Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thrift Store Outlets are Dangerous :D

So there is a local chain of thrifts that is quite unique and very well organized. There are 4 individual stores in 1 strip mall. (If you are local it is the Share and Care in Souderton PA). I went because my neighbor told me there were lots of sparkly/glittery dresses he saw (they only have boys).

First was the Furniture store. stopped in beautiful store but looked pricey.

Then there was the used book store. They were running a sale books under $1.99 were 4/1.00. Didn't pick up resell books but did pick up $13 of books for my kids. (1 excels at reading the other needs extra help. Either way it is easier than going to the library. Once they are done reading onto eBay they go).

The main store was huge but looked really nice I didn't go in.

The outlet was wonderful! Clothes/linens/shoes/purses were .89 a lb. Got a nice real fur lined jacket. And a vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sheet :D

Toys and everything else was .29 a lb. Picked little girl up roller skates for .40 (and cancelled my craigslist arrangement to buy close to the same thing for $15. Also picked up American Girl game.

Here's where I get frustrated though. They have a huge eBay department; on their website they are celebrating $1 million in eBay sales since they started. I looked at their eBay store 2,650 this is no small thing for them.

So even though stuff is "cheap" at the outlet their ebay store has all the American Girl, Vera Bradley, Uggs, Coach, and EVERYTHING that is NIP.

I probably will go back because as people mentioned before thrift stores occassionally miss things :D

I got 6 very large bags of items for $34. If I am going to sell clothes I better figure out the "good" brands because I don't think mall brands cut it.

Sorry I don't have pictures....I'm on my way out the door to visit my hubby's visiting grandmother. Also little girl is going to an open house dance class "dance with Elsa" (from Frozen)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lackluster Sales

So I am starting to become a little concerned about the 4th quarter sales on eBay. My sales are lackluster at best. At this time last November we had $4,400 in sales (although granted we had 60 American Girl dolls sell the first week of November). Fast forward to this November and we haven't even topped $1,000 in sales....which is really concerning to me. Last year Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday were 20+ sales a nowhere near that. Yesterday I had 3 sales. Today....crickets :D I have about double the inventory I did last year too. I have lots of clothes listed sure....but I have mostly toys and video games on.

So I thought maybe eBay is truly a dying platform :D I just looked up their 3rd quarter reports that state that they are doing great and report a 21% increase in buying this year over last. So either the books are cooked or I'm doing something wrong.

Since I got this office at the beginning of the month my active listings have gone from 440 to 620 currently (it should be 650 or so by the time I leave the office today). I'm not concerned about Amazon so much it's hopping (although today and yesterday have been slowww).

We did have high hopes of paying off the business credit card with holiday sales (almost impossible goal I know). 

How is anyone else's sales? Have they picked up or about normal?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! While hubby and the kids head for the inlaws I will be working for the most of the day. However, our family's immediate holiday was yesterday. No school, hubby had a planned vacation day and we got 5 inches of snow. So we stayed put and had a day with snowball fights, baking, board games, decorating the Christmas tree, and a movie night(along with the laundry, dishes, and general housework LOL). Honestly I was tempted to bring my laptop home to list yesterday but so glad I didn't. We have much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

Either A) 4th quarter is starting to hit or B) my work is starting to pay off. Hubby is home today so I got to the office at 6:30 (then had to go home because I forgot the office keys LOL). I plan to stay at least till 5. Tomorrow is pretty much shot between a medical procedure that will knock me out most the day and the snow (I won't drive in even an inch of would never know I grew up and learned to drive in Massachusetts).

Anyway no sales on Etsy or Bonanza. I did have someone ask to "trade Pyrex" with me. It was a VERY uneven proposed swap. They lived like an hour from me in the Poconos and wanted to meet halfway.

32 sales on eBay. That's more than the last couple weeks combined. Most were from auctions for clothes and not high $ sales. But it's more than I would get donating stuff.

