Saturday, February 28, 2015

eBay Never Vacations

Taking this week off has been one of the best decisions I have made to date. I am much more relaxed and ready to tackle eBay again. Yes I realize the full week isn't up till Tuesday (and hubby took Monday off) and I'm not actually shipping anything yet....but I am at the office to list today (because hubby and the kids are visiting family today and I have to work tonight).

School work is mostly caught up, consignment is mostly done (the deadline for putting stuff in is midnight tonight anyway), I have 4 totes of our own personal stuff to sell on eBay and most of those are pictured ready to list, housework is mostly caught up, our own personal bills are caught up and we are starting to hit credit card principle (!!!), our depressing business credit card is up to date,  we had an awesome family night last night, the business van was cleaned (I put it off in the winter I dislike the cold) and found 2 more bags of unlisted clothing inventory from a few months ago (insert eye roll). But I'm ready to go cheerfully!

eBay sales have definately slowed but not stopped (5 since I have been on vacation). Yes I realize I could hide my listings but I dislike doing that if I'm home (I figure worst case senario someone misses the vacation part and needs in a hurry I can ship the 1 item and not lose a sale).

Also during this week I received an open case about an item not received. After checking the tracking it sat not updated for 8 days between PA and WA (it went first class). Now that it was received in WA its been moving right along and should be delivered today....I hope. It was only a $5 item.

Hoping this good mood keeps up for a while. My business laptop is falling apart internally and externally. It's held together by packing tape and electrical tape. It has been acting funky for a while and randomly deleting my eBay picture folders....sigh. Hubby (who builds computers and I swear is mostly genius) re-installed and did other troubleshooting. Still it persists so we assume its on its way out. Hubby will build me a desktop when this finally goes. We bought basic parts such as thermal paste, fans, peripherials at the Radio Shack goes out of buisness at 60% off. The more expensive parts we will wait till this actually dies to purchase.

How's this week been for you?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Totals and other Misc Musings

Remember my blog post about an American Girl doll sale (Jess) with a buyer potentially looking for a partial refund and when I wouldn't "would leave appropriate feedback"? I did get negative feedback 4 days later....and as I did tell the buyer I was only in the office 2-4 days per week I did find the timing odd. It says to me that they intentionally waited to make sure I got the message and wouldn't cave before leaving feedback. I will bear that negative with pride....LOL ok not really but it says I was "rude" and I KNOW that was the 1 thing I wasn't :D

Then I few days ago I talked about best offers with my American Girl doll (Grace). After receiving more than a half dozen low offers I got the $1/$5 offers. Within minutes of my post I received a $110 offer which I gladly accepted. It took the buyer almost 24 hours to pay; within 12 hours I got an incredibly rude email from the buyer saying if I couldn't guarantee delivery by Saturday refund. They should have bought from AG to begin with blah blah blah. I was about to send an "I'm sorry you should have read" email but then I checked the feedback they leave. Between 1/2 and 3/4 are negative. Yup I sent an "I'm sorry I'm not the post office I can't guarantee delivery. It's been cancelled and refunded. Here's a free shipping code valid at the AG website" LOL. I'm not asking for trouble.

So feeling bad about this doll I listed it on the AG Facebook page for $90 free shipping (for a nude brand new doll thats still a good price). Well it was full of people wanting extra stuff I can sell for $50+ for free and wanting me to ship extra items obviously not included that would cost me more to ship no matter what it costs me extra. Long story short I completely snapped and was kicked off the page. I don't really feel bad. No I shouldn't have snapped but admins should be keeping better tabs on people trying to take advantage. It has happened on honestly most every sale I have had on FB but usually I can keep it in check. I'm not against trying for a discount I'm against clearly trying to take advantage of another person :D

That being said I am near my snapping point and getting frustrated. Consignment drop off is next Wednesday (all Amazon rejects that are new and I'm selling at a loss). So my store will be going on vacation probably till Friday-ish. It gives me time to catch up on homework and housework and just a break from unreasonable buyers :D I won't be blogging again till next Tuesday's Totals either :D

Anyway on to the numbers.

Etsy had 2 sales.

