Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

This week eBay had 17 sales but I am thankful that the $ amount of my items are increasing as well as my overall profit margin %.

 This Doc McStuffins costume I bought 7x of for 70% off at Target last year (for $9). Sold 3 this week (and 2 last week) for $22.95 each F/S. (about $3.25).

 These Felicity/Elizabeth (American Girl shoes) I have had FOREVER (about a year and a half). Bought for $1. Sold for $18.99+shipping.

I came across a dozen or so slippers at the Disney Store for $1.99 each. Took a few months to list (they have been listed for less than a month) but 3 or 4 have sold already. These the buyer didn't use the Best Offer available but bought for the full asking price of $14.99 + shipping. 2 more of this style is available (I have had a few lowball offers also.

Amazon has been dissapointing lately....until last night. I accidentally ran into a small gold mine (like buy off the shelf and flip for 2.5x what I paid for it.) Virtually my entire stock sold overnight for a cool $90 profit after fees. So I spent the morning restocking :D 25 items sold this week; 9 of those were in the last 24 hours.

 This was 1 of many books I listed from my attic a week or 2 ago. Many have sold surprisingly quickly (not for much $ though). This 1 sold for $7.95+ Amazon's standard $3.99 shipping (it was merchant fulfilled.) This book was new; used they are penny books I believe (aka not worth your time). Sadly, most the books I had were new....but now the e-readers are much better for my bad eyesight.
 Shark floor cleaner. Found on clearance at Target for $5. Sent to FBA; sold within an hour of being checked in for $26.95.

I bought 17-20 bags of these Lego sets for 70% last Halloween for .70 each. After having no luck on eBay, I sent 7 to Amazon FBA for 5.49 each (I broke my $10 rule I know). They sold within a week; last week I sent the remaining 8 and ended the eBay listing (I gave the other 3-5 bags as gifts). They also sold within a week. In the time between the shipments, the market price went up a bit so they last 8 bags sold for $6.95 each (2.92 each after fees).

I'm glad to see a sizeable chunk of change added to my account this week rather than 15x $5  items....which doesn't really even equate to yard sale $. Still waiting for that glorious 4th quarter boom.....and hoping for the same or greater volume over last year (although last year most my inventory was American Girl.)

That's my flippin' week....how was yours?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Question of the Hour

So here it is...how would you price this item? 

It is a new sealed set of 4 Betty Crocker cook books. Since it has no barcode it is safe to assume it is probably from before 1974. Although there is no date on the outside.

1 of the books is the "microwave cookbook" which I think dates itself a bit." 

I plan on putting this on etsy and pricing it a bit higher.

If you were listing it, what would be a reasonable expectation?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saling Saturday

Once again I slacked off and didn't leave the house until after 10. In addition to what I found here, I was also happy to find 3 pairs of roller blades in my kids sizes for a total of $6 (I bought myself roller skates last week so they have been begging for a pair since then.)

 I spent a total of $24 on resale related items. The Vera Bradley purse in the back was only $1 as was the Lamb Chops Play Along cake pan (who else remembers that show with Sherri Lewis? It was 1 of my childhood favorites.) I paid $10 for the Leapster and 10 games. That was more than I would have liked to pay but I can easily triple my money; however, these cartridges are becoming a tougher sell as they are now more obsolete. In the previous 2 years they were some of my favorite finds. Now they are still an easy list but still a long turnover time. (I have most titles already listed I just need to update the quantity.)

 I was fortunate to run into a woman selling these handmade bows. She has been doing them for around 5 years and does craft shows but not Etsy. This was her "overstock" and she sold them for .75 each (there was more I wished I picked up but she said she would have more overstock styles next week.) I think the ribbon probably cost her more than .75! Paid a total of $5.00 and represents probably 2 hours of my time :D Since I *can* make these and I know beyond a doubt they are handmade I have no ethical problem throwing them on Etsy. (The small blue clips I was glad to find I couldn't figure out how to make this particular style but by looking at it I don't think it will be difficult. It's 1 of few hair clips that will stay in my daughter's super fine hair.

I didn't realize the picture was so blurry but these are girls size 3 ice skates. Her daughter wore them 1x (because the mom had a pair). They are in mint condition with the box and a $30 price tag...several years ago. Ice skates are closer to $50 now. I hope to be able to get a minimum of $25+shipping. I paid $5.

In all honesty I am happy to not come home with a huge van load of items. I think I expanded our resell business too quickly and now are digging ourselves out of a HUGE hole. I have been listing like crazy as opposed to looking for new inventory. There were few yard sales today even though it is in the low 80s.