 These Carhartt flanel lined jeans (mens) sold for $22.99. I had 2 pair they both sold within 2 weeks to separate buyers (they were BIN). Got out of our storage unit so at this point I am counting them as they cost me nothing.
 Paid $5 for this Fisher Price Crib Blanket and matching Crib Bumper. It sold for $29.95. I sold the bumper for $7.50 to the same buyer. I damaged the crib bumper in the dryer plus I think bumpers are considered "unsafe" although not recalled and are mostly a thing of the past. I wouldn't pick up any more bumpers but I buy the blanket any chance I get. It is the "Rainforest" theme and come in a couple different patterns....all sell well.
NWT Ugly Christmas Sweater vest. Walmart brand. Sold for $17.95 within 3 hours of listing. I feel bad listing it for more than the tag says ($18.88).

Amazon is definately my winner this week with 98 sales. I think this truly is 4th quarter. Here is the graph of sales recently. There is a definately spike in the last month or so.

 This pool makes me laugh. I bought several 6 foot pools for $1.69 at Kmart and 8 foot pools for 1.99. We sent in half in to FBA last month (we didn't want to pay fees if they didn't sell till spring). They sold out (5x) within 2 weeks so we sent in the other half (4x). 2 sold within 3 hours of being checked into the warehouse. The 6' pool is selling for $21.95; the 8' is $23.95. Most are headed to Florida.
Snugamonkey Rock'n'play by Fisher Price. Bought at Target for $25 and sold for $129.99 within 2 months. I love selling baby gear items via FBA.

I am officially excited about this selling season. Are sales starting to pick up for you?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Cleaning Up my Act and Re-Prioritizing

I don't know if I have wrote about this before but part of my problem and disorganization is apparently due to ADHD....we found out about a month ago give or take. My therapist picked up on it by the way I talk (all over the place) as well as how I describe home life. It was highly suggested I get the office.

9 days ago I had 440 listings on eBay. I did blog about how productive last Saturday was. Since then I have sold around 40 items. I currently have 563 I have done 2 more FBA shipments and a handful of listings on Etsy. Now for some people this is normal listing but for me this is a HUGE deal.....I haven't been this productive ever!

A dear neighbor told me she would take my youngest till the school bus comes in the afternoon to help get a jump on "my busy week". My hubby has the rest of the week off so he will have the kids. I started yesterday going through every bucket to make sure everything is listed. Boy is it overwhelming!! (not disorganized just I have HUNDREDS of unlisted items). It's slow moving but boy is it gratifying :D

Once I am done with the office I will move to the last of what is in the house and the attic. Since I have to inventory everything come December 31st (a big reason I quit retail to begin with) I can pretty much  guarantee I won't buy inventory t ill then.

Several months ago I blogged about making hairbows to up my Etsy store. Then I started making diaper cakes. Then I started repurposing my empty wine bottles. Then I started repurposing tshirts into tote bags followed by tutus for both girls and American Girl dolls....and I am now a firm believer that you can very much overdo the "don't put all your eggs in 1 basket." I returned almost $200 worth of diapers to Target yesterday. I am selling 99% of the craft supplies (for now I am keeping the bolts of tulle). It seems those who do well of Etsy do really really well but my gift lies more in just flipping.

So I am slowly cleaning up this mess I have created. :D I am hoping to turn this more into a business and less like hobby gone mad.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saling Saturday....Goodwill Outlet

4 years ago all the Goodwill in our convenient area were closed. However, a huge empty Petco was transformed into Goodwill retail/Goodwill Outlet/and some of their main offices. The outlet and retail stores are separate entrances.

This Goodwill is HUGE and gorgeous (well because it is new....but then it is in a town where the median income is close to $ I can see why they were closed a few years back.

Unlike the GWO I have read about, there was no crazy insane shoppers where I took my life in  my hands. The clothes were by the pound; the more you bought the less per pound it was. Shoes were $2.25; Books were .25. All other "non clothes" were individually labeled (not really expensive...a brand new looking Little Tikes Car you know the red/yellow ones they have been popular forever was $3.95....oh I wish I had room to take it with me :( Oh well some child will be stoked. )

The purse selection was dissapointing. I found the fakest looking Burberry I ever did see; there was also some high end purses I am pretty positive were real but damaged beyond repair.

I did get lots of nice Halloween costumes (a lot were disney store). Unfortunately more I had to leave behind cause I couldn't find the matching pieces. Anything with huge defects got left. I don't have time to deal with spot treating right now.

As far as clothes go I didn't get much. Most of what you see is actually for my  kids :D I think I got 15 pieces/sets total. I paid $14.60 so I figure each outfit was $1.

The bug costume is creepy (but really nice), Tinkerbell and Disney Store Lady.
 This Jessica McClintock dress I can't decide if I like or not. Pink butterflies with a flower on the side. It's a size 13/15 (a popular size) so hopefully I can sell it for prom season. It's in perfect condition.
 Snow White (Disney Store but older version) and Cinderella's wedding dress. If you ever see it, buy it. It's a "special" costume that retails for $99.99 I believe. It has a couple very small spots (no rips) so I bought it anyway. Also a Disney Store.
 Motherhood pants and Disney terry swim cover up (princesses) the mario shirt and Julius hat are for my boys.
 Gymboree dress is for my daughter. The Banana Republic shirt I dallied with buying for a while since I don't want more clothes to sell right now. But it felt brand new. I am short on men's clothing and they had TONS of excellent brands that looked almost new.....but for now it is self control to pay of the debt :D
 How cute is the Itsy Bitsy Spider?!? The GI Joe costume is new.
 Abercrombie tank and Gymboree dress.

And finally Spiderman (worst picture ever). Hood and jumpsuit.

We have another thrift store that does the same set up. A neighbor has gone and said she loved it. Once I get rid of more items I plan to early next year make a list of all the hole in the wall thrift stores in about a 45 minute radius and check more out. The more I look the more I notice thrifts I haven't seen before.

How is sourcing going for you? I'd love to hear stories!

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's a Lego Kind of a Day

Christmas really is being pushed earlier each year, isn't it? 2 days ago I went to KMart to pick up some prescriptions and the Salvation Army bell ringer was outside; yesterday the Christmas music started playing 24/7 on a radio station.

Apparently this "pushing" reminded people to buy toys. My sales on Amazon, while not huge in price, I am at 73 items for the 7 day total. I have never been that high. I am kind of nervous that I will run out of inventory....but then that is a good problem to have :D

I picked up 7 of these Lego sets at Walmart a month or 2 ago for $30 I believe. Anyway all 7 of them sold last night and this morning (9:45PM-9:35AM). All to separate buyers. What's better is I don't actually have to *do* anything :D

I am really thankful for that little push of cash :D

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Week of Returns

I'm definately not complaining because no one has put "item not as described".

I normally don't get any returns but this week I have gotten 5. Oh well such is the holiday season I guess. I am nervous if the returns are already starting what "extended holiday returns" will look like.

eBay had 2 returns for dog Snuggies. It was put as "item doesn't fit"....and they left feedback stating the item was tagged right but doesn't fit like other dog clothes. Rather than deal with a potential issue again I opted to just refund purchase price (not original shipping) and not ask for the item back. Had they put "item not as described" eBay would have forced me to refund original shipping.

Amazon had 4 returns. 2 have been returned so far undamaged and put back into my inventory. 3x are  ordered wrong item and 1x was product doesn't meet expectations (it was for a kid's game system so I am guessing the wrong unit was purchased).

The not-to-irritating thing is if an FBA item is refunded the fees are still charged to me.....when I sell it again I have to pay those fees again.