I was happy to see this finally sell. Bought last May listed by July-ish. 2,400 views 324 "favorites" but no buyers. Reduced it and finally sold it for $69.99+ $19.99 shipping. Paid $5ish. With Etsy's super low fees I got the majority of the $ :D It was an absolute pain to wrap/ship but I did get glowing feedback about how well it was packed.

Bonanza no sales.

Amazon has 43 items left in FBA. Anything that I would lose money in fees alone on I had sent back. Anything I could still make a few bucks after fees even though after product cost I am losing money I lowered the price just to be rid of the items. As a result I had 20 sales with minimal to no profit.

The exception is this item. The Bright Starts "up up and away bouncer"

I bought it for $10 off a Facebook yard sale page. I fulfilled it myself for $47.95+$9 shipping credit. After fees, cost, and shipping, I walked away with $25ish profit. Glad its out of my office.

eBay had 16 sales. 

 This Super Mario All Stars 25th anniversary Wii edition sold for $54.95+ first class shipping. On expensive games (over $40) I pay the extra $2 out of pocket and put in a small flat rate priority box. It looks better (i get great feedback) and I have the insurance should anything go wrong. Bought this in a lot a while back of a Wii, 40 games, and tons of extra accessories for $195. Honestly I have this game too and am now am tempted to sell it as it sold within a week of listing....but then I just sold my SNES copy last month :(.
Right before Christmas I did a blog post on this Culliane sweater (read the original post HERE). I also alluded to it in my last blog post about best offers. I paid $.60ish for it at a thrift outlet. Shot high at $29.99 took a best counteroffer of $15+ship. I'm happy not to hold onto this to the end of the year.

That's my week in review. Have tons of stuff to ship now! How's your week been? Thanks for stopping in! I'll talk to you all next week!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What Makes a Good or Bad Best Offer?

So what makes a good or bad best offer? I know when buying a house we were advised that anything more than 20% less of the asking price was considered a lowball offer.

I have read opinions on what makes a good or bad offer; I have my opinions too :D. To me it largely depends on the item, popularity, space it takes up in my office, how long its been sitting, how I priced it to begin with, what I paid etc etc etc. For example I have a sweater listed at $29.99 in my store. I paid around 50 cents for it. So when I received a $10 offer strangely I wasn't offended. I did counter at $15 (I rarely make sales on counteroffers) but the buyer accepted within 10 minutes. While not a big sale it does keep the cash flow moving and I am overall happy with that ROI (although I am still hoping for bigger profit items I need to clear out inventory first).

Last week I had a new in package Minnie Mouse costume priced at $24.95 or best offer. Someone offered me $2.00. I declined with a note asking if the $2 was a typo (benefit of the doubt I thought maybe they meant to put $20.00). Never heard from them again.

I thought that was pathetic but I honestly think this takes the cake.

I wanted to think this was a typo....after all who in their right mind would offer less than $1 for a BRAND NEW American Girl doll (in different clothes)? I wanted to just ignore the offer but outstanding best offers drive me a bit batty so I declined. Within 5 minutes I had another offer from the same buyer.

While I try to be professional I don't have time (or patience) for these games. I declined with a note stating that I was not going to accidentally accept one of these offers. (the buyer had 11 feedback). I also stated that another unrealistic offer would result in me blocking them so they would never be able to purchase any of my items (which honestly I am toying with doing anyway).

Does this buyer honestly think I would accept this offer? (I have had over a half dozen offers in the $75-85 range). Or did they hope that I would accidentally accept it and therefore be bound to the offer? If I did I would refund and take the defect and negative feedback as I am not prepared to lose about $100 on a doll.

Offers like this are the reason I rarely use best offer on anything but clothing anymore. Anybody have thoughts pro or anti best offer? And/or whats your best offer horror story?!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Oddities

I tend to lean toward the normal and mundate (the "bread and butter" of eBay) but the more I research the more I realize that oddities really do sell.

2 years ago my son REALLY wanted a unicycle for his 7th birthday. This popped up at consignment and we snatched it up at $50 (they are $90 on Amazon). We thought it was an awesome idea.

Fast forward 2 years it has sat in my husband's closet taking up room. Never one has he ridden/asked about/shown interest in. (sigh). Not wanting to ship I listed on a local Facebook yard sale group. I had a buyer within 3 hours (not bad for a more unique item).