How has your sourcing week been?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

BOLO: Katy Hudson CD

Most everyone is familiar with Katy Perry (of "I Kissed a Girl" and "Teenage Dream" fame.) However, what is not so well known is that she came from a deeply Christian family and her first CD was a religious one. It was self titled "Katy Hudson". (Perry is her mother's maiden name I believe; when she broken into mainstream she adopted the name so not to be confused with Kate Hudson.).

I will admit I rarely give CD's a 2nd glance at sales; I always figure someone has already been through and cherry picked the "good" ones. Plus with the digital age it seems that books/CDs/ etc are not worth nearly as much as they used to be (for the most part). But with prices like this CD, it's definately worth a second glance (and I'm willing to bet that few people without a scanner know what a small gold mine this CD is).

eBay completed listings can be found HERE (I always search by "sold" listings refinement). Take a look at the number of bids on the auctions!

This is a picture of the Amazon listings for the same CD (although it seems that several eBay listings are higher).

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

Sales this week were only slightly better in terms of #s but my overall $ amount was higher this week so I won't complain.

Etsy had 1 sale this week; a lot of 6 canning jars. The 1 downside to Etsy is the lack of calculated shipping. I lost a few bucks on shipping as it went to Texas. Walked away with around $6 (I paid $5 for a lot of 25 canning jars. I probably won't buy more.)

eBay personal account- no sales but no new listings. I renewed all the expired listings (I only do auctions on this account.) Need to get cracking. I have a few boxes of things to be listed and apparently a lot more to be delivered to me in the near future.

eBay resale account- I had 18 sales. 6 of them were Skylanders figures; another 6 were costumes. I thought I had sold more costumes but I guess that was last week :D

These are 2 of my better sales:

 2.5 lbs of Legos (the authentic ones). I picked up for 2.00 (!!!) and sold them for 29.95+shipping. Misc Legos don't sell fast for me (my picture isn't very flattering either) but thank goodness for padded flat rate envelopes!
I picked this up in May for $20 but it included 6 or 7 other games. The other games all sold in 48 hours for $150 (or more).  These 2 games weren't worth much so I bundled it with the system for a total sale of $37.49 + shipping.

Amazon had 27 items sold this week. Of the 27, 13 were processed and shipped by me (the books that I pulled out of the attic last week.) Very sadly there were no big ticket items that garnished a large profit. I did read when researching Amazon to be prepared for much lower profit margins and that quantity would make up for quality. Amazon quantity has been disappointing the last few weeks but I think it is because I was selling a lot for a while. It's still more than eBay. Anxiously awaiting the shopping season.

iPad case for girls by Fisher Price. Bought for 4.99 at Toys r Us; sold for 19.95.

That's my week....how have sales been treating you?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Advertising Estate Sales

I have wanted to go to estate sales for quite some time now but haven't been able to convince myself to go. This is probably because I don't do much with either books or antiques :D So when I first saw an ad for an estate sale in my town (there are rarely any less than 20 minutes away from me) I was bound and determined to go. But when I clicked in to ad this is how it read....

So I didn't end up going because the ad sounded really harsh. Why is all that stuff in caps locks? Furthermore what do they have against people making phone calls or (as I read it anyway) using their phone or scanner to look things up? If they are selling wouldn't they want people buying?

Believe me, I do understand wanting to minimize theft etc but the "this property is professionally protected" sounds kind of intimidating too.

Maybe I'm just finicky with advertising. If an ad started listing "American Girl, Polly Pocket, Fisher Price" rather than just "toys" I am less likely to visit the sale for 1 of 2 reasons. 1) they more likely (in my experience) want WAY more than what should be asked at a yard sale or 2) someone has come super early and cherry picked what was listed already.

Anybody else get picky when it comes to advertising? 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saling Saturday

In the spirit of buying less I went out later this morning and focused more on getting stuff inexpensive.

I focused largely on video games and other media rather than bigger items.

I spent a total of $38 on today's 

Total haul

Brand-new with the ticket price of $37. I was quite pleased to pick it up for only two. I do need to price it inexpensively to be rid of it Amazon policy changes mid-November. After that time you will need to be an authorized seller to sell any DVD with an MSRP of about $25.  Personally I've never really had any luck selling DVDs on eBay

Spent four dollars on all the books. My son will read most of them that he hasn't; then they will be sold on eBay.

Seven dollars for DVDs and video game they do quite well on Amazon.

The Lala Loopsy I only picked up because she had her pet. She sells with her pet for around 20 but only 7.50 to 10 if she does not .

I have resisted picking up bratz for years because I don't really care for them.  these are the original ones; I thought they were worth decent money. Apparently not. I will be able to about triple my money but I only paid five dollars for the box .

