Thursday, October 29, 2015


So by the time this posts the move should be complete....will post pictures soon. Hubby finished the floor and the space looks fantastic. I wish I did this last year. O well.

After I got fired almost 2 weeks ago, I only put in 3 applications to places. I completed interviews with 2 places and the 3rd called me for an interview but I declined because I already accepted a job.

I put my 2 weeks into the other waitressing job at Friendly's. I'm slightly heartbroken the staff there is pretty close.

I accepted a salaried manager job (so I assume its along the line of assistant manager. I'm pretty sure its not GM). Its full benefits and they offered me a little more $ than I asked for so I'm pretty happy. It's the exact amount of $ hubby was making when he lost his job. I am incredibly thankful and blessed.

Its also less than a mile away. Nice on the gas bill.

Now the downside is I'm slightly terrified. I have never managed more than 2 employees before. LOL. I know it will be ok but still. I don't start for another week and a half. Also I am looking at 5x 10 hour days. But ultimately 1 job will be way less stress.

My first job in 2003 (I was 16) was fast food.....and here I am again. I'm really excited.....and glad my eBay stuff is back at home but out of sight.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Disney Store Costume Bolos: Cars 3D Plush and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Donald Duck

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I'd dig up a few BOLO costumes. As a parent (and an eBay reseller) I love Disney Store costumes. They are higher quality (have you SEEN the Target/Walmart/KMart quality lately? Last year I sold brand new costumes and then took returns for crappy quality). Due to the name they also demand a higher $ amount and sell quite quickly for me.

The first is the Lightning McQueen 3D costume.

 This costume seems to sell for anywhere between $60-150. (photo credit: eBay).

 Sally sells for more like $30.  (photo credit: eBay).

Tow Mater falls right in the middle at $40-50. (photo credit: Pinterest).

The second set is the cast of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series. I pictured some but not all.
 (All picture credits are from eBay).

 Daisy sells for around $50.
 Goofy sells upwards of $80-100.
 Pluto sits around $75.
Donald is right at the $50 mark.

I think some of these prices are lower since the peak buying season is now over. I found the Donald costume on a local Facebook page for $10; I hardly ever spend that much on one item unless its a sure thing. It was selling for $90 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately because of the move I never got it listed. Last week I got a message from the woman asking to buy it no? Just for the sake it would be awkward to send back I'm selling it for $75 now LOL.

Don't forget to check thrifts in the days following Halloween. I think I might put a BOLO out a week after Halloween on local yard sale pages. For those close to a Toys R Us they have 75% off costumes right now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Quick Update

Things are getting moved in good shape. We are 75% out of the office. Hubby fixed the attic floor; we ripped up the avocado green shag carpeting and replaced it with the remnants of carpet the previous owners left in the attic (its the same stuff as the bedrooms have so its pretty nice). It covers about half the floor but will do for now so we don't have to spend more $.

On the job front....again....I put out 3 applications Monday. I have 2 interviews scheduled. Hoping something will pan out.

For the sake of I'm getting a bit sick and I'm really tired (work was at 6:30am this morning) I will just show you the best Etsy and eBay sale lately. Sales have been slow.....completely due to my lack of listing I am sure.

 Etsy vintage 6 million dollar man play doh set. Paid $1 at a church sale sold for $12.95. Really thought I was redonating this soon so I am glad it sold.
eBay AC/DC mens hoodie. Paid $1-2ish at Goodwill Outlet. Sold for $34.95+ shipping to Canada. The sold comparables were $10-20 so I'm not sure why I priced so high but I'm glad I did. As a bonus it sold within 2 months.

Hopefully blog posts will become more regular once the move is done.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Straight Up Ugly

Today's post will be short. I've been mopey all day. You will probably understand below.

The good: the attic floor is done. It only cost $30. Hubby and I start moving shelves tomorrow.

The bad: yard sale 2 was a flop. No traffic in Philly and it was freezing. I think the season is over. I made a whopping $31 this sale....for the both the combined is about $375.