Now I only sold it for $30 so obviously this wasn't a buy to resell good deal but what I'm working on is if I find something out of the ordinary for the right price to take a chance and hope it pays off :D

(My son rollerblades now but part of me really wishes he learned how to use this :D )

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

So another week has come and gone in a blur :D I am not getting nearly as much listed or sold as I want to. The good thing right now is that the thought of thrifting/sourcing/bringing more inventory in is slightly sickening to me so I'm going to ride that wave as much as humanly possible. I do really miss yard sale season though and hubby and I were laughing about how I was going to find time to go (or even money for that matter). Right now I plan to go out maybe every other week....but that is all dependent on circumstances.

My youngest isn't in school yet; my parents are awesome and are willing to pay half the tuition cost of 3 day preschool (mon wed and friday) which works well since my school days are tues and thurs. This would allow him socialization and me to get office work done in the morning (plus its a tax write off if I understand correctly :D )

Anyway down to numbers.

Etsy/Bonanza 0.

Amazon 3....but I didn't even bother to look at the items. I downgraded my subscription to individual this morning (word to wise if you close your seller account you are never able to reopen it). That saves me $39.99 a month. The vast majority of my FBA are back at my house now waiting for eBay listing or consignment.

I have a few misc books etc that I think I am going to leave merchant fulfilled for now (because then at least they are listed somewhere with the chance to sell). When I have more time they will be donated or relisted on eBay.

eBay I have sold 14 items on the business account and 1 on the personal. Not bad considering I have listed 5 items on the business account since February 1st. I have tons of pictures stored. I may cave and bring my laptop home (i try not to so work stays at the office).

 Mickey corn holders. I believe I paid $2. Sold for $9.95+shipping. Had listed for less than a month. Had sitting in the unlisted pile for about 10 months :/

American Girl Silver Belle outfit. Most "just like you" "american girl of today" or "my american girl" clothes aren't worth a lot (in comparison to the historical character clothes. Paid $5 sold for $34.95+shipping. Every once in a while a find someone who doesn't know what they have.

Thats the best of my week. Gearing up to pick up the pace (have lofty hopes to get at least 30 listing done between now and my next Tuesday's totals post).

How's your week going?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Totally Not eBay Related...

but I just paid off an $8,000 personal credit card. $8,000 down $15,000 to go. Wow I'd rather not write or look at that number again! With my new job I am making about $300 a month extra to put toward debt (not a lot I know but more than we have had extra my entire married life). Looking to pay as much as possible to avoid preschool for the little one come September :D

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fishing For a Discount....Do I Look Like an ATM!?!?!

Last week I sold Jess (a limited edition release from American Girl). In the last 2 years I have sold over 100 dolls; without being overconfident I am ok in saying I know what I am looking at. As I love these dolls I have put hours and hours into researching them, their outfits, storylines, etc etc.

This doll nude sells on average for $95-105+shipping. I had her listed at $109.95 or best offer. After receiving several borderline insulting offer I took a mediocre offer of $75+shipping. I received an email 3 days ago saying it wasn't as described the limbs weren't tight. (as you can see by the picture her arms are out and she is standing on her own which means the limbs are played with but don't need to be tightened).

I receive an email the next day saying I hadn't answered her and she found more wrong with the doll there are "several marks on the limbs". The buyer enclosed pictures....there is nothing there that I can see!!! If there is something it is ever so slight.

I emailed her back and apologized that she wasn't happy. Buyer only had 173 feedback so I bullet pointed my return policy and other info and then thought I went the extra mile to explain to her how to find a doll in collector condition if she wanted one (this clearly said played with which most collectors don't want).

I also said under no circumstances do I give partial refunds (in shopping myself more and more listings actually note no partial refunds given. It's sad that needs to be said up front). I get a message back that starts with "passive agressive much?". I am a lot of things. Passive agressive isn't one of them. The message was straight aggressive masked in professionalism :D

The buyer huffed that she would be keeping the dolls (although not a lot of feedback buyer stated they have been buying and selling AG dolls for 7 years (dealer....I should have known). Several of my listings request resellers don't purchase for that reason. Buyer also stated that they would "be leaving feedback accordingly"....funny when I say that I usually do immediately. It has been 24 hours and yet no feedback has been left. Are they waiting for a "wait....heres a partial refund don't leave me negative feedback!" email because that won't be happening. I would rather take the hit honestly.