These cake pans makes my total about a dozen and a half. Once I get enough I want to sell them in the big lot.

That's my week. how was your week thrifting? Next week I will probably go out much earlier than I did this week but I haven't quite been able to give up my Saturdays sleeping in yet.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cannibalizing Baby Gear Items

Ok I admit this is an odd title but it's what we call it in my house :D

Take a look at this jumperoo. It's the Rainforest style by Fisher Price.

They retail for slightly over $100 at most stores. However, Fisher Price styles are fairly popular they typically come out with 2-3 styles a year.

If you were to put this on eBay as a whole you might, in normal circumstances, to squeeze $30 out of it (assuming you charge shipping). However, piecing it out can bring a much better profit for a little more work.

I typically buy these late in the day when yard saling for 2 reasons. 1) I try to be courteous. There aren't too many resellers of these but I know a fair amount of new moms go to yard sales trying to save a buck. I don't want to snatch them all up if there is someone who really needs a great deal. 2) At the end of the day, I still find a good number of them. Plus, most sellers are WAY more lenient on price. Most sellers who have a tag of $25 will sell me these at $10 (or less). I only buy units that are no more than 3-5 years old.

So assuming I paid $10 for a unit here is what can be pieces out. (These pictures are from the Precious Planet unit that I am currently listing :D ) These are the actual prices I am charging (or thereabouts) and yes shipping is extra.

 The main light up/musical toy. $25.

 Seat Frame Replacement $9

 Whale toy $7
 Hippo teether stalk $6

 Banana Mobile $5
 Polar bear/penguin toy $6

 Wheel toy $6

Seat cover replacement $25.

On top of that the metal bottom comes in to several pieces for another $40 (I haven't pictured these yet.)

That's a total of about $129!! Yes, it's a little more time to list but the payout is much greater! (Also it is way easier to ship).

As of this listing, I have about half these items listed. I expect most (if not all) of the pieces to sell within the week.

I'm sure this basic principle applies to other "bulky" items but my store is mostly children geared right now. 

I do also "cannibalize" baby swings/bouncy seats etc. but I hate wasting any pieces so the jumperoo (with the least amount of waste) is my favorite. There is 1 large tray that is bulky and has no real market so it goes out with the recycle. Swing and bouncy seat frames don't really come apart so I leave them out for a Craigslist metal scrapper.

Some words of warning:
*The toys aren't technically made to be removed so they can be quite difficult. My husband has to take them apart for me. While he was learning, 1 or 2 toys did get broken.

*When you are taking apart be sure to have antibacterial wipes handy. Most of these I have found have dried baby vomit that need to be cleaned. (Oh and just for the gross factor keep the dogs away LOL)

*I wash the seat covers on the normal wash cycle with regular detergent and oxiclean. DO NOT DRY! I found out the hard way that even on the lowest dryer setting they will shrink!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Minimizing stuff

In the spirit of achieving a more minimalistic lifestyle I pulled four boxes of books out of the attic. these boxes were put in the attic three years ago when we moved and have not been touched since.

My original plan was to get rid of sell donate whatever at least three of the four boxes. Several of these books are brand-new.

The vast majority Are four dollars or so merchant for failed on Amazon.  I find Amazon much easier to sell books on then eBay.

Well the vast majority of blasé at best I did find a couple bucks that surprise me

This is a 22 page religious pamphlet about the history of Halloween and The argument not to celebrate it. It has a sales rank of 663,000 which is pretty good in terms of book rankings. It sells new which mine is for $43. I honestly was just going to throw this into the donate pile moral of the story scan everything

Two full boxes ended up being marked for Amazon while three books were donated and about two more dozen books are waiting for me to be read and then will be put on amazon. The last box and a half are my husbands so he will decide what to do with that.

After getting rid of this much stuff it feels good however it is slightly irritating that were there were several hundred dollars worth of books sitting in the attic.

Who else close to the house looking for things to sell??

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

This week just sucked all the way around to put it nicely :D Sales sucked, hubby's wallet was stolen, and my oldest was physically beat up on the school bus....and the school district apparently doesn't care enough to do anything...so much for the "anti-bullying" initiatives.

ebay personal I had 1 sale. A pair of outgrown PJs sold for $4.50 + shipping.

eBay resale I had 19 sales. I took several pathetic offers and declined some disgusting offers (think 10-20% of the asking price)

 This was 150+ piece of GeoTrax. I was hoping for around $100. It was a huge box so I settled at $35 + shipping. I paid $4 so I was glad for the sale and the room.