The ugly: at my full time job I have (had now) 1 manager that really didn't like me. I'm not surprised; it seems at each of my job there is always someone who can't deal with an introvert. Oh well. Anyway long story short she screwed up and because I have the least time with the company it was pinned on me. When asked to explain everything was "excuses." Saturday at the beginning of the shift I was in perfect standing. 5 hours later I was fired.

Sigh. Sick and tired of corporate America. Oh well. There were several shady things going on. I'm not concerned about getting another job soon. The downside is the other waitress the same situation happened to last month was suspended for 2 weeks and not fired....and hers was straight incompetence where mine wasn't. I'm deciding if its worth the time and effort to file a discrimination/harrassment claim. I just talked to another ex-employee who filed the same case last week.

So I'm just moping for 24 hours letting it sink in. I have cried more than a little; the staff for the most part was like family and they did this out of absolutely nowhere. In fact more than a few other employees were shocked when I posted it on Facebook.

Its always something isn't it!

Friday, October 16, 2015

September 2015 numbers....and round 2.

The van is packed even more....every square inch. There is more to take but we decided it wasn't cost effective to bring 2 cars.  Yard sale round 2 tomorrow morning followed by work at night. 

The attic is emptied and hubby and a neighbor took a look at the floor. The previous homeowners did EVERYTHING half assed and wrong so many things we had to fix. Its not actually rot as previously thought but them not being properly supported. Praying its under $100; either way its still our cheapest option by a long shot. 

Anyways onto the numbers.

eBay $741.56
Etsy 139.76
Sales Tax Collected 1.76

Refunds -42.66

Total income: 840.42

CoGS 71
auto expense 843...we paid for it but the business will reimburse us
interest 416.35...again we aren't making payments currently
mis expense 68 (all yard sale related)
postage 265.67
rent (last one!!) 287.89
supplies 13.59
paypal 40.98
eBay 122.15
etsy 5.28

Total outgo:

Net Loss 1293.38

Terrible month. Brakes went on van. We are keeping it because it is great in the snow and I drive a distance to work. It should need no other work before inspection in November and he said overall its still mechanically very sound. 

Last office payment! The landlords are still harrassing me with little details. 

Eh it is what it is. I only had 15 new eBay listings and 1 new Etsy so I really can't complain about sales. I haven't listed at all in October and probably won't. Its a nightmare train wreck over here right now. Praying to fast forward to November 1st. LOL

Expecting more encouraging numbers next month :D

Late for work. Talk to you all later!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Yard Sale Day 1

Well I made it through....this round at least. My mother in law came and sold/helped me so we decided next week we would do it one more week at her should be interesting :D

Another picture heavy post.

I posted in 2 Facebook yard sale groups, Craigslist, and a local paper. I don't know if maybe something else was going on this weekend but the turnout was awful....unlike anything I have ever seen :(

 The 5am start setting up time came WAY too early. See the bobcat? Yeah the neighbors have to have pipes redone and the ENTIRE yard is dug up several feet deep. That along with the crappy parking I'm sure deterred people (several people drove by and didn't stop).

 Not enough tables. The one on the right is actually an accordion door off our laundry area that has been sitting in the attic.The tub "pillars" are waterproof containers that hubby used to use at his previous job.  Improving right?
See hubby in the doorway? He did most the manual labor :D Sucks because he's mainly the brains too :D I'm just the shopper/lister.

It was stressful because the kids wanted to "help" but I'm always afraid of losing a kid.

I took the following pictures to update on Facebook pictures but never got the time. As with pricing every hour or so I got overwhelmed and felt like crying. LOL. Even at the end the MIL was like wow you have a lot of crap. Sigh. Since I have the pics I'll show you (much to my chagrin) how much we had. I still didn't touch the attic (although there isn't much). I also didn't get to sort and put in much of "our" stuff.

 Didn't want to use sheets but ended up having to. Toys and games.

 MIL car seats/bowling balls/puzzles.

 Baking/electronics. Pleased most of the big baking pans sold.
 double sized tape. Several of those sold.
 party supplies.
 Skylanders/Legos/Littlest Pet Shop. Funny story there was serious rage over the Littlest Pet Shop. A woman was trying to haggle me down from my bottom price when another woman pulled up and asked where the LPS were. Lady A quickly bought them. Lady B (not knowing Lady A bought them) started screaming at us that she drove 30 miles for them because they were advertised blah blah blah (case and point why I won't drive for advertised items). Finally she left. She was seriously creeping me out a bit.

 American Girl stuff. The doll sold for $55. After eBay fees it works out to about the same.

 video games.
 random stuff....this is my I no longer give a crap about visual merchandising.

 dog clothes/baby clothes/baby. My neighbor and MIL thought it was hysterical I had a pregnancy test in the baby section.
 "man table". It was hard to convince hubby we didn't need everything. A good bit sold.
 New crib sheets (tables on left are MIL). Not sure whats in bottom bucket.
 Toy sheet 2.
 Buckets upon buckets of ties!!!! And STILL no interest. The stroller and lined up costumes are MIL
 MIL stuff.
 MIL stuff.
 The Caboodle sold. I actually didn't even peel off the price tag from the last sale.
 Toy blanket again. Daughter was happy with her $2 she got from the McDonalds register.
 Sadly we left stuff in buckets.
 Didn't get put out till first wave of people left.
 more close ups.
 beads/ribbon/vintage sewing patterns on the ground.

 Lots of interest in Lego sets but I held out for $50 each. I pretty much knew I wouldn't get that (they are new and $100 sets originally and still $65+ Amazon Prime) but I would gladly pay that for a gift for my own child. Clearly its not a resell price. :D
 I didn't expect to get some of the prices I marked on the AG stuff but I did. I also have enough AG branded stuff for the next sale so I can comfortably say it without lying. I also think I will bring my other AG doll with me.
 video games again. Mens womens kids clothes on the bottom along with hair ties.
 Both boxes of Taylor Swift perfume sold.
 Lots of books.

 These mannequins. I only brought a few out. In total I had 6 women, 1 man, 1 maternity, and 1 plus sized (if you remember I now have a freestanding dress form). Someone bought 1 women, another bought the man. An hour later someone apparently took a picture and sent it to a shop owner 45 minutes away. She stopped by at 1:30 and bought the rest. LOL. Random sells at yard sales apparently.

more MIL stuff.

Overall I made $350. Not bad for the amount of traffic but I can safely say I will never do this again in my current home. MIL took several of our totes and our business van is packed and ready for Saturday to do this again. We did empty 8 totes and boxes.

And while its been fun telling you all about it in pictures :D I'm beat. In fact I'm so exhausted within an hour of getting to work I poured a martini all over myself and was soaked. At least it was chocolate covered cherry so I smelled good :D

Goodnight all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Finish Line is in Sight!!

So a little update on my BOLO a few days ago. I forgot how much fun auctions can be. Umicar finished at a handsome $110 plus shipping through the Global Shipping Program. They paid within an hour; I shipped it within 2. Its headed to the UK. They have no feedback hope it goes OK. Thats a tidy sum to throw at my debt snowball.

Today was my last day off before the yard sale. I am incredibly thankful for my mother in law who is driving down to put stuff in the sale (and read that to have an extra set of eyes). Tomorrow and Friday I have 10 hour days so I am frantically trying to get everything listed now.

I tried to take decent pictures for Craigslist but its hard with everything in totes. I figures crappy pictures are better than no pictures. Maybe crappy pictures will peak people's interest. Its all a marketing strategy (or thats what I'm going to tell myself).

The office is 100% cleaned out with everything going into the yard sale. (finally!! I am DONE lugging totes!)

Here's the pictures I put on Craigslist just for giggles!

 See what I mean by crappy pictures?!?!  I thought I'd do less type more pictures (to make up for my posts that usually lack pictures).

My store still has over 400 items. Once the sale is over, everything is coming out of the attic and hubby is reflooring it and setting up my shelving units.

I will post again on Saturday!