So here's my little rant now.

I'm more honest than I care to admit. As such I assume everyone else is too. And the majority isn't. Sadly it still always comes as a shock to me.

Now that Radio Shack is joining those in the retail graveyard (I'm really nostalgic about this I worked there for almost 3 years) I think back to all the times people would buy something, stick a broken item or another item in altogether and try to return it. I'm sure their logic is that its only a $xx.xx item and they are a big business. We would have to tactfully explain that they got items mixed up and put the wrong item in because the item in the box looked like ____. I really wanted to scream how dare you try to steal from us :D

Friendly's this happened the other night. People will claim hair in their food (although no employee can see it) to try to get a free meal or ice cream. Anyone watching the news knows that this chain is also a sinking ship. A decade ago I used to work at Denny's. The 3x the same guy had something in his food (a fly, a hair, a fingernail clipping at one point) conveniently when he was almost done to get a free meal we caught on that he was bringing his own "foreign objects". He was banned and the police were going to be called if he came back. But then "it's only a meal and they are a big company."

When I registered the LLC my CPA (and I trust him more than I would an insurance agent) told me to get way more insurance than I think is necessary. Reason being if I'm in a car accident with my business van and they find out its a commercial policy the vast majority of people sue for everything they think they can get (where they wouldn't necessarily sue for another individual). As a result I pay almost double the amount per month than I need to.

When someone looks at my store and tries to get a partial discount do they think "well they have profit built in so its ok to try to pay less? After all this clearly is a business and not a hobby seller."

Wake up people, small business owners are typically broke too. Brick and mortars aren't doing so hot either. It's time for the world to get a big jolt of do-the-right-thing.

Sorry for the long post but I'm done with my rant now. Not enough sleep among other things :D

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday's Totals

....because Tuesday just didn't happen. I am so freaking busy now that I have listed all of 3 new things this month on eBay. Sigh.

eBay had 13 business sales and 5 personal sales (all my daughter's outgrown clothes).

I have 4 or 5 Halloween costume sales (all girls Disney related....I guess its vacation season). Most were yard sale finds or Goodwill outlet. I am once again remind how much more lucrative that venue is.

 10 Magic Tree House books. Paid $2.25 sold for $9.99+ship. As an added bonus my 2 oldest kids read them all first.

 I picked up this Disney Store Cinderella wedding dress at Goodwill outlet. It was just shy of a lb and I paid $.99/lb. It wasn't in great shape. Slightly dingy, pilled sleeves, and the funky thrift store smell (all disclosed). Sold within a month for $34.99+ship (it goes for 50+ on ebay in better condition). I was very happy with this sale as the skirt was bulky. I already received positive feedback.

I sold 2x more of these this week for a total of 5 sold 2 left. I took best offers of $10 each + shipping. I paid $1.99 at the Disney Store.

2 Etsy sales this week. Another bolt of tulle and a vintage Pyrex carafe. I picked this up not because it was valuable but because my mom had one when I was a kid (from her grandmother LOL). It would most definately be broken in my house....maybe 1 day.

Paid .50 (sold in 2 months) sold for $8.95+ship.

I am going to leave it there as I am going to for now focus this blog away from Amazon and back toward eBay and Etsy (and Bonanza when applicable).

Hows your week treating you?

Monday, February 9, 2015

So Close....

Several months ago I lost my Top Rated Seller Status because of the time it took me to ship items. (It's really hard to adhere to 1 day seems every time I got an order a kid was sick, I was sick, something came up, basically life happened. So since then I switched my items to 2 day handling until I got my TRS status back. (It's still hard to adhere to 2 day with the amount of bad weather we have been having. Currently there is freezing rain out and I am trying to hurry and ship things so I can get home). Thankfully I am only a mile away).

So close to having the shipping time back up (it honestly was at 65-70%). And keeping true with life happens, the defects are about to get me....I had a rough defect month in January (starting the month I think I was around 1.25%).

Hoping I am able to squeeze at least a month out of the TRS discount!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Drumroll Please

After a few days of discussion and mulling over numbers we have decided to drop Amazon (we will rediscuss come 4th quarter).

We lost $300+ in January between inventory/fees/etc. That doesn't include shipping to FBA, supplies (and believe me there is more than eBay), or the inventory that significantly dropped in price since sending in.