Comes with the territory I guess :D

Also as a sidenote I was approved for Adsense this week :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BOLO Skylanders Kaos Trap

When you are out shopping, it may pay to check the video game section.

This Kaos trap retails for $5.99....if you can find it. I ordered 7 off eBay for $14 a piece and they have already started selling on Amazon for $49.99 each (or 200% profit after fees). Within 2 days on Amazon I went from being 1 of the highest prices to the lowest. One being auctioned off on eBay has 13 bids and up to $103.50. Most on eBay sell for $30-60.

Kaos is the main enemy of the Skylanders series; this trap is needed to ultimately beat the game. Personally I'm not buying the game for my oldest till next year when it is 1/3 of the price it is now :D

I'm not sure if I have done a post about selling "hot toys"; as an eBayer I have no issue buying low and reselling the "hot toys" but as a mom I want to be able to find the toys my kids want at a reasonable price. In this case I bought them off eBay so I don't feel bad.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Totals and a Lesson Learned

Ok so here is an FBA lesson I learned. Anything that is sent to FBA that has more than a 1"x1" opening that must either be poly bagged or shrink wrapped. The negative I got this week was about the shrink wrap; I also had a partial refund to my account last night. When I called I was told "the buyer called and complained about the wrapping so we gave them a 20% refund"....what? The more I do this the more I *don't* like trusting my items to someone else. You either want the item or you don't; I don't do partial refunds. Oh well. I am sending back everything wrapped and will either sell merchant fulfilled or on eBay. I get someone doesn't want to pay $40 for a stuffed animal but people will always suck I guess. Anyway don't shrink wrap anything going to FBA. (as a sidenote the rep I talked to told me "I know there will always be customers who do anything for a discount. I also know that the customer service reps screw the seller and 200% on the side of the buyer." He did give me the $ back it was just funny to see seller support go on a rant LOL).

no Bonanza sales.

1 etsy sale.
Locket with no figures. Paid .50 sold for $9.95 within a month.

eBay had 15 sales this week. I am currently running 69 auctions so hopefully there will be more sales next week. Waiting for payment on 2 items; 1 emailed me saying she would pay by the end of today the other I opened an unpaid case as they haven't emailed.

This is a handmade dress for 18" (american girl dolls). Bought in a huge lot in May at a yard sale. Paid somewhere between 25 and 50 cents. Sold for 8.95 + shipping.

This NWT dress did surprise me with how fast it sold (3 days). It was new but had a small spot on the front.Sold for $9.95 + shipping. It's so cute!

Amazon did overall ok with 52 sales.
 This is a massive Switch and Go Dino by Vtech. I bought 4 for $39 each; my youngest son was complete enthralled by it so we snuck 1 away in the attic for Christmas as his "big" toy (he got a small one for his birthday in September and absolutely loved it). Anyway 1 sold right away for $89.95 ($66 after fees); the other 2 haven't reached the warehouse yet.
All 4 of these Net10 phones sold this week for $19.95. Paid $2 each.

That's my week in a nutshell. I'm finishing auctioning clothes (hopefully I get them all done) today (last day for free auctions) then will focus on unlisted toys and giftables. I am fairly confident I can get everything listed by black Friday (I hope). I am also starting another clothing sale 40% off through Thanksgiving. Starting black Friday I will run a 10% off sale through December 15th.....a small sale really picked up my sales last year :D

How's sales treating you?

Monday, November 17, 2014

eBay as a Buyer....What do I Leave for Feedback?

I will admit, I don't shop on eBay very often. It seems more often than not the item is not as described. I did buy something the other day.

The item I purchased was $19.95 or best offer and we agreed on  a best offer of $13.95 (well I figure as a seller I am used to low offers LOL). I  was VERY pleased with the price as similars are $20-25.

I went to pay within 6 hours and apparently my bank was having an issue and wouldn't let me pay with Paypal. This was on a Sunday. I emailed the seller and let them know I couldn't pay and would call the bank the next day.

