Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

This week in the "real work" sector has been more calm with me working just shy of 50 hours. Funny how that seems like a break.

I can't seem to get motivation for eBay; however, I know it needs to get done. I have an active photo album on a yard sale site (from selling our own items to pay off debt) and I am slowly adding some business items to downsize. I sadly may end up doing consignment again this fall. I have decided against doing a yard sale of any kind. I just don't have time, energy, or patience.

But on to the numbers. Miserable, miserable numbers again. However, it largely is coming out what I put in.

No Bonanza items....although I did have someone ask for a significantly lower price on 3 very popular items if all were bought together. Ummm....Bonanza is cheaper anyway. American Girl items are small and easy enough to store that its the one item genre I am willing to hold onto.

No Etsy items. I haven't added anything new for a while. Its probably past due.

EBay had 7 small sales. Thankful for anything at this point. Slowly but surely.....not buying anything new.

 Last of this dress in this size sold for a best offer of $20. I think I paid around $5....but I bought so many dresses at a going out of business sale that my poor kids closets are bursting.

 This pole is part of the base of a Fisher Price Jumperoo. Although I just listed it about 3 weeks ago, I decided to put it on sale. They are slow sellers and I won't be moving them back into the house....I would leave them out for the scrap metal guy in our neighborhood....literally any kind of scrap metal doesn't last more than 20 minutes LOL. Sold at $7.48+shipping. (Just as a side note, to ship I wrap in bubble wrap and stick in a poly mailer. I have done several this way without issue. Just make sure to hit the irregular package size box).
This is mini  6" Nellie. (Nellie will definately be in my AG series....but for now if you see her grab her LOL). I priced her way higher than the market because I love her and I think she would sell for that over Christmas. I did put her on sale and she sold for $19+shipping to Canada. I paid $2.

This is my week in a nutshell. How's sales treating you?

Monday, June 29, 2015

American Girl Part 2: Pleasant Company Historical Dolls...the Original 3

American Girl was started by the Pleasant Company in 1986. Before it was a cash cow, it was started by a history teacher wanting to get girls more interested in history. It almost instantly gained in popularity. Until taken over by Mattel in 2000-ish, the same items were produced without being retired. Once Mattel took over "old" items were phased out until now they have an ever changing line.

ebay image.

This is Samantha in her original meet dress. She is one of the 3 originals introduced in 1986. The original 3 dolls had a white body (produced until 1991)...it you see one with a white body it is worth quite a bit more than a tan body.

She was arguably the most popular. Because she was produced from 1986-2008 she is one of the easiest to find at a good price.

Most of her items are "reasonable" in price. For the sake of simplicity I will show some of her items that I have personally sold and for what price....the data may be a bit old. I would recommend looking up some current prices as they are always changing. As always, 4th quarter demands the highest prices.

Samantha's full pre-Beforever item list can be found here.

 Be careful when buying anything that looks like Samantha's desk....there are TONS of reproductions. The original had a Pleasant Company sticker on the bottom. I sold this desk for $49.95. In my opinion, I have found furniture (with a few exceptions) not worth the storage space or shipping hassle except when found at a great price. Picture is from AG Playthings.

Picture is from AG Playthings.
 This is her school supply set. I started it out at $54.95  but ended up selling it on sale after about a year and a half for $29.95. Still not a bad flip.

Picture is from AG Playthings.
This is her lemonade set. Selling this again I would probably piece it out to get more $ ultimately but it sold quite quickly at $89.95. The set is made out of real glass but it is very heavy (I did drop it and it didn't break).

 Picture AG Playthings

Kirsten's Full Pre-forever collection can be found here.

Kirsten also doesn't command much money as far as the doll is concerned. Honestly as a child she was my least favorite and I don't find her collection often so I'm definately not an expert on her.

 Picture AG Playthings. This is her meet accessories. The bonnet I sold for $15. The spoon pouch for $10. The spoon inside is very small and is understandably lost pretty easily. The spoon sells for $10+ by itself.

Picture AG Playthings. OK I haven't actually sold this outfit....for Kirsten its probably her most rare. Its called the St. Lucia outfit. Any single piece of this outfit commands decent money....together it is $100+ outfit (again especially in the 4th quarter).

AG Playthings Picture. This is WW2 era Molly. She is VERY popular. I have put down some that I have sold, but there are several more pieces I am not picturing that are worth a boatload of money. I suggest taking a look at the entire collection.

Molly's Pre-Beforever Collection can be found here.

 AG Plaything picture. This is her Camp McGowonagin uniform and accessories. I haven't sold this but this outfit/accessories/tent/etc are worth big $.
 This is her Christmas box care package. There are 2 slightly different variations. The empty box I sold for around $20, the doll was $25, and the snowglobe was $30.
 AG Playthings picture. This radio (if it works) sells for $99.95 is what I sold it for. I did hear that prices went down but I haven't run across one lately. I also sold a broken one (corroded battery compartment) for $50. Not bad for a broken toy.
 AG Playthings picture. The set I sold wasn't new but it was complete in the original box. Sold for $125.

AG Playthings picture. On the seat is movie tickets, popcorn, and licorice sticks. I sold them for $30....another gets lost item. The seats I sold for $75. (Lesson learned I sent them Parcel Select no insurance to Texas. They got lost. Thats when I stopped shipping with the USPS for big bulky items. Amazingly when I called eBay they took the loss and refunded the buyer so I didn't have to!)

AG Playthings picture. Before Molly had a red metal table she had this wooden table....which sells for quite a bit more. I took a best offer of $149 within 3 hours of listing. It also had the original box.

When finding clothes, make sure the inside is tagged Pleasant Company. They did sell sewing patterns and there were some pretty awesome replicas made. 

So thats I have for right now :D

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Less Stress More Work

I passed yesterdays liquor test (so much less stress now) so yesterday was my first official day. I think I did pretty well and my first table tipped me $50....so I was pretty stoked! :) My last table also tipped me really well. Overall I got more in tips than my other job in about half the time. So I have no complaints. I made $17.13/hour last night (and for those who know servers only make $2 an hour and so actual income can be all over the place) I expect this job to work out really well. Last night was actually more than hubby made before he lost his job. Everyone there seems to be really awesome.

For now I am working mostly nights, so I am listing as much as possible on eBay....many with the best offer feature. Ideally, I would like to move home with nothing but American Girl items and start inventory over. If that happened all my business debt would be paid off. Sigh. A girl can dream can't she?

Anyway thats just my quick update. I have American Girl Part 2 halfway written but I want to be awake enough to write a coherent post :D Within the week I promise :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Making a Game Plan

I made it through last week. Sorry I didn't blog much (at all). I worked just shy of 70 hours last week. In addition I went to the office for 5-10 hours through the week just to ship items and list minimally to keep Cassini happy.

Sunday I fell asleep pretty much at lunch and slept for hours on end....but to be fair I didn't get more than 4 and a half hours a night (my body really needs 9....7 hours and I am a train wreck).

However, it paid off. My last "double" and 2 places was yesterday. The new job I will end up doing 10-12 hour doubles but that's not for about a month. The first job  is only Tuesdays and Fridays (and the other job has no availability on those days).

Training finished yesterday and assuming I pass the liquor test I will be "on my own" tonight. I need to pass the test with a 90%.....I got an 87% on Monday. Not bad considering they forgot to give me half the training materials LOL.

Half a day of work really feels like a day off now which is actually kind of convenient.

I am listing like crazy (11 items done in an hour) and packing up overdue items.

I am also constantly weighing pros and cons of how to get rid of a lot of the ebay items.

The likelihood of a yard sale is slim. I probably come late September start pulling really old merch and donating it.

For the next 3 weeks I have a 25% off sale going on. I will up it to 50% beginning of August. 65% will most likely be the first 2 weeks of September (once backpack and kids clothes buying is over).

I also plan to sell as much as I can on Facebook yard sale sites or possibly Craigslist....not a big fan of Craigslist though.

At the end of the day, hubby said he will move everything back home and make sure it fits neatly and safely. That itself is a huge burden I will stop thinking about. My job right now is to sell sell sell.....and I can't sell whats not listed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BOLO Kanani and McKenna (American Girl Part 1)

I know you all know that anything American Girl is worth picking up at the right price, but did you know some are worth WAY more than others.

 Kanani....picture taken from Google Images
McKenna....Picture taken from American Girl Wiki

These dolls are featured in their "meet" outfits. The dolls nude run for over $200. I have seen their shoes alone go for more than $50. Other pieces (like the flower in Kanani's hair) go for around $40-50 last time I looked because of how easily lost/damaged they are. Typically all of their accessories/outfits are worth a lot.

These are part of the Girl of the Year lines; after 1 year they are discontinued. These are the 2 highest priced dolls currently; however, most of the GOTY items command more of a high price.

In the last couple years resellers are snatching up these items....so I don't think the new dolls will fetch what the older dolls are getting. Just my opinion. Also there are "just like you" dolls that look very similar with only subtle differences. There are many AG ID sites that can help tell the difference.

Just for fun, the GOTY 2015 is Grace....isn't she cute?

Most Girl of the Year dolls also come in mini doll form. However, they are not always discontinued (I don't think) so while priced slightly higher, they don't command a huge markup.

A lot of people make the mistake of marking GOTY books exorbitantly high. Once a book is published, to date, it pretty much continues to be published, not making it worth a high amount. They do sell quite well on eBay still. I personally will pick up any AG books priced $1 or less in great condition.

I think I will make this into a multipart series on everything I know about American Girl. Any thoughts?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sales Keep Moving

Sales have been steady this week....albeit a slow steady. Etsy, in particular, is doing much better for me than it has in the last 2 years....although thats not saying much.

eBay sales slowed way down when I moved to 3 day handling time. When I upped it back to a 1 day time sales started moving again. I just don't know how I am going to get everything shipped in 1 day.

Having everything back in my house (or most of it) will certainly be a bit of a blessing. 

Forgive me if I don't post much this week. This week ending today I worked 55 hours between both jobs....and next week I am scheduled 75. Which doesn't leave much time for much else.

Kids also got out of school on Friday.

Actually, writing this, I kinda think an unemployed husband is a blessing.

Thoughts prayers and well wishes are appreciated. Emotionally I am pretty strong but physically I am not really. I haven't ever done well balancing 2 jobs and I am terrified of burnout. If I can get through this week 1 of my jobs is going from 5 days a week to 2 days with the potential to be called in. 

Listing items on eBay like a maniac today :D

Happy selling everyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

I passed the menu test of my new job and start training today. Fingers crossed. I have to pass a liquor test next week in order to be "on my own".

This week on had 6 sales.

I already mentioned Pat Pat the Rocket selling but someone mentioned having a hard time finding a box.

The first box I grabbed was perfect once I added the tissue paper and bubble wrap. Its recycled from an Amazon shipment. (So moral of the story is Amazon has the boxes!)

These 3 Playstation games sold for $27.99 F/S. I had $95 in GameStop credit I needed to use so it was nothing out of pocket to me.

On Etsy last week I sold a low profit margin Pyrex plate. I had them sitting around forever. I was happy 1 sold. At the beginning of the past week I sold the other 2.

I also sold this 1963 Pyrex divided dish. It was a promo design only released in the Fall of 1963. It was missing lid and stand. It sold after 6mo-a year(ish) for $19.99. I paid $1.

Thats my week. How's yours looking?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Special Happy Dance

So yesterday I wrote about how I got some great deals at yard sales.

Well, I hurried over to the office before church and work this morning to get what I could listed....which only turned out to be two.

The iPod Classic I bought for $5. It sold for a best offer tonight of $88.99 plus shipping.

Pat Pat Rocket just sold for $99.99 plus shipping. I paid $2. To the reader who said I should have waited for Christmas, I will concede that might be better. But the cash flow is good too :)

On both items I did push the very top end of the market prices.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

expect the unexpected

It really figures that when i am yard saling only for hubby, lots of great flips pop up :/

most i walked away from. some were too good to leave.

the elusive pat pat rocket still fetches over $60 on ebay. i havent ever found one. its complete working with new batteries. for $2 i didnt even bargain with her. 

video game dealers snatch this game up quickly. the lady said $1 a game because they are game cube (read old and outdated). this and the other game will sell for $25-35 each. not bad for $2 spent.

sorry for the sideways. again this "old" ipod classic 60gb i paid $5. im not sure what it sells for because my oldest turns 10 in january. im thinking it may be a birthday gift.  UPDATE: it sells regularly for $60-110. Yeah its definately getting sold now. (He hasn't asked for one. He would much prefer a Nintendo DS). 

but then without fail in 2 dozen yard sales not a single one had mens clothing for hubby :/

Friday, June 5, 2015

May Numbers

Ok heres the deal. It is getting harder and harder for me to put on my "happy face". I feel this whole eBay thing is falling apart under me.....and I'm stubborn as all get out and don't like my efforts to fall flat on their face.

I am really tempted to "forget" to post these numbers....but in the sake of honestly, full disclosure, and "please please please don't make the same mistakes I did" I am going to post them. They pretty much don't need any explanation.

If you listed to Dave Ramsey he says over and over not to go into debt to start a business. Please PLEASE heed his advice if you are new to this. It's where a lot of my problems are stemming from. (see interest charges). Actually this month was so bad that I didn't put $ at all on the credit card bill and I'm praying it doesn't go to collections.

So here they are....May was an all time low for me.

