Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank Goodness I'm Getting My Home Back!!

For the last several month, I have been feeling increasingly frustrated by the "stuff". I'm not sure if anyone else feels this way but I actually feel like I am suffocating. In addition, I work throughout the day and when I don't work the unlisted inventory looks at me and laughs :( Ok....that does make me sound a bit insane.

For quite a while we have been looking for retail space to move into (we have a postage size yard so there is no room to build anything and we don't have $10,000 to finish the attic. Everything was too big making it unaffordable plus nothing (like utilities was included).

Push came to shove last week when in a therapy session I was told that I would continue to be in a hamster wheel so to speak until the "stuff" went. It has overtaken pretty close to every room in my house at this point. She thinks that if I can get the business hrs and clutter under control there will be peace.

I went home and started digging again....and then I found it! There is a place 10 minutes from me that rents individual offices. They don't require as much security as normal retail spaces because they realize they rent to small businesses that don't have a lot of cash laying around.

Yesterday we went to see the offices (they are 112-136 square ft apiece) and 1 (129 sq ft) we really liked so we were set to sign the lease tomorrow. I got a call to do it today (the business paperwork had checked out and the "main" realtor office is a half hour away). Got the keys today everything (electric, high speed secure internet, heating and A/C) are included. It will be just under $300 a month.

Part of me is bummed that we just don't have an extra room (our mortgage is underwater so moving is out of the question) but I will pay a neighbor to watch the youngest 4 hrs a day 3 days a week. When I leave the phone gets turned off etc.

I will post pictures once it is set up. I am so excited! I am hoping that having a designated space will also increase productivity to justify the rent.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesdays Totals

A day late again this week....shame on me. In all fairness there is something scheduled to happen this week which is big for the resell business so I have been busy prepping for that. That will be a post for later in the week if everything pans out right.

Overall a pretty slow and disappointing week.

Etsy had 2 sales. Really small sales but sales nonetheless :D 1 took advantage of a 40% off coupon. My traffic on Etsy is consistently higher and I'm sitting right around 85 items.

Vintage Rugrats cotton fabric. The part that isn't cut up is 20"x19"....I didn't include the scraps to the left in the measurements. Price paid $4.99. Now that I think about it, that is a pretty hefty price for that amount of fabric. I had the only Rugrats fabric listed (at time of listing). It sold within a month.

Amazon only had 29 sales....which is pretty disappointing. I have come to expect a bit more; I was excited after last weeks sales that 4th quarter might truly be starting :D

 Sunbeam mixer. I found on clearance at KMart for $32.99; sold for $89.99. It looked really nice and most of me wanted to keep it....but keeping it wouldn't pay off our debt :D
I have sold several of these the last month. I picked them up at Babies r Us for 90% off to the tune of  39 cents a piece. They have sold for $9.98 each. I love nice small items :D

eBay was low in the number of sales but the sales price was I am willing to make that tradeoff :D Between both my accounts, 10 sales were made this week. Come on 4th quarter already. I guess it will come soon enough then I will be whining too much to do not enough time LOL.

 I sold 2x sets of these Bumbos in the last 3 days for $54.95 each + shipping. It did have a best offer feature which no one used (hey works for me!). Bought for $26 each. Pain to ship but decent profit and glad to have out of my attic!

Lot of 6 Paisley ties. Several months ago (probably creeping up on a year now) I bought 400 ties. I have learned I *hate* dealing with ties. 350 or more are still in totes unlisted. They do take forever to sell (these are hideous too in my opinion but then the ones I think are nice don't sell and the ones I think aren't do). Paid $3 sold for $19.99....again this buyer didn't use the best offer feature. I'm to the point that if I am offered 75 cents a tie I will take it :D

No Bonanza sales yet....but I wasn't expecting any either.

How are your sales? I hope better than mine!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


So I took the plunge and started a Bonanza store. I planned to import all Etsy and eBay listings. Did eBay listings; however, it will not allow you to import Etsy listings until they are first off the Etsy site. Didn't try to import Amazon listings....what a nightmare that would be to keep track of. In the meantime, it only imported around 200 of my eBay listings out of 450. And I can't figure out how to fix it :(

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saling Saturday

When I go yard saling....doesn't matter day, town, or seems I run into tons of the same things. For example, 1 week will be baby week and nothing else. The next week it will be toys. Etc etc etc. Anyone else run into patterns like that? Well this week was definately vintage crafting....with little of anything else :(