I received a reply that stated "if I don't receive payment tonight I will relist the item. I hope you understand". I had also decided to put in a best offer on a second one (their last). They told me verbally they would sell it to me then 2 hours later took a different best offer (I as a buyer would take the better offer but not if I had agreed to a different buyer first).

I did pay within 36 hours.

The item came and was in great condition.

This is where I don't like leaving negative feedback but if this was my first experience with eBay it wasn't pleasant. It isn't really my fault that the payment would not go through. I don't get upset with buyers who take a couple days to pay especially if they message me. But for the positive aspect the item was as described (but the item was new so its hard to screw that up).

And leaving a neutral is essentially the same as being a negative as far as defects are concerned.

What kind of feedback would you leave? (I haven't left FB yet looking for opinions)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Getting Off This Hamster Wheel

For the longest time, I have been a bit frustrated with eBay. Not because of not enough motivation or being frustrated with their sometimes exasperating policies but because there doesn't seem to be enough time to get it all done. Maybe I have over diversified.

Anyway Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays) are my days to be at the office myself and plow through stuff. It seems most of my energy goes to FBA. Well today I was determined it would be different. Pictures were taken, old inventory listed (cringe I know old inventory just getting listed) and 55 new listings started. Granted most were auctions due to free listings (what doesn't sell will be relisted as good to cancelled). For the first time in months I feel like I am FINALLY making headway (didn't I only do 30 something listings in all of October?)

Lots to go but doing a happy dance. Apparently its what an 8-4 uninterrupted work day looks like. Hopefully tomorrow will do just as well. (we go to church in the morning so I only work half a day).

Friday, November 14, 2014

First Amazon Negative....and the End of Yard Sales

So I got my first Amazon negative yesterday. Amazon is much different than eBay in the feedback department. I have had over 2,000 sales and only 17 feedback....and 1 of them is now negative. It's the only feedback I have received in the last 30 days and 1 of 2 in the last 60 or 90. So my "feedback" is tanked; I have lost the buy box on most my items for poor feedback and my sales have slowed considerably.

Buyer stated the item was "obviously not new" and it was wrapped with Saran wrap.

It was wrapped the way Amazon requires me to wrap it....but if you aren't a seller you won't know that. The downside with FBA is the rate they lose/damage items. Granted it isn't too much but enough to irritate me. I have no way to prove it didn't get damaged at the warehouse or in transit to the buyer (all which falls on Amazon to cover).

I'm sure frustrated to the point I would rather merchant fulfill everything. It would cost me over $500 to get everything back, I would need to rent at least 1 more office, and I would most definately need an employee unless I work 60 hours a week. None of that is possible right now.

I have been in eBay's dog house before (below average for 10 months) and it sucked but I got out of it. I guess absolutely worst case senario is I get suspended from Amazon...and then we aren't much worse off than before....after all I used to be all eBay.

The problem item honestly I almost didn't buy because I thought the way it was originally packed may be a problem. I sold 5 sold for; 4 had no problems.

 Oh well....moving on :D

I really wanted to fit in 1  more week of yard saling if possible....but like most the country our temps dropped overnight.

When it comes to snow I am an absolute Grinch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

holy cow I'm on time this week! :D While I don't like the "commute" to the office I LOVE the organization of both my house and office. And even with a munchkin playing with Legos in the corner demanding I look at his creations every 2 minutes I still have gotten more done this month so far than the last few months combined. I hope the numbers start to show it too. (on a side note my office is directly next to the library and my fabulous parents are giving the kids portable DVD players for Christmas with child-friendly volume reduced headphones. I look forward to them LOL)

Amazon had 49 sales this week. It started out amazing and nothing for the last 2 days. Boo. I won't complain with almost $1,000 in gross sales :D I also had 1 return. Thankfully it was small (around $10)

 This is the original Nintendo DS. Most colors have really low values (but they are very cheap at yard sales) but keep your eyes out for the electric blue color. Got this in the storage locker (total cost of locker I think was $227). Sold for $49.95. Not too bad for older (but not yet vintage) technology. I honestly would buy this style for my kids. It feels much more solid (and less breakable) than the newer versions.
This walker/jumperoo combo by Fisher Price was 70% off at Target. I paid a whopping $25-30 for it :D Baby gear always seems to sell well FBA (there are baby registries on Amazon). The box was massive and an absolute pain to ship. Sold within a week or 2 for $98.99 ($71 after fees). I'm pretty pleased. It cost about $7 more to ship to Amazon. I picked up 7-10 baby gear items that day. I feel bad about buying it when someone might *need* it but to be fair it sat at 50% off for over a month (if I was having a baby I would have snagged it at 50% off and I may be one of the cheaper people in the world :D )

Bonanza had the 1 Bumbo sale :D Bought for $3 (or less) sold for $27

Etsy had nothing again this week.

eBay had 17 sales....over last week's 10 I will gladly take it....but still not the 4th quarter we are all waiting for. I keep fearing this is the year it doesn't happen :(

 This is my fail of the week for sure :D Lot of 30 Bratz dolls/misc dolls. Bought for $5 sold for $35 buyer paid shipping. Great right? Except I grossly miscalculated shipping (by 6 lbs) and it was headed to Canada. Buyer paid $22 shipping; actual cost was $45. After fees I broke even so I decided to ship it just because as a buyer I would be frustrated. No wonder it sold in 2 days LOL. It was a large box that I kept tripping over so I was glad to have it gone.

This Britax infant car seat rain cover (new in damaged box) took around a year to sell. I bought for $1 and sold for $24.95.

I'm a happy camper with more peace and organization in my life :D I will get around to posting a "final" office pic but I have been sick lately too (went to the specialist Dr yesterday and tested positive for Celiac's disease from the family dr a couple weeks ago) so I haven't been up for moving and organizing the last of the "stuff".

So how's your reselling week going?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

First Bonanza Sale!

Just got my first bonanza sale! Honestly I wasn't expecting anything quite so quickly! The sale (a bumbo lol) is headed to a location in my state so I really hope sales tax was charged or I will be paying it out of pocket. 

Thanks to all the bloggers who talked about the site!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week Over Week Comparison

Like most of us I'm waiting for that nice 4th quarter pop. However, it definately isn't here least on eBay. I am happy that sales have picked up again in the last week (not the # of sales but the $ amount.) My  problem is I tend to forget about listing on eBay and won't list for a week or 2 at a time (really bad I know). I listed like crazy the last couple days due to the promotion and did see an uptick in both old inventory and newly listed (as well as the never ending stream of lowball offers).

Amazon (both merchant fulfilled and FBA) seem to be a different story. I am working toward making my per item $ amount higher but I am quite happy right now.....I'm sure lack of shipping and customer service have something to do with it too. I keep telling myself that Amazon numbers are higher because I have 1,200 items on Amazon with only 850 on eBay. However, I think Amazon is just busier. I personally know tons of people who are doing holiday shopping exclusively on Amazon....but haven't heard of anyone planning to shop mostly on eBay.

Just for giggles, I pulled up a sales chart from this week vs last week. All but Tuesday has substantially higher numbers. (It drops down on Saturday because it is currently 4:45am PST on Saturday and there hasn't been any sales yet).

Anyone else keeping track of week over week and notice a climb in sales (or slump?)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

wednesday's Totals....and another negative

This week was filled with a mix of more chaos and peace :D The office is (mostly) working out great. It is inconvenient to not have stuff at home but on the other hand the office is less than 2 miles away.

Etsy had no new sales this week.