Over the last 2 weeks I have paid $80 to have 170 items shipped to me. I have 240 more items that I will most likely pay to have returned to me within the next few weeks (in time to sell at consignment). What doesn't sell and isn't eBay worthy will be donated right from the sale.

In reading other blogs it seems there is no happy medium with platforms you are either big on one or the other. I don't feel bad doing this at all; after all I try not to be superwoman :D

Also I am really in eBay's good graces which always helps. For whatever reason Cassini has always liked my listings :D

Here's to a positive month in February!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Updated January Totals

So once I posted my January totals I had a reader contact me and let me know that I should be recording just the cost of the goods that I actually sold. When I sat down with hubby yesterday he agreed. So I am reposting the numbers but instead of actually posting what I spent on new inventory posting what I spent on the inventory that sold. I still prefer to know the total spent on new inventory so I think in the future I will post both numbers.

Sales (including shipping cost): $1000.31
Facebook American Girl Groups: $648.00
Amazon (both FBA and FBM): $1437.78
Etsy: $72.32
Bonanza: $0
Craigslist- $195
PA Sales Tax Collected: $7.50 (I file quarterly)

Total: $3,360.91

Cost of Goods Sold- $1,892.28
Van Gas- $84.38
Insurance (van and office)- $232.69
Credit Card Interest- $172.17
Misc Expense (my school book and online tax filing)- $331.75
Shipping Costs- $131.07
Office Supplies- $50.37
Rent $287.78
Profit Bandit- $9.99
Phone- $83.86
 Paypal fees: $99.24
eBay fees: $191.98
Etsy fees: $32.98
Amazon fees:$661.28
Refunds (not Amazon refunds): $155.46
4th quarter PA sales tax paid: $49.44

Total: $4466.72

Total Loss $1,105.81

OK not quite as bad but still. Of the costs of goods sold, more than half accounts for Amazon; while that platform still does have the highest sales its not by more than half. Plus the fees are by far the highest. Amazon still does look like it will be mostly dropped for now (and by that I mean possibly toys sent in FBA for Christmas but not much beyond that). We are taking a few days to think it over.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Totals

ok here are the numbers. I actually like doing things on paper better. It just took me just shy of 3 hours to get the totals done but it becomes very obvious where I (continue) to do things wrong.

I was hoping to get 150-200 items listed this month with my youngest gone. Then life happened. More appointments than I care to count, bad weather, no school for the other 2 kids, school started for me, plus a job. I'm sorry if my post is more off topic than usually I am running with little sleep :D

So I'm just going to throw all the numbers out at you and then let you all know my game plan at the end.

New items listed:
Etsy-1 (hahaha)
eBay- 86
Amazon- nothing got sent in to FBA. I am waiting to talk to hubby about whether to continue using FBA in light of a) fee increase and b) now that I have a job I physically can't continue the amount of selling I was before. While I do like Amazon in terms of ease of selling FBA might become a seasonal thing for us. He has the next 2 days off so we will chat then. A dozen or 2 items did get posted as merchant fulfilled.

Sales (including shipping cost): $1000.31
Facebook American Girl Groups: $648.00
Amazon (both FBA and FBM): $1437.78
Etsy: $72.32
Bonanza: $0
Craigslist- $195
PA Sales Tax Collected: $7.50 (I file quarterly)

Total: $3,360.91

Cost of Goods Sold- $2,277.23
Van Gas- $84.38
Insurance (van and office)- $232.69
Credit Card Interest- $172.17
Misc Expense (my school book and online tax filing)- $331.75
Shipping Costs- $131.07
Office Supplies- $50.37
Rent $287.78
Profit Bandit- $9.99
Phone- $83.86
 Paypal fees: $99.24
eBay fees: $191.98
Etsy fees: $32.98
Amazon fees:$661.28
Refunds (not Amazon refunds): $155.46
4th quarter PA sales tax paid: $49.44

Total: $4851.67

Total Loss $1,490.76

(I count the Cost of Goods Sold as I buy it rather than as I sell it so every piece of inventory in my office is accounted for FYI). 