New listings: eBay 90; Etsy 8

eBay 410.11 (last month it was 1200)
Facebook groups $30
Etsy 57.42
(minus refunds) 2.20
PA sales tax collected 1.88

COGS: 140.95 (yeah I know I hit a few yard sales)
Insurance 11.90 (this was actually to reinstate the van insurance I didn't realize it wasn't on autopay)
Interest/late fees/overlimit fee (hence comment above) 280.25
Postage 153.40
Rent 287.78
Phone 84.33
Paypal 22.92
eBay 106.69
Etsy 3.45

Total Income 506.01
Total Expenses 1091.67

Net Loss 585.66

Have a good sales day everyone!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Making Progress!

I finally feel like I am making some headway on eBay. At this point we are partially liquidating to fit everything back in our house. Come the start of school we will really be deciding what to sell/how to sell it/what to do with extras.

I was up to 600 listings. I think the highest I have ever been in my store is around 650 so I pretty pleased and plugging away. I am at my office 6-7 days a week sadly. On the plus side sometimes its only an hour or 2 (which is why I'm glad its only 10 minutes away).

Sales are starting to pick back up as is cash flow so I can finally pay the rent....4 days late. I have had 11 sales so far for June which is more than I had in the first half of May....yikes! (May's numbers will be posted tomorrow or possibly Saturday. I wait till I have a day off so my brain is fresh).

Hope you all have a productive and blessed day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday's Totals (and a life/job update)

Since my Tuesday posts lately have started with a life/job update here goes:

*My first interview was a job offer on the spot. However I needed more $ than what was offered. He said give him 24 hours. Its been 2 weeks. Oh well. Corporate America hasn't figured out sometimes you get what you pay for LOL.

*My second job interview for a really busy sports bar/pretty nice restaurant turned into 3 interviews. Of the individuals who make it to the third interview (all are scored by a computer as far as the answers you give)  only approximately 1 in 10 get offered a job....and well I started yesterday ;). They are always busy and the servers make bank. Just no health care. I can't start being trained until I pass a menu test....and I was given 100+ page study guide. Well I have my work cut out for me.

*Hubby has a written/physical test followed by an interview (if he passes) for (in my eyes) a really good job. One of his job criteria is he wants to make a difference and this is definately it. LOL. Plus it pays double what we have ever made in our marriage plus full benefits. Right now he is #10 on the list of applicants.

Anyway onto the numbers:


1 sale.

This is the first piece of vintage Pyrex I bought. It was an absolute flop. I paid $2 sold for $5. I have 3 or 4 of these left....it was the first to sell. I honestly was about to redonate them.

7 sales. Still pretty dismal but at least the numbers are going up.

 This jacket was a little more pilled/worn on the inside than I remember when I bought it. Bought sometime in the fall last year. Listed last week and it sold within a few days for $9.95+shipping. Columbia girls size 7/8. Paid .89/lb so I think it was likely around $1.

 These Nike shoes I have had listed for around a year for $44.95. Even put them on sale with no luck. I got an unsolicited best offer yesterday (yes I know I have been on rants about these before). There was no sob story or anything like that just a request to lower the price $10 (and I have had them on sale for lower than that LOL). I reduced the price and they bought within 2 hours for $34.95+ship. I paid somewhere between $4-6 for these at thrift. So even with the lower price it helps the cash flow ;)

No matter how I did this picture I couldn't make the glare go away. This Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii sold for $24.95+ship. It was listed for less than 2 full months; I bought in a lot and paid +/- $5.00.

Thats my week in a nutshell. How is yours?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cassini....Love to Hate It

When Cassini went into effect last year, I read blog post after blog post about affected sales. Nobody knew how to figure this search engine out. (no I still don't have the answer). I did think it was blown out of proportion....my sales were fine and possibly even better than before.

However, I understand now. A hot new item that should have sold by now hasn't and has very few page views. Soooo I searched this item. 441 and I'm result give or take 350-400. Sigh. It really explains my garbage-y sales.

That being said I am at 2.71 defects. Not bad but not good. I have 12 negative feedbacks. (That is a rant for another post. Have been trying to be positive lately). I have a 3 day handling time (which I know for fact Cassini REALLY doesn't like. When I changed it to more than 2 my sales dropped significantly). I have a 67% ship on time rate (which I honestly can't see how this is true. I am skeptical at best of this number).

I guess everyone has had their turn with Cassini troubles but now is not the time. I have an office that at least half needs to liquidate....and I don't do yard sales ;)

On a more positive note I just hit 600 items in my store.