 Books books everywhere. Needlework, quilting, crafts, etc. The first book "Complete Guide to Needlework" is a bit nostalgic. My mother had this book while I was growing up....It's from 1979.  I don't think any are worth a ton but I paid around $7 for these.
 2x sealed embroidery/yarn stitching? kits. The 1 on the right has a date of 1969; the other my guess is late 60s or early 70s. Picked this up at a yard sale that I think was an estate (I'm glad it was outside the inside was packed with boxes up to the ceiling. It screamed hoarder but the items were nice and clean). There were TONS of really nice 70s fabric but only tiny scraps. Try as I might (I dug through about 2 dozen boxes of fabric). I couldn't come up with any decent amounts in 1 piece. Paid $2
 Same yard sale + 1 more. Tons of vintage sewing notions new in packages. There are also quilt bindings and silky blanket edging. I have had good luck with blanket edging in the past so I hope I have just as much luck. There is probably 200+ yards of blanket edging. I paid $10 for everything here.
 Just for fun....these are my "helpers" they are snoring away :D

 I paid $5 each for these books (the 2 books that match were $5 together). When I scanned them I screwed up and read the "new" price....since I am so used to selling new. The Adobe Illustrator book is new shrink wrapped and I can get $125-$150 out of the book. The 2x Spanish books I hope to get around $50 and the other 2 are $5-20 each. It's more than I typically pay a book but I was taking a risk by more up front= higher selling price :D It helps for me to read my phone right.
 Dolly Dingle and Billie Bumps on cotton. Limited edition sealed and signed. 1981. There are no others online (on any venue) that I found. Paid $2.
 Only bit of my "regular" stuff I bought. Vreader+games (Vreader isn't super popular if it wasn't so cheap and close to Christmas I would have passed. Tommee Tippee cups sell for $15 on Amazon. Paid $12 total.
American Girl theater sets (Felicity and Kirsten) and a hair studio DVD. 2x diapers as I am making some diaper cakes. Don't know how well size 5 will turn out. Worst case senario I donate them :D Paid $13.

That's my buys this week. Tried to keep it light....but yard sale season is quickly ending (sales are now starting at 9 instead of 8).How was your thrifting week?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Feedback-Positive and Negative, Holiday Returns, and Defects Galore!

So this week has been 1 for defects. Sigh. Does anyone else notice that defects/unhappy customers/etc go up dramatically during 4th quarter? In fact all but 1 of my defects were set to "fall off" at some point during the 4th quarter. Then I got 3 this week....but 1 was removed. Still annoying.

I Sold  NIP earbuds. Received this positive feedback "Shipping speed = good,sound bad 😐". Must have left a "3" in the item as described box....because its my fault the headphones are terrible :(

Sold a NIP costume. I had 2x; 1x had a damaged package. I notate damaged package and make a multiquantity listing. That way someone gets what they expect; the other is happier. Buyer asks all kinds of stupid questions before buying. (had a feeling to block buyer....didn't. Shame on me). Buys it, I send them the non-damaged 1....I get a claim stating there was "7 holes" in it. It was kind of costume on a hangar and not in a clear bag. Dontcha think I would have noticed 7? I sent the buyer back a very nicely worded "return it and screw you I know you are lying" email but a glitch in the eBay messaging system caused it not to go through.   Got this feedback Negative feedback ratingLousy customer service. I contacted seller about product defect and no reply." I can't even fight it because there is no response in there system.

Remember the buyer who never got the item and eBay sided with me in the case; I got an email that said the buyer couldn't leave feedback? Well yeah feedback showed up. Positive feedback that said "I still haven't received this item." I wasn't going to call eBay since it was positive and would be buried soon enough. It is gone this morning along with a thank goodness.

I opted in to the holiday returns today; not because I am Top Rated but I'm just afraid it may affect where I am in search ratings (and it's mandatory for Amazon sellers anyway so why the heck not).

So this is now where I sit in terms of defects (I really need to get my shipping speed up!). I'm not happy about it but I'm stuck for now thankfully all but these couple fall off soon. Anyone else notice the crazies coming out in full force during 4th quarter?  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday's Totals

Sorry this weeks totals are a day late. I am overwhelmed in things to do....this week was 1 of a full blown stomach bug for me as well as a week of routine drs (both human and animal appts); also my laptop decided to give out this week (I don't understand it is only 4 years old). Instead of buying another one, my hubby reinstalled everything....its not working perfectly but I hope to milk another year or 2 out of it. Anyway the printer drivers weren't installing what's not late in being shipped I have had to pay retail price for :(

From the locker I had a high chair, stroller, walker, and 2 bouncy seats that I planned to sell. It ended up that after a hot wash in white vinegar, oxiclean, and various other agents (except bleach) the black mold stains wouldn't come out (although my guess is the white vinegar killed the mold). I put the stroller, walker, and 2 bouncy seats on Craigslist free before I threw them out. Someone came to pick them up (actually I had a ton of people wanting them).