Avery I got at Toys R Us for $12. She is 18" (American Girl size). I took her out of the box since it would be HUGE to ship. Sold for a best offer of $44.50. 1 sold; 8 more to go .

Etsy had 1 sale.
Fisher Price Snap Lock beads from the early 1990s. Sold for a measely 5.35. I paid $2 for it so it was indeed a bit of a dud.

Amazon had 21 sales.

Cabela's dangerous hunt game. I sold 3 copies this week; only 1 left to sell (I have the buy box on Amazon which accounts for the # sold.) Bought for $7 each; sold for 27.80 each....plus it was considered an "oversized item" at the FBA warehouse so I was paying a little extra in fees.

That was my week. Hopefully it only goes up. How was your week?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saling Saturday

Is back!

Today was an on and off rainy cold day so I hit up a flea market at the end of my street and a single yard sale.

The flea market was mostly a bust (it almost always is high priced CRAP) but today I bought 9 video games for $25.... 1 alone is selling on Amazon with a high rank for over $40. The rest sell for $10-20 each. Not too bad added up.

The game artwork got wet in the rain so I took them out to dry. Also I got the German dictionary; not as great as I hoped. It was raining steadily so I didn't want to chance breaking my phone.

A few things aren't pictured. A tub of Legos for $3 (most are knock offs....my kids get those until they treat Lego blocks with respect). A new sealed package of floppy disks have a sales rank of 188 on Amazon. Obsolete technology is sometimes surprising!

The single yard sale I stopped at only because I know the guy. He used to own a pawn shop in town and cuts me much better bargains because he knows I sell (I love when resellers work together). He has fun stuff like video games....and unfortunately he was scammed a time too many so his defect rate got him kicked off eBay too (eye roll....I thought they weren't kicking anyone off eBay due to defects until March aka 1 year after the defects were first announced.) 

 My kids love when I yard sale. They know that nothing in this house stays and they must ask before using but I do allow my kids to play with my used finds. It's a great way for them to "earn" privileges too (chores or excellent behavior get an extra video game turn/Littlest Pet Shop "battle" I have boys everything is a battle LOL).

 Overall 14 video games. These are $5-10 each. I am going to merchant fulfill them on Amazon. If they don't sell by June I will put them in lots on eBay. There aren't any "fantastic" popular titles.

12 Skylanders.  The boy didn't want to get rid of any rare expensive ones but these were $1 each and I will list at $5-10 each on eBay. Not a huge profit but I already have most of these listed so I only need to update quantity. They are also fast sellers.

I picked up 5 Snow White Numbered Limited Edition plates for $10. Hopefully they will sell well.

At both the flea market and the yard sale I picked up a total of 4 cake pans for $4 ($1 each). They don't seem to sell fantastically by themselves but in large lots seem to do decently. I currently have about 10-15. When I get to 25-50 I will do a big lot for a few hundred dollars or best offer.

Yesterday I picked up 8 baby einstein DVDs for $10. These routinely sell well for me on Amazon (haven't tried eBay); even the not so popular ones sell within a decent time frame. I expect my profit after fees to be around $30-50.

Overall this weekend I spent $172....or WAY more than I planned too....so I may be taking next week off or just going on Friday when the 2 kids are in school. I think sales are starting to slow down for the season. It is starting to get chilly in the mornings.

How are yard sales looking in your area? Slowing down or going strong? What treasures did you find this week?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Breaking a Promise

I swore I was done sourcing for a while....and it has been minimal. However, this week I picked up several packages of diapers for 10.99 at Target; they sell for a whopping 24.99-29.99 on Amazon depending on style with a sales rank of 8,000(at the time of scanning)!!! I'm not even talking warehouse sized packages but regular plastic packages that hold around 44 diapers. They are for sure cute but even at cute I would never have been able to afford that.....but more power to the people who can! (they are Honest CO diapers FYI)

I finally received the consignment check today and after going to the bank I was headed to the library when I drove by a kid friendly yard sale :D The prices were stupid (think like 50% of retail price) and since she was selling most items "for a friend" she wouldn't negotiate on price (I really wanted the Bumbo but it was $15 and she wouldn't budge. Most people are more negotiable when I kindly remind them it is recalled and therefore illegal to sell....even at a yard sale). Oh well. I did pick up 8 Baby Einstein DVDs for $10.... I should be able to squeeze a minimum $35.00 profit after my initial investment and fees.

I'm thinking I will begin sourcing at yard sales again primarily for FBA. When I did source only FBA at yard sales, it is amazing the amount of new stuff that is found for a fraction of the retail arbitrage price.  There is a flea market tomorrow at the end of my street (think like a 5 min walk) tomorrow. I will head there but rarely do I find anything. Yard sales are slow this week.

