Monday, August 24, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

Let's do them early this week! I missed last week completely sorry....I had a 65 work week.....not including eBay. Blogging just isn't what I felt like doing! :D


Sadly only 1 sale

This sweet little phone with box sold for $8.95+ shipping. I paid either .50 or $1 at a yard sale last year.

Nothing on my account even still open? LOL

13 sales.

 This bug costume seriously grosses me out. It is stained but popular with few around. It sold for $18.95+ shipping. I picked it up at the Goodwill Outlet so I am guessing I paid less than $1 for it.

 This was a few months ago at a yard sale. Disney Store Jasmine sold for $19.95+ shipping (priced because it was stained). I paid $3 for it (which included the shoes which are still for sale).
 This jumperoo replacement piece sold for $9.95 + shipping. My guess is I paid $10 for the entire jumperoo.

This one sold for $6.95 on sale. I marked these down quite a bit as I don't think for now these pieces will be going back into my house.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Don't Trust Them as Far as You Can Throw Them

When eBay first started with the defect rating, they insisted more than 1 defect could not be had per buyer. The thought was if a single buyer bought multiple items, the negative feedback could tank someone's defect rating. However their "defect report" was difficult to read with only a whole bunch of numbers.

Thankfully this has changed with pictures and much easier to read report.

I'm not happy.

It would definately appear that I have 4 defects from the same Skylander transaction (she expected the older items to be compatible with the newer game. It should but she was aware of a glitch which often happens with backward compatible games but decided to leave negative feedback anyway).

It also appears that I have 2 more defects from another buyer who apparently doesn't know the size of his dog. He bought 2 different sizes and left negative feedback with neither fit.

Another 2 defects came from a 3rd buyer who claimed my beads were counterfeit. OMG just writing this makes my blood boil. My husband has decided I have a really low stupid tolerance. I really do. Who's going to sit there and counterfeit $2 a pack beads?!!?!

The green star on the top listing is another thing which I have to thank the eBay app for. I had 10 pair of headphones which haven't sold in more than 18 months. After searching the eBay app under "active" listings for these (I both scrolled and searched by several keywords) I concluded they weren't actively listing (hey can't sell what is not listed). So I donated them Sunday to a school supply drive. Naturally a pair sold Monday. The buyer was really understanding but I still have that cancel defect.

I looked through the app again. With 668 current listing at a time it only showed me 600 listings. Apparently 68 random listings don't appear on the app. Word of caution. Check the desktop site. Lesson learned defect later.

Moral of the story....never believe everything you are told....especially by multimillion dollar for profit companies named eBay :D

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday's Totals

2 days late again....sorry.

Etsy had 2 sales.

I paid $4 for a 3 pcs set. They have their original Avon Victoriana boxes....heck some have their original packing materials. !970s. This (the smallest piece) sold for $9.99 + shipping.

I am still experimenting how to photograph flatware. I don't  like the reflection off them. Anyway these atomic starburst dinner forks sold almost immediately at $19.95. I think I should have asked for more. This is my first international Etsy sale so I hope it goes OK. I bought 2 full trays of flatware at a yard/estate sale for $5.

I had a whopping 17 items sell on eBay in the past 9 days. Too bad they were all like $10 sales.

Several months ago I found dozens of dog collars at Target for $1.50 each. (For those reading a while for point of reference I sent a couple in with my first Amazon FBA order). I finally got them listed a few months ago. I have sold about 6 in the last 2 weeks. I have them up for $8.95-12.95 each + shipping or best offer. Half have sold at full price; the others at really respectable best offers.

I'm not a buy retail kinda girl but this year's American Girl of the Year is Grace Thomas. Yup I bought 2. LOL. I *really* want to keep one. I spent $120 on her.....but a nude doll starting in 2016 *should* sell for that. Anyway the first pic is a doll bracelet that came in the box. Sold for $24.95. The 2nd pic is her skirt and shirt. Also a $24.95 sale. Previously I sold her book for $6. So about half of her is paid for (before fees). I still have her boots (25 also) and panties (10) to sell.

That's my week and change. Thankfully sales (however little) are starting to pick up. Gotta clear this place out! How's your week been?

Monday, August 10, 2015

July Numbers

Yeah this post is really late. Honestly the numbers aren't as bad as in previous months.

Thankfully we have a plan which is helping keep my sanity in check.
1) the cell phone was transferred back to us.
2) the office (and insurance) is gone as of November 1st 2015.
3) our personal income is covering a lot of the car insurance because we have been using it more for personal use.
4) the business vehicle will ultimately be transferred back to a personal vehicle once we get one of ours sold. We don't need 3 and it handles snow and ice with no problems.

Now onto the numbers:

New listings:

eBay (sales+shipping) 749.78
Facebook groups 91
Etsy 107.19
Sales tax collected 0 (I haven't had many PA sales lately)

Interest 363.54
postage 146.36
rent 287.78
sales tax (2nd quarter return due) 16.06
supplies 6.95
paypal fees 39.32
ebay fees 111.23
etsy fees 8.35

Total income 947.97
Outgo 1006.59

Net Loss 58.62

I guess at this point I am a great example on how *not* to run a profitable business. However, silver lining (as crappy of one as it may be) all the interest/fees are tax deductable and if we lose $ overall throughout the year our total income goes down which will mean a bigger return (to throw at credit card debt). So I guess either way it isn't a total loss.

I am still praying for a massive 4th quarter.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Help!...Vintage Wrapping Paper

So I picked these up at the Goodwill Outlet. They feel and look very vintage to me. My guess is 60s or 70s. Anybody have any other guesses? Or are they newer reprodutions?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

Another weeks in the books. It definately could have been worse although there is always room for improvement.

Etsy had no sales although the traffic is consistently slowly climbing.

Ebay had 11 sales this week.

 This is part of the American Girl Healthy Smiles (braces) set. I got this at a yard sale for free (they were so excited I bought all their Justice clothes for my daughter they just threw this in for me). Sold for $14.95+ship.
 This shirt I bought for my son for $.50 earlier this year also (actually I think it was on the same day). He has Cerebral Palsy and such a hard time with buttons we decided to go the polo shirt route instead. It sold for a best offer of $8.00+ship. (the other shirt we had bought also sold for $6.95+ship a couple days later).
After my whole attempt of a motivational post of list what you have I realized I had 2 very full totes of backpacks not listed. Whoops. I had 2 of these Sonic the Hedgehog backpacks which both sold within 24 for $14.95+shipping. I paid $3 each on clearance.

Did a very minimal amount of shopping at Goodwill Outlet just to relax. Did get about 8 lbs of pretty stinking nice flatware. I am diving in to that category I think since it will be easier to store. Are there any good flatware id websites?

Anyway thats it for me this week. How's your week treating you?

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

In January I bought 2 mannequins thinking 1 was child and the other adult. I was wrong they were both child. I was able to sell the extra a month or 2 ago however I have been on the hunt for a non-hanging mannequin or dress form casually since January. New dress forms retail for around $190 (in my area anyway) and thats not an option for me. I have put out "ISO" (in search of ads) on both facebook groups and Craigslist with no luck.

When I went out yard saling Saturday (I actually bought *nothing* for the business except for this. I went out looking for school clothes for the kids and found pretty much everything I was looking for in 1 community sale. And not at insane prices. Thank goodness. Older boys clothes are rare at yard sales and sell quickly) I found this dress form in great condition right at the top of the driveway.

I was soooo excited. The man running the sale was surprised it didn't sell first thing in the morning. OK maybe it is a great price but its also a *very* slim market. He talked himself down from $45 to $40....on things that I need/want and am not reselling and it is a fair price I can't bring myself to haggle much.

It is adjustable but I'm not sure how much I need that feature. I tried on some clothes I have been hanging onto since they don't look right on the small mannequin (right side of the picture. It kind of blends into the wall).

Yes I probably could have lived without it but honestly I see eBay selling going to way of heavy on the clothing because of storage limitations so I think it was a good investment.