I did sell the high chair for $15 within 48 hours of listing (there was no mold on this. I actually think it was new but open). I was shocked to have any luck with Craigslist but was thankful.

eBay sold 14 items this week. 5 were lots of the baby clothes to a tune of $69....and they aren't all sold (that are listed) and I  still have 2+ tubs of baby clothes not listed. But I was happy with the $ so far....even if some get donated at this point.

 Glad to sell Lalaloopsy Mittens Stuff n Fluff and penguin for a cool $19.95+ shipping. She was listed all of about 2 weeks. Paid $1 for her (she is an original line doll).
Poppy Fields purse from Vera Bradley. Paid $1 sold for $17.95 + shipping.I had this listed for around 6 months.

I am currently renovating my Etsy store and adding more handmade items....apparently I do have a semi-crafty gene :D When it's fully up and running I will ask for opinions on pictures and such from those of you with more experience. This week I had 1 sale. Amish Butterprint bowl from Pyrex. I paid $20 for several pieces. (can you believe the Amish Butterprint butter dish sells for $35-42?). The bowl sold for $ was kind of the "dud" of the set.

Amazon takes the prize this week. 59 items sold....woot!

These cases we bought a ton of them (like 20 or 30) for $2 each at Toys r Us in July-ish. Sold 9 this week for $11.95 each.

 These bagged Lego sets I paid $3.99 each for....I make only $2 per unit but I was counting on these for a quick sale. They haven't dissapointed. 7 sold this week....making a total of 18 sold in 2 or so weeks. I only have 3 left in stock. Debating whether I should go find some more. I bought my local store out. Heck I even paid full price for them.
 I paid $1.50 for Milli and the plane (from Nick Jr's Team Umizoomi....their toys in general are worth a good bit). It was a small toy and sold for $17.95.

This was the shocker. Remember that rant I went on a few months ago about the price increases at thrift stores? I paid between $15-18 for this game. I thought I would be lucky to break even or make a few bucks. I priced it higher to try to squeeze profit out of it. It sold today for $49.95....a happy girl here :D

Glad sales on *a* venue are starting to pick up....I don't care which 1 particularly but Amazon is nice because I don't have any work to do to ship it. Ran into K-Mart with lots of workout equipment for 75+% off....looking ahead to January. Also our Target had tons of baby gear (swings, bassinets, jumperoos) etc for 50-70% off. Kmart also had *tons* of fine jewelry for 70-90% off.

That's my week reselling. How's your treating you?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Wonder People Don't Like Dealers!

I have run into (and I am sure most of you have also) people who dislike dealers. I'm not sure if this Craigslist ad was meant to convey actual thanks but it just came off to me as someone who was being an absolute jerk LOL. Obviously there isn't anything wrong with what this buyer turned seller did, I'm just kinda surprised they would announce it anywhere but a blog or reseller site.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Competing with Amazon

Business is business right? I supposed but I can't help but be just a tad frustrated with Amazon.

eBay for the most part thrives on its seller fees....although it does put sponsored ads on the bottom of each of our listings....some sellers consider that to be a conflict of interest. I personally have never really found them to be a thread as they are generally not close to what I am searching.

Amazon, on the other hand, is starting to get under my skin a little. Either way they win....either they sell a product or receive on average 33% of our selling price. I can't fault them for trying to maximize profits but I they are undercutting sellers.

No company can sell *every* product so Amazon's business model is genius to have other sellers for more selection. However, they have automated bots looking at the 'hot" items with the greatest profit margin and highest sales rank.

They swoop in, buy the item for a great bulk discount and must negotiate terms most other sellers can't compete with and offer it cheap. Often at yard sale prices, I *still* can't compete with their pricing. The Amazon forums have several threads of a feeling of betrayal or a conflict of interest. Even other sellers who buy directly from the manufacturer can't compete because of the mass quantity Amazon buys combined with they don't pay fees to themselves :D

I currently have several items that should have sold by now that haven't. When I first offered my product, Amazon wasn't a they are and mostly at half my price. I can't offer that without losing money and there isn't a good chance of Amazon going out of stock in the near future.