Amazon had 50 sales. Still hoping for 4th quarter to show up soon :D
 These Polaroid cameras are HOT right's funny how everything comes full circle. It's the camera style of yesterday with the instant developing film :D I happened to find as an "online" only item return (brand new) for $29. Sold for $74.95.
This I bought without a phone scanner. I bought around 20 of them at $8 each. I sold 5 this week to 3 individual buyers for $15.95 each. Not a huge profit but at least quantity comes into play.

eBay had a whopping 10 sales. 1 didn't pay. 3 were large lots of baby clothes auctioned from the storage unit (totaling $35 or about 75 cents each piece).

This Robotix I mostly picked up (for $10) because hubby wanted it....he had it as a kid and was happy to play with it with the kids. I sold for a crappy best offer of $29.95. The box is quite big and I'm not sure how I will ship it.

On another note, i got a note from a buyer in Israel that a shirt is dirty (white marks which was noted in the listing), too small, and something about a torn coat (which the coat wasn't from me). Buyer wanted to know how to return it. I explained. Sure enough I got a negative that said "the". That's it. After calling eBay and them stating how it appears they emailed the wrong seller and negative feedback that doesn't make sense, they won't remove it. They "don't know what the buyer's intentions were". Screw you eBay. (Today's been a horrible morning sorry for the extra dose of cynicism). Seller outreach calls every once in a while wanting to know how to improve the selling experience for me. LET ME BLOCK NEW AND LOW FEEDBACK SELLERS. THEY ARE OFTEN MORE TROUBLE THAN ITS WORTH. This defect is now enough I think to push me off of the Top Rated platform. Oh well. I am far from being below standard :D

How is selling been for you this week?

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Look into the Office and November Totals

Here  is a glimpse into my office
 Looking from the door.
To the left of the door.

Obviously it is a work in looks messy and disorganized but its not I swear! Much is actually going to FBA today.

I will set "solid" hours (solid always being relative) soon....but for today for a "jump" a dear friend is watching my youngest during school hours so I can have the entire day to catch I don't want to be too long blogging :D

As for my October goals I bombed....royally. My credit card is tanked, I only did 53 new Ebay listings and 40 new Etsy listings. I did do 7 Craigslist listings and 3 extra FBA shipments I wasn't planning on. October in general was a terrible month for me both reselling and personally so I hope this office brings some peace and organization back to my house. I do enjoy having 2 of my rooms fully back. I have 2 rooms still to clear out but I want this FBA stuff gone first (it accounts for 4 of the metal shelves and a lot of the floor).

For the sake of my stress I am not going to set November goals but just push myself to do what I can without making myself sick. Also when I leave the office work stays there :D

Anyone have any big November plans?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saling Saturday... After Halloween Edition!

Although we don't celebrate Halloween as such, after Halloween is one of my favorite retail arbitrage time.
We are going light this0 year due to excessive debt and the work/$ involved with getting the new office set up.

Some hints:
All Target clearances are different. However, ours is 50% costumes November 1st and 70% off November 2nd. Catch is they don't typically tag it 70% overnight so I try to hit the store first thing before its correctly tagged (but I always double check with the price scanner). Like most of you....I love selling costumes.

Food can be a great seller. Last year I sold several boxes of Boo Berry/Count Chocula/etc (there are 5 flavors I cant remember the others). I made a good bit but not enough that I will do it this year. I hope to resume next year. Keep in mind that most the dates don't go past June (my thought is worst case my kids will be glad to eat them).

Jones soda makes limited edition flavors. Last year I picked up candy corn (tasted like cream soda) and red licorice. I ultimately lost money and won't be doing it again.

This is this years experiment:

These cases of Dum Dums are 1/2 price and I paid a whopping $14.99 each. (i bought an 8th case but its for our trick or treaters next year). They have a great date of June 2017. They sell on Amazon for $62+ with a fantastic sales rank (i assume schools, clubs, camps, etc buy in bulk). Each case has 1,000 pops. I had 2 different people comment on the amount I was buying. Sometimes I wonder if retail arbitrage is going to twist my kids perception of "normal" shopping. :(