Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Disney Store Costume Bolos: Cars 3D Plush and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Donald Duck

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd dig up a few BOLO costumes. As a parent (and an eBay reseller) I love Disney Store costumes. They are higher quality (have you SEEN the Target/Walmart/KMart quality lately? Last year I sold brand new costumes and then took returns for crappy quality). Due to the name they also demand a higher $ amount and sell quite quickly for me.

The first is the Lightning McQueen 3D costume.

 This costume seems to sell for anywhere between $60-150. (photo credit: eBay).

 Sally sells for more like $30.  (photo credit: eBay).

Tow Mater falls right in the middle at $40-50. (photo credit: Pinterest).

The second set is the cast of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series. I pictured some but not all.
 (All picture credits are from eBay).

 Daisy sells for around $50.
 Goofy sells upwards of $80-100.
 Pluto sits around $75.
Donald is right at the $50 mark.

I think some of these prices are lower since the peak buying season is now over. I found the Donald costume on a local Facebook page for $10; I hardly ever spend that much on one item unless its a sure thing. It was selling for $90 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately because of the move I never got it listed. Last week I got a message from the woman asking to buy it back....um no? Just for the sake it would be awkward to send back I'm selling it for $75 now LOL.

Don't forget to check thrifts in the days following Halloween. I think I might put a BOLO out a week after Halloween on local yard sale pages. For those close to a Toys R Us they have 75% off costumes right now.


  1. Ha ha that's my daisy costume photo. I got it for $3 and really should have put it higher. Oh well! I also found the Lightning McQueen at GW for $5! It sold for $59. Both were posted a little after peak selling. Definitely will pay close attention for those now!

    Btw I really enjoy your blog! LC

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words and for leaving a comment! Busted for using your picture....clearly you rule the BOLO world right now. Nice flip on both!! A few weeks earlier and I'm sure you could have gotten more but nice fast cash either way. I can never decide whether a quick nickel or slow dime is better.

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