but looks are deceiving!

 Lightning Mcqueen.

 THESE are ALL minifigs!!!! Update: we found quite a bit more after this pic was taken.
Minifigs bring in $! The R2D2 in here brings in more than $10....and we have 2.
 Known pieces to the Hogwarts castle.

We had some amazing friends bring us pizza last night and help piece together minifigs (because we had loose and mismatched figs all over the place).

Realistically they will probably end up being both. Oldest wanted Minifigs for Christmas. We got all 3 kids 1 "big" Lego set and I wanted to get them a bucket of just random pieces (think $30 in store). :D The best of both worlds.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Look into Skylanders and a Fun Little Bolo

I have written several posts about Skylanders; finding them and making a great profit on them. The last one was about how their popularity was apparently ending.

While its true that with "older" kids they are not as popular the next age group is starting to enjoy it. My eBay "rejects" have sold well on Facebook yard sale groups with kids who are turning 5.

A friend is selling all of hers; she offered me then for $100. I typically give her cash after they sell but she needed the money quickly so it would be more than Gamestop would give. Because shes a good friend and we often trade babysitting/petsitting deals I am not comfortable making a lot of $. So after giving her $100 off the bat, I did some research and shelled out another $125. If all sells at full price I will make about $75-100. Anywhere else I wouldn't pay more than $125 total. These cost me $225.

But for all intents and purposes, here are some of the more popular figures from the newest "old" set (Trap Team).  The prices are what I plan to list for (plus extra for shipping). These are the ones anyone in the domestic US has a chance of actually running across.

dark spider trap. $23
 Light Owl Trap $35
Light Rocket Trap $30
 Knight Mare $15
 Knight Light $15
 Undead Skull Trap $13
 Mirror or Mystery Adventure Pack $20
 Midnight Museum $25. There is an identical white one called Sunscraper Spire. I have that too; forgot to take a pic. $30

Remember Kaos? This stupid little $5 trap sold for well over $100 last Christmas. I plan on listing for $5; new ones still sell for $15 so they must not be totally readily available!

and then just for a fun little BOLO (no I don't have it and actually have never seen it before. I don't think it was US released. The sales are all coming from Australia).

 Beam Screamer. New it sells for between $300-700 + international shipping to the US. One can dream right?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's Raining Sales!!!!

I have had more sales than I had in the whole month of October I am pretty sure. Here are some of the better sales (keep in mind I still have lots of low dollar items to sell). edit: this post was written over the course of a few days. The sales continue to pour in. I currently have 1 Facebook sale, 3 Amazon sales, and 19 eBay sales to ship. I shipped stuff like 3 days ago too!

Amazon (I don't have plans to do FBA for the near future. I have had tons of problems still. Maybe a post for a different day). All merchant fulfilled.

 Hubby had to have this; it was put into our attic new and never touched for 2 years. We did overall lose money based on purchase price but this was not bought for resale. Sold for $161+ shipping.
Gift bought for my youngest with Kohl's cash (which was a bonus. We were going to buy what it was given with regardless). Cost out of pocket $0. Sold for $16+shipping.

 Pilgrim Barbie bought for $3 sold for $15+shipping.

Melmac. Bought for $1;I won't buy the avocado green anymore. The pink still demands high prices. Sold for $6.95 + ship. It took up so much real estate I was about to donate.

eBay sales.

 Bought a tote of Stockings at 90% off. Paid $1.30 apiece. I have tons of Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. The most interest is in Ariel but I only had 2 of her. I kept getting lowball offers but finally took one for full price (plus international shipping) and 1 for $10+ shipping.
 What kind of empty boxes (besides electronics) holds value? Free (came with AG stuff I ordered in January where I don't even figure in box value with a good buy). Sold this lot and another one the next day for a total of $29+shipping. Not too bad.
 Not a huge sale but I love this dress. Crazy 8 brand (sister company of Gymboree. Typically less expensive and not nearly as popular). Paid $1 with the intention of if it didn't sell first it would be my daughters. Sold for $15.95+shipping.
 American Girl Emily's headband. Paid $5. Took a best offer of $22+ shipping.
 Who besides me thinks this print is horrible?!?!?! My daughters Jr sized LL Bean backpack. She liked the print and its only mention to be used in Pre K and Kindergarten. Because she's small she used in 1st grade also. Paid on sale directly from LL Bean $10. Sold for $15+ship. Not bad considering we got 2 years of use out of it :) When it comes to backpacks I am an LL Bean backpack snob. I typically buy them from the store so when they get worn out I don't mind using their lifetime warranty. (I have already had to return 1).
 American Girl Felicity Tea dress and bonnet. Paid $0 (I bought a massive lot on eBay and I received a message saying she found this after the fact and was throwing it in free. Needless to say that seller received a large thanks and glowing feedback). Sold for $39.95+shipping.

Today is my day off this week. My plan was to get tons listed and shipped but I got a call this morning that my grandmother passed away last night suddenly so I have been trying to come to grips so I'm giving myself grace today. Life is too short to work all the time and have no fun.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Looking at the title of this post, it might be adequately fitting for a problem buyer. In this case I am referring to myself.

I just got through telling you all I wasn't buying any more Halloween costumes. Gulp. I did. I'm pretty shameless.