I feel that Amazon should either sell the items themselves and restrict other sellers from those listings or make their profit on only fees (with the amount of sellers currently on Amazon I would guess they would still be in a better place than eBay LOL).

Does either eBay ads or Amazon competing with sellers bother anybody else? Why or why not?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

This is going to be a short post...sorry :) My smallest had a fever this weekend, my oldest has it now, and I think I'm getting it. Since Thursday I have had a dull stress headache and I'm behind on....well everything (except laundry)!

The 5 silver coins we found in the storage unit sell for $22.50 each on eBay; we opted to sell them for $17.50 each to a local coin dealer. We figured by the time you figure in fees, signature confirmation and the chance someone claims them as counterfeit to keep them....we made out OK. We got $87.50 (remember we only paid $220 for the whole unit) so we were happy with some quick cash and the chance to help another local business :)

Etsy had 1 sale. I had seen other bloggers write about Johnson and Johnson Red Rings developmental toy. (Sorry I don't remember who....if you did let me know so I can link you!) I found 1 at a yard sale in either May or June.....finally got around to listing it a week or 2 ago. So for $39.95+shipping.  I paid either $.50 or $1.

Amazon was a better week with 38 items sold all FBA.

 I always pick up Baby Einstein DVDs when I find them cheap at yard sales. If it isn't worth $ on Amazon, it does well grouped in lots on eBay. This sold for $11.95. Bought for 75 cents.

 This is the 6 figure playset from Tickety Toc (Nick Jr maybe??). I bought these from rewards points I had accrued with our Toys r Us rewards cards. We bought 6-8 sets for a total of $5. I have sold 3 at $11.95 each.

eBay sold 17 items (16 for resell 1 for a friend). Nothing worth reporting really. Mostly clothes that have been sitting for a year or more. Glad to get a bit of money for mundane items.

Mint green bumbo with tray. Paid $3 sold for $27.95 + shipping.

Once I tackle housework, I have packages to drop at UPS, FedEx, and the Post Office. Plus 3rd quarter sales taxes need to be filed by the 22nd (its super easy to do just annoying).

In an effort to get "on top" of the paperwork side of this business, I will be taking Financial Accounting this spring semester followed by Managerial Accounting next spring semester (I don't take fall semester courses so I can keep up with 4th quarter sales).

How's your resell week been?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saling Saturday....Storage Auction Edition

First off I am going to apologize for the size of this's picture heavy at the bottom.

For those who are not familiar with storage auctions, when a renter at a self-storage facility stops paying, the unit's contents are put up for auction. (the process has become popular due to shows such as Auction Hunters (my personal favorite) and the various Storage Wars (original California, Texas and New York.)

I have been hemming and hawing whether I should go to this auction on Thursday; yes I want to go but no I don't want to spend any more money LOL. However, since it's only a mile down the road and the majority of my town is fairly well off....I went.

There was at least 40 people and only 3 lockers. I was determined only toy/baby locker....minimal to no furniture.

Locker 1....a complete bust. A huge couch,a large fishtank, and 2 boxes.

Locker 2....a tool locker. I will admit I was tempted but didn't bid. It also went higher than I would have paid.

Locker 3....First I saw a high chair in box (cheap high chair they are $38 at Walmart....I knew that offhand because I owned 1 a couple years ago) followed by a Graco stroller and walker, 2 bouncy seats, and stuff stored in diaper boxes (usually a good sign). Since the majority of people are looking for the huge item to make them rich quick (like shown on TV) everyday items that sell good fly under everyone's radar (either that or everyone is afraid to bid competitively against a woman LOL. When I do go I am often the only female.)

I was willing to spend $400-500 for the unit; thankfully it only set me back $220. If I don't walk away with $1,000 I will be absolutely shocked.

The outside of the unit. It had a good layer of dust on everything. In this business that's good. It means no one has potentially moved any valuable items. As I dug everything in the back was neatly put in totes. This is the first locker we have had that I could see pride of ownership and things taken care of.

Bad picture I'm :D Camcorder and solid case (Hi-8 tapes) not sure 5 or 10 years old? Also has cords, instructions, and 2 extra tapes all inside.