1) Clearly the first thing I screwed up is the cost of goods sold. The after Christmas sales I ended up spending around $800 (I know I said I wasn't buying inventory). I didn't buy toys but other Christmas-y items for next year. We made sure the profit was at 200+% for having to store an entire year. I also bought TONS of American Girl items....also for a decent profit but now I'm concerned with the amount of time I will have to list. Besides the items I bought already this month I will be purchasing nothing else until (maybe) yard sale season starts (late March early April).

Also as far as Cost of Goods go I need to stop relying on retail arbitrage and focus more on yard/thrift/estate sales.

2) Also the credit card interest is a thorn in my side. Thankfully it will be going down by about 40% (give or take) but any interest paid is too much).

3) Our overhead (like many of you mentioned) is just too much! The office we are in a lease to November (if we break it early we are legally obligated to pay out the remainder of the lease so there is no point breaking it). The van is paid off but we pay a little over $100 a month in insurance (and then gas on top of that) and another $70 in mandatory office insurance.) The van isn't worth much in the condition it is in and is worth more to us than the couple hundred dollars we would get. The business also picks up my cell phone tab at $83 a month so that I have the smart phone to scan items. Honestly I am considering paying off the phone and selling it and switching to Tmobile. I rarely scan or look items up anymore anyway. I also find having a smart phone with Candy Crush and Netflix capabilities are a massive time waster for me.

The statement is that if you have several little budget leaks they tend to go unnoticed. This has to stop happening :D

This is my first itemized post I have made about end of month stuff so I would love input as far as other areas you see for improvements etc. I am hoping to make at least the loss in profit this month to make it a wash. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday's Totals

I will be here later on in the week with the end of January totals....believe me its kind of dissapointing. Something is gonna have to change :D

But for now here are the totals for this week.

On our personal eBay account I sold 3x items. All of my personal items I do auction format with the option of buy it now.

This sold at the Buy it now price of $9.95+shipping. I paid $1 for it 3 years ago at a consignment shop. I honestly wasn't expecting it to sell now with it looking like a Christmas dress (and matching hat). This was one of my daughter's favorites and she wore it quite a bit. It is nice to make money off my kids clothes they wore (and didn't destroy). Its a size 6.

eBay reselling had 14 sales this week. Thankfully they were a bit higher in $ value than my normal sales.

 This Bumbo I listed (very) high at $39.99 or best offer. Someone sent me a best offer of $40.00 so I took it. They also paid $37.99 shipping to Mexico. I think that offering international shipping does make a difference in getting the sale. I paid $5 through a Facebook yard sale page.

This American Girl Gala outfit I paid apprx $5 in a large lot of items. One glove was partially stained and the hanger is dirty and I couldn't get clean. Sold within a week for $27.99+ shipping.

This NWT Disney Store XXL womens shirt I took a best offer of $12.50+shipping. I bought 7 in November for $1.99 each. 3 have sold.

No sales on Bonanza.

9 items sold on Facebook yard sale pages. 1 American Girl doll was sold for $95 free shipping but mostly it was odd and end replacement American Girl items about $10 each.

(not my picture taken from Google Images)

This is a replacement coin to American Girl Ivy's accessory set. Its maybe an inch or 2 across. It sold for $9 with free shipping.

Etsy had 1 sale.

This bolt of tulle is 1 of 6 that I have. I bought it to make tutus but decided its time consuming and the market is flooded. Sold for slightly more than I paid $12.99+shipping. I recoup my original cost and got enough to cover associated fees. Don't look forward to shipping this.

10 sales on Amazon this week. 4 are waiting for me to  pack up and ship myself. I only have 250 items left in FBA (from 1100 in November). I just had 170 items sent back to me because they would be more in fees than planned. The prices absolutely tanked from the time I bought them. They aren't worth putting on eBay. Because they are all new (and therefore less work) I will be dropping off at the seasonal kids consignment in March (I am putting in some NWT "dud" clothes from eBay that I have had 2+ years but for the most part kids clothes are too time consuming.). Anything not sold will be donated by them (I'm not picking up) and I will be able to print off a tax deduction form.

I sold a 4 pack of this tape (total of 12 rolls) for 19.95+shipping. I paid $5.

Overall 40 sales so not a bad week. I did just buy a good bit of American Girl inventory (a sale too good to pass up. After hubby and I talked about it and slept on it we decided it was a good move. It is expected to be over 100% profit and a FAST flip).

How has your week been?