We got family pictures done last night; yesterday I went to the thrift looking for polo shirts for my boys. Its been months since I went and their prices are seriously out of control. They have racks full of costumes still. The price they were originally asking was up to $20 on some costumes. Even generic costumes were at $10. 50% off but still! I was in sticker shock. Clothes weren't much better.

So off we went to Target (the shirts were on sale and I had a 20% Cartwheel app coupon so it wasn't terrible).

And there is was....tons of 90% costumes only marked at 70% off. 

Our Target is great with not keeping up with the current % off signs so the supply isn't nearly picked over year after year.

$150 later I have about 100 costumes. I seriously cherry picked too leaving more than half behind. I only bought the classics. I left dozens of Star Wars costumes (which I kinda wish I didn't) and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I do own 21 Elsas though.

Oh the judging looks. Laugh at me but the sale of only a few will pay for everything. Because of the amazing price I got I do plan on marking lower this year over last.

And my favorite.

Stock Photo. Credit from eBay.
An online exclusive that was returned. Originally $169.99 marked down to $119.99 and 90% off that. That set me back $11.99. Medival Queen. I'm thinking Renaisance Faires and I saw it listed on eBay as Game of Thrones too. It has recently sold for $85 (BIN price) to $117. I think I will do $150 OBO and take the first $100+shipping that comes my way. It's beautiful and very high quality (it comes in a full length zip up garment bag). I kinda want to keep it. I'm not going to though.

So guys sorry not sorry. Just sorry I now have a ton to sort. New job starts tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Peek into My Workspace and Facing my Fears Headon.

So it's 99% done. I have like 3 more boxes to bring up. I thought I would show some pics now because if I wait till its perfect, it will never get done.

 I hate these pull down stairs (ignore the mess behind!) its no fun dragging totes up and down and I REALLY hate the kids on them.
 The small side started with a mess of boxes....although it was pretty organized.
 But hubby added the second shelf. Looks much better. The table is going to be my packing station so only packages ready for labels will be brought down. The item and weight will be written directly on the package. The far right stuff (like the pile with the blanket over it and ironing board is our own stuff.) Because I feel the need to justify my pile the blanket covered pile is kids Christmas presents.
 The left pile (2 totes and blue bucket) are Halloween costumes. I also have several costumes hanging in the boys closet. The kids have very few items that need to be hung so they are in my closet while I took over the kids LOL. The other 2 blue tubs are full of unlisted clothes (don't judge me!).
 The bubble wrap has since made its way to the shelves on the other side. I do think it looks pretty good! The left side is mostly unlisted and/or yard sale rejects that I plan on regrouping and selling in lots. For example Leapfrog Leapster 2 games no longer sell well individually. I still have about 20+. So I will lot into a couple lots with a system and sell for what I can get.  The right side is mostly what is either listed or has pictures taken of it.

So I'm pretty happy with it. Insulating it is definately next LOL.

Now, I have wanted to do a complete overall/inventory of my eBay items. I remember wanting to do that when I moved into the office but it never happened. I have a fear of starting revamping and then getting frustrated and leaving things worse than when it started.

Right now things were just tossed in totes; the last thing I want is a ton of defects for cancelled transactions. So I am bound and determined 1 tote at a time to get this done. I wrote down all the store categories and have been doing them 1 at a time. I started with the 3 biggest. Tons of video games are not in the right spot and I haven't found them yet.

I have a running list of things I can't find, items that I have unlisted duplicates that should be quantity listings, or items listed in the wrong store category. I added the quantities and fixed the store categories tonight so I don't have an overwhelming number at the end.

After errands this morning and a little procrastination I got about 1/3 of it done in 3-4 hours. I am quite pleased; tomorrow is my first day off in a full week and I plan to knock this out before I decorate cookies with the kids tomorrow night. If I can get it done and completely settled before I start the new job Monday.

Once I get things settled, social media marketing, a store front overhaul, and maybe an ebook will be in my future. Any long time readers already know I routinely bite off more than I can handle.

For anyone still reading this, thanks for sticking this out with me. I have missed writing a good solid blog post.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Changing How We Do Business...Halloween Edition

One of our first things I sold for resale on eBay was Halloween costumes around 5 years ago. They have always sold like hotcakes for me. Sadly, however, very few costumes sold.....and a few were returned for not fitting correctly.

In light of our current financial and space situation, we have decided not to buy any new costumes for next year. I feel really weird not hitting any costume racks or thrift outlets. I really do think its for the best; I do feel a bit of pain for not having an excuse to shop.

October sales were completely awful. Moving, lots of work not eBay related, and feeling overall tired didn't help much at all. I think eBay had less than $500 in sales (exact numbers to come in a few days).

When we first started buying costumes they didn't go on massive sales until after Halloween. Last year I noticed (and this year more) that costumes are clearance prices a week or so before the holiday. October 29th Toys r Us had costumes 75% off. Target's Cartwheel app had select costumes 40% off as well as they are often buy 1 get 1 free or  a similar sale.

As a consumer, unless my child has their heart set on a certain costume, I would just wait till a few days before (which I guess in theory could seriously backfire). Why would I pay a ton on eBay?  My thought it is in a push to get Christmas items out in display quicker.

I definately have no intention on not selling Halloween costumes (I don't do other Halloween items) but I think the market is changing how I plan (and how much I plan to spend) on costumes.

Anyone notice this or have any imput?