 This was a surprise for me. New it sells for over $50.00; I figured it would be another $1 kids game.
 High chair in box. Overall good condition. I will list on Craigslist. A few small spots on the would you price it on Craigslist? I don't have much luck. Open to suggestions!
 New in package toys....Underneath a brand new garbage disposal ($80+ on Amazon) and many other new plumbing fixtures. I need to research those.
 Beautiful Christmas ornaments. Also got a 4 foot Christmas tree in box. That's going on Craigslist too.

 Several high quality backpacks/luggage

 Misc items to sell (sorry about my disorganization). There is a $60 on eBay Ryobi reciprocating saw in there.  Once I'm done here the house will be organized by tonight I swear :D

 I tried to avoid clothes lockers. They were all folded in buckets behind the table. Mostly girls size preemie-24months. Preemie clothes are a great seller on oldest 2 were born at 32 weeks and preemie clothes are costly if not on sale. This basket is laundered and folded and ready to be sorted into sizes.
 More clothes. The USPS bucket is all the adult clothes I saved. I am glad I ran a clothes sale a few months ago. All the baby clothes going to be sorted into sizes and auctioned off cheap. If I get 25 cents a piece I am happy. Mostly Walmart/Target/KMart brands but still in style and quite cute. A few are "twin" sets that I will put in a separate BIN listing.
 2x 18 gallon totes full and overflowing waiting to be washed.

 Another tote and laundry basket waiting to be washed.

 Tub and shower handles and pipes. I should be able to get $50 or more.
 Disney Snow White and Dwarves hanging wreathes/Christmas tree/etc. Comparables sell for $75-299. Lights up. A few small pieces are broken off. Am going to start at $199 or best offer. I would be happy with $100. I am going to pay the packing company down the street to pack this; it's ceramic, large and heavy.

 I don't know who in their right mind leaves silver coins in a locker but here are 5x .999 silver coins. 3x are Ronald Reagan commemoratives (I might try to sell online but they don't get much. If I can't get scrap price they will be scrapped). The other 2x are Silver American Eagle? $1 coins. I don't think it's legal to scrap currency but they sell for $25+ on eBay. Also found a dime worth $2-6 and 5x $1 coins (I have to research to make sure they aren't worth more)

 More clothes. These are all new with tags.
More laundry. These are being dried (trying to give you an accurate picture of the sheer number of clothes LOL).

In addition, 1/2 a van has already been donated and a dining set and filing cabinet are being offered free on Craigslist. There is an appliance dolly that sells for $200-800 on Amazon; it also is going on Craigslist. Not sure what to ask on that either.

Overall I am super pleased. Great way to get *a lot* of inventory cheap. We don't do it much anymore as it is quite overwhelming (I have had a stress headache and little sleep since Thursday morning). Last auction we went to was 10 months ago.

How was your thrifting week?

Friday, October 10, 2014

For All the Sellers of Plush

Is Dan Dee a good plush name? I remember seeing it somewhere on a blog as a good thing (I think). I got 2 Dan Dee plush out of a storage unit yesterday (the auction is my upcoming Saling Saturday post....I even remembered to take pictures LOL). Anyway the Dan Dee plush has Walmart tags on it so I'm confused whether it is run of the mill donate or try to sell.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Selling Vera Bradley

Slightly over a year ago, Dude at Money in the Garage posted a fabulous article out Vera Bradley (read about it HERE). I loved this article because it spoke not only of the brand but also the issues that arise when family/friends find out what is asking for items has never really been an issue for me thankfully until recently.

I have a love/hate relationship with Vera Bradley. I know some people have great luck with the brand but it's a notoriously slow seller for me. I don't pay more than $2 for an item....but mostly I can get the Vera Bradley items for $1.

I know I have a lot of unlisted inventory but the 1 tote specifically that has been nagging at me is the purse one. After procrastinating for oh I don't know how long, I finally pulled it out and started pictures/listing. In total I had 19 Vera Bradley items, 2 Thirty-One Gifts purses, a Disney Parks purse, a Betty Boop purse, and 4 backpacks left to be listed (I had 5 previously listed not in this total). Definately shame on me.....nothing like a couple hundred dollars just sitting around.

I haven't really had purses to sell at 4th quarter since it really isn't my "thing". I am hoping it picks up and sells at a good pace.

1 thing I have learned about Vera Bradley is that not all prints are created equal. Some are vastly more popular than others.

This is the Poppy Fields print. It is 1 I already have listed on eBay. Some other prints you can't barely give away. She has been designing since 1987 so some of the older "vintage" prints are also desireable.

If you run into Vera Bradley and don't know the pattern name a great resource can be found HERE. It is a concise list from the official website of every pattern that has been made. If it's not on that site, you can count on that it's a knock off.

The other thing that I have learned is that not all sizes sell equally well. For example, the size above is not very popular but I also have the same pattern in a large purse/tote size (I took pictures of it yesterday) that I expect to sell quickly. Larger sizes tend to do better in my opinion than standard purses. Wallets have also been a bust for me.

In that last 2 years, I did enjoy buying and reselling Coach purses; however, I no longer touch them at all. Even though I read up on counterfeit items and how to spot them, there are still many that are very hard to tell. In fact, 1 of the reasons I stopped selling them was I had 2 or 3 policy violations and purses removed that were "counterfeit". Not worth possible suspension. I prefer Vera in the way that it is easy to spot a fake by the print catalogue.

Who else sells Vera? Good luck with it or bad? Or Coach? Who has purse stories to swap?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Totals and Number Crunching

Before I start with this weeks totals let's just get everything out in the open....haha. The business credit card debt that I reference in other posts totals around $12,000. While for many people that's not a lot, for us that is a the literal sense of a lot of $ and in the figurative sense of that it's just a huge burden laying on us. Buying minimal in the last month or so has seemed to help a lot. However, hubby was concerned with interest our debt may possible outweigh what we currently have listed in inventory. I ran an Amazon report and quickly looked over the numbers....and we have close to 50K listed!! (or if we had no cc debt and everything sold we could pay off 1/3 of our house). Take away fees and I am so relieved that we have plenty of inventory and  just need to focus on listing, listing, listing!! We probably have 2K+ of unlisted inventory. There is a storage auction Thursday a mile from my house; I am so torn whether I should go. It's typically a small crowd with lockers not usually over $200 (I have only bought 1 from there for $25 and net us about $500). 2 of my downsides with running an "official" business is that A)I'm really not good with numbers. I know everything is making a profit but it's hard for me to make a spreadsheet. Along with that B) I am really unorganized.

OK now that I'm done being probably too honest about our in shambles financial state let's get down to what sold this week.

On the Amazon front it started out really solid but crept down toward nothing at the end of the week. There have been several software  glitches that haven't allowed buyers to purchase. It went down the first time a few weeks ago. Since then sales are on and off.....and in the forums all our on/off dates coincide.  (I have 1175 items on Amazon FBA and maybe 50-100 merchant fulfilled.)

 I found these at the  Toys r Us clearance blast for $1.50 each. 2 have sold this week. I have 1 left in stock. Sold for $18.88 each.
This is the Spy Net Door Alarm. I picked up this toy at a yard sale for $1. I try to keep my sales rank purchases under 100,000 but this had a rank of 1million 800 thousand. I honestly have no idea why I sent it to FBA but it sold within the month for $21.95. No storage fees and a nice profit. Wish I bought more from that sale :D

I had 19 sales on eBay but I higher $ amount. My average sale in the past was $7-12; this week was $20-25. The vast majority again this week was costumes but also American Girl items. (I have 446 items listed.)

I did give a $7 refund to a buyer for a teether toy. She accused me of only taking pictures of the "good" side etc etc etc. I do admit I didn't take fantastic pictures of this item so I gave her a refund and an apology. I didn't get impression she was lying....just overly picky maybe :D This way I avoid a defect and (hopefully) negative feedback.

 This light up "main" toy from the Fisher Price Precious Planet jumperoo. Sold for $20 plus shipping to Australia. (Paid $10 for the jumperoo).

Same jumperoo sold seat cover for $22.50 plus shipping. These are so easy to ship :D

 Doc McStuffins. Sold 3x this week for $22.95 each F/S (costs $3.09 to ship domestically). Sold a total of 7 this Halloween season. 2 left I think. Maybe I have them priced a bit too low but as I am only paid $5 its a good deal for everyone involved....(Plus the Disney Store has them for $33.I am the buyer where if the 'knockoff" isn't super cheap I will pay more for the quality one.)

18" dolls. Bought 9x at Toys r Us for $12 each. 1 sold previously for $45. Sold another for $48 and another for $35 (but they stated they didn't want the extra outfit....we will see if that comes back to haunt me).

Nothing on the Etsy front but I have done a whole lotta listing on Etsy today. Hopefully things pick up. I have listed a good bit this morning....(at 78 items).

That's it for me....I'm ready for sales to just pour in! After hours of cutting and taping labels last year I got a great label printer LOL.

Is 4th quarter sales picking up for all of you?