Also there is a new Goodwill that opened last week about a half hour from my house. (it was a Circuit City I believe so it's pretty big). Headed down that way early next week with a friend. Still hoping to make it to Lancaster at some point to hit up the Goodwill Outlet.

Since I have been on a (mostly) buying freeze, I have gotten rid of more than 15 tubs of inventory. My last pre-packed "big" box (an 18x18x24 box) of GeoTrax sold last night. It had been sitting on my dining room table and I am glad to be rid of it. So glad in fact I took an offer of 50% of my asking price. I wish they would hurry and pay all ready so I can *actually* get it out of my house. (I'm always nervous with the low offers it seems I often get messages saying "well I can't really afford to pay for it until (add date)".

As I read other blogs, I am realizing more and more that I am not the only one who deals with inventory in moderation. How do you guys balance incoming inventory with sales?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday's Totals

If I had to guess I think Christmas shopping is starting a little on Amazon. As an experiment, I priced some things lower (which almost all sold instantly) but many things I priced higher to see how long it took to sell them. Many of those items have begun to sell this week!

I sold 35 items on eBay this week....24 to the same buyer last Tuesday night; apparently the free shipping was a good move. Last night the same buyer came back and bought 3 more items. I combined shipping for this but didn't give free shipping. I guess I wasn't thinking. The shipping on the large order cost me just over $40. Next time I will just throw in extra "stuff".

I am going to spare a whole lot of pictures. A) it was mostly clothing that didn't have the "wow factor" (haha) and B) I'm trying to squeeze in this post before the bus.

These Littlest Pet Shop plush I thought would do well considering the popularity of LPS. Sold it this week after a year for 9.95. Paid 1.25. My "plush" big is about half empty after being full to overflowing forever. Also sold several TY beanie baby lots this week...down to 1 left!

ebay account selling for a friend- 3 items sold 2 lots of sheet music and a collector model car. I am running everything as auctions since nobody cares (for the most part) what we get for it. 1 went domestic, 1 went to Spain, and 1 went to Norway.

On Amazon 28 items sold; many of those are higher priced than a lot of the competition.

 Dr Brown's formula mixing pitcher (this is such a GOOD idea!). Bought for 2 sold for 11.99

Mario figures. I *almost* kept these for my son but he breaks stuff like this easily (boys rough play). Bought for .80 at Toys R Us clearance blast (close to the end of it) and sold for 16.95.

Etsy nothing new to report. I need to get the Amish Butterprint Pyrex set listed!

Going forward I really need to start sourcing some higher priced items even if it means putting more out up front. Initial investment always makes me nervous.

2 kids are in school and the youngest has watched no tv during school time since the beginning of school (that's a huge feat for me). My goals won't be anywhere near met unless I kick listing into gear (for the last week during school hours I have been organizing/deep cleaning/re-arranging/purging (not inventory but I am shooting for a minimalistic lifestyle for that which isn't eBay). Shamelessly letting my son watch TV today (guilt free since there are so many educational programs on.)

How has your week been?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Buying for Nostalgia

This buy far is going to be 1 of the strangest posts I will write :D

A couple months ago I bought this Sunbeam from the 1950s or 1960s.

I got it at a yard sale for $1.00 I love mid-century graphics. It's complete include a new (dried out) package of cleaner/lubricant. Didn't think much of it and brought it home to list.

Does anyone else have certain sights/sounds that bring back a strong memory of someone or somewhere? When I went to list it, I opened it and it smelled *exactly* how I remember my grandparents house to smell when I was growing up. Looking at it more, I am fairly positive my grandfather had the same model.

Really strange, and the razor isn't worth much, but it brings back warm and fuzzy feelings :D

Anyone else run into anything like that?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goodness Gracious Sales!

I swear it is what happens when my next day is planned....all my eBay packing was sent out today. and it's been quiet. :D Tomorrow's school lunches packed, dishes done!, housework mostly caught up. Put my phone down for about an hour to do some Bible reading. Come back to discover 1 buyer has bought 20 items (and paid) and put 4 more very respectable offers in. 24 sales whoot whoot! Mostly small clothing sales and other toys that have been "sitting". Total of around $175. I am thinking I will give free shipping :D

Tuesday's Totals

Well 2 kids are off to school. I was so excited but now it is really quiet. I think the animals are enjoying it best. In addition to the kids being off, in our 5 years of marriage, this is the first time that hubby has been on first shift. So youngest child and I have the house to ourselves. It has been a pretty productive morning overall. He LOVