Sunday, September 27, 2015

Let's Have a Yard Sale....Why Not?

....because I'm awesome at biting off way more than I can chew!

Its down to the final countdown. Our office rent has been paid completely. The insurance on the office is also done. The cell phone has been transferred back to our name. The van, although titled to the business, our fabulous insurance agent found a loophole to tie the van back to our personal account with our other 2 cars. Its only because only hubby and I drive it. If we had actual employees that wouldn't work. However, since we only drive it, the loophole works without having to retitle the vehicle. Our insurance bill just went from $78 a month to $16. Wish we knew that a while ago. So we officially have no overhead!

Sales on eBay and Etsy have been steady thankfully. Unless we get a massive wave of sales in the next week, there is no way to fit everything back into the house. And hubby isn't super happy about just donating everything....and truth be told I'm not either....although our local thrift has a great cause, low overhead, and minimal waste.

Even if we get only a couple hundred dollars, its time to buckle down and pay off bills. I have also been cleaning out the house. Anything sold that I find around the house gets donated to the business cause....except for my kids toys. In an effort not to have "why are my toys out there" meltdowns I told them to pick out what they didn't play with and they could keep any money they got. I also explained how cheap yard sales were and we were trying to get rid of stuff more than make money.

So if my neighbors didn't already think I was crazy, come Saturday when I am out there with 350 brand new ties, I'm pretty sure they will figure it out.

Here's my admission. I have never had my "own" yard sale without my parents. Looking back at my last one 5 years ago they did a lot to help me. Couldn't convince them to take the 12 hr round trip drive though LOL. I hoped everything would sell cheap on Facebook yard sale groups. Not so much.

Tomorrow is the big day as far as unlisting items from eBay and making a big pile of stuff in my house. Kids go onto the bus, the little one goes to preschool and hubby and I go to the office. I have a babysitter lined up if necessary and it needs to go into the afternoon.

I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and work that lies in this next week. I tell myself to keep plugging away and what doesn't get out to the yard sale will be donated. No harm, no foul. But really I want to leave nothing untouched.

I have paid $10 for a permit for a yard sale (which I'm not happy about) $16 for advertising in the local paper (believe me its worth it) have a Craigslist ad, will advertise on local Facebook groups closer to Saturday, and paid $36 for a table (3 small tables which we have other uses for too). We also borrowed tables that we could. Too much money invested now to back out.

Who has suggestions for a successful yard sale?!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Totals and Updates

Sorry for the random postings. So much going on....still. Can't wait to be out of this office. The last rent payment was paid, the termination agreement is being signed today, and our last insurance payment was made.

However, we REALLY love the van for the business. Its great in the snow; it looks like its seen better days and has just shy of 197k miles. So honestly I think its on its last legs.

Its in the repair right now; we know it needs $400+ brakes....but now it has a hard time starting. And thats what we know of. Being the van is worth  under 2k it might be time to say goodbye. Hoping its not as bad as I think and is fixable.

Onto last weeks numbers. Sales are steady; unfortunately they are all smaller sales. Most of the listed clothes are 40% off. Lots of other items that have been sitting are 25% off.

16 eBay items sold in the last week on my resale account.

 This NWT dress was one of the first things I bought to resell. I have had it over 2 years and was going to donate it when I moved out. I gladly sold it for $5.99+ shipping. It was a 3T; I had several interested people who wanted it if there was a matching diaper cover. Noted toddler dresses sell better with matching diaper covers. :D

 These American Girl Grace Shoes sold for $24.99 F/S. I don't know why to be honest. You can buy the entire 4 pc outfit for $32 or so.

Our Personal eBay account had 5 sold items. 1 didn't pay; 1 I made a mistake on the listing so we cancelled.

 I was dissapointed this controller only sold for $25.50 + shipping. Hopefully the other one (listed now) will sell for more. After fees its $20 more toward debt so I don't mind too much! (All of the personal eBay monies are going directly toward our debt snowball).

This was my daughters Christmas Eve gift last year LOL. The picture is crappy (it wasn't taken for eBay but there was a slow day at work and it was already on my phone). I was shocked it sold for the Buy it now price of $6.95 (which I think is alot for a preowned pair of jammies personally). But then again it is Elsa and Anna.

August has seen 6 Etsy sales.

 OH MY GOODNESS! A hairbow actually sold! LOL. $3.50+ shipping. Its hard to believe a full 12 months have passed since I was doing that. Another set of items that were being donated when we move out.

But the ribbon isn't being donated yet. I have a full bucket of ribbon even though I have sold quite a bit already. This 36 yard lot sold for $19.95+ shipping. Not bad considering. A good price compared to retail but I made back at least double what I paid.

That's it for my week just plugging along. How's your week treating you?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

August Totals... When Nothing Goes According to Plan

So I just sent in the last 2 months of rent on our leased office!!! Yeah! Until I have been emailing back and forth with the renting agent for a week or so. Apparently "according to our lease" (a 20 page document I can't understand when I read) if 90 days official written notice is not given the lease auto renews for another year. But she "knows I have been unhappy so she will talk to the owner". I told her around 6 months ago casually we wouldn't renew the lease. Hubby and I made a list of all the ways they breached the contract as well as lies they told about the office (for example ample parking...yeah if your there before 6am. Parking is a nightmare.) So if they try to auto renew the lease I will be contacting and retaining a lawyer. They have been nothing but problems since day 1. Ever hear the term "slum-lord"? They HAVE to be the commercial equivolent. Normal commercial rentals cost $11/sq ft. I am paying $23/sq ft. I did jump into it and now am paying for it dearly. I just want to face palm myself. I would have never jumped into a lease for my family to live in like that.

In addition, I have had a nasty infection all week that took me out of work a day and has made living suck. LOL. For all intents and purposes I don't have health insurance (for those who are familiar we have Medishare but our deductible is 10K so I try not to go to the dr). I ended up going twice this week. I first antibiotic didn't cut it; the 2nd is starting to work but cost 4x the price. No matter what the cost I am *finally* starting to feel human again.

Anyways on to the numbers.

COGS- 10

interest on cc- 355 (they have started collections on it. We laugh and ignore them. The last rep said they will start working with us in December. That gives us a few months to catch up from the last rent).

Office Expenses 46.52 (Bubble wrap and Padded Envelopes. I finally had to cave and buy these. I did spend 2+ months using every alternative that I already had until the supply was depleted).

Postage 226.26

Rent 287.78

Supplies 40 (dress form I blogged about a few weeks ago)

Paypal 52.06
Ebay 187.82
Etsy 8.56

total outgo 1214.50

ebay 1004.58
etsy 70.52

<6.47 returns>

sales tax collected .67

total income 1069.30

total loss 145.20

just for point of interest the COGS on actually sold items this month was $3 for Etsy and $236 for eBay which just re-iterates the point that my overhead is too high :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

This week feels like it flew by. My youngest's first day of preschool was today :D He had a blast. August's numbers are tallied. I will post them later on this week.

Tomorrow should be a solid day at the office. My car needs new brakes and rotors (the garage is within walking distance of my office so as long as it is a day job I just hang out there).

I started decluttering the house this week so I have both business and personal accounts active this week.

12 things sold on my resale account this week.

 I sold 2 of these Tinkerbell costumes this week for 23.95 plus shipping each. I think I paid $5 or so apiece.

 I don't remember how much I paid for these Wilton pans but I bought them from Joanne's fabrics for diaper cakes. I sold them as used but clearly not used much :D I sold for 12.95+ shipping.

These Disney Store shoes I paid $1 for at  a yard sale. I sold for 14.95+ shipping.

Our personal account had 3 sales this week....many more items have bids on them. Honestly I am starting them with a low "happy with" price because everything else is getting donated.

 A rescue dog brought a small case of fleas in a while back. However our cats and dog are quite "friendly" and the advantix can kill I wasn't comfortable using it. I sold the 3 out of 4 units left for 24.95 plus shipping. I originally paid 63 for the package so I did take a sizeable hit but it was just sitting in the cabinet.

Hubby is finally starting to part with some of his video games....yeah! This sold overnight for the full buy it now price of $59.95 + shipping. I am using the global shipping program so hopefully it goes well. I haven't used it before.

(All personal items are auctioned with a Buy it now option.). Glad for the sales. All sales are being transferred from paypal immediately to our credit card debt snowball.

That's my week. I took several unlisted items that weren't worth much to the thrift (and they were honestly excited for several boxes of NIP items). I actually have "holes" in my office shelving. Things are looking up. How's your week treating you?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Little Public Shaming is in Order

OK normally when I post negative about buyers I try to erase the user name. However, with not enough sleep and too much going on I don't have time for people's crap. Yesterday at work, we had a power surge....our computers didn't work for the entirety of the time. Long story short I was screamed at by every customer I had and then because the credit card slips didn't go through correctly (certainly not my fault) the company kept *all* of our tips with the promise to be reimbursed today (and since its my day off we are talking about driving an extra 40 minutes of time and gas to get what was illegal to take in the first place). Not sure if that's a bone I want to pick right now though. I do know I worked an 11 hour shift for $2.83 an hour as of this writing.

Needless to say I was happy to get home and even happier to see the email "you have an offer" on 2 separate listings. Each listing was a lot of 3 Nintendo Wii games up for $29.95 OBO; each had free shipping.

Even at a 50% offer, I would have taken it. But it was.....$5 per lot. Yeah its gonna cost me more than that to mail it idiot.

I declined the offers and moved on.

Until now I get 2 new offers.....wait for it.....5.50 per lot.

I blocked the user and am not wasting my time declining the offers again.

The user is autosupplyking91. They are a reseller of auto parts, video games, they other misc items. I would definately think twice before buying or selling with them. 

I really don't have time for brainless idiots. I guess they are safe if we get a zombie attack :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

I'm just really awesome with keeping up with this blog lately aren't I? Kids first day of school was yesterday. I found out Sunday night they go to the same school but....2 different buses, times, and opposite ends of the neighborhood. So up early to get that straightened out, oldest forgot lunch, bullying on day 1, and then he was sent home on the wrong bus. Unbelievable.  My regular work week was 50 hours also not including eBay; honestly I am so exhausted I can't barely see straight.

Etsy and Bonanza each had no sales.

Ebay had 8; 3 were international.

 This is the meet skirt and shirt for this year's Girl of the Year Grace (American Girl). As far as I am aware they aren't sold separately by the company. Sold for $24.95 F/S.
 When you sell the clothes separately, the dolls end up like poor Isabelle here, 2014's Girl of the Year. I did get her and a bunch of her stuff on one of the Jill's Deals and Steals for $100 so overall I paid next to nothing for her. In that lot of stuff it came with paper dolls. Oh what fun my daughter had....I so wish she would like dolls :(. Anyway nude Isabelle (she's new) sold for $129.95+ shipping to Canada. I have had several "it's too high Seller XYZ is selling it for less. I want it if you reduce the price". I have blocked at least 1 buyer that I remember but I bet its more. I am thankful for the higher price sale.
It's getting to be ugly sweater season!!!!! This Gymboree boys sweater sold for $14.95+shipping to Sweden. I paid 50 cents for it. Perfect condition. Bought it for my son (I think) but he never wore it.

That's it for my week. I am furiously catching up on blog reading today. I would love to say I will be in touch before next week but no promises :D

How's your week? (I read and appreciate all your comments even if I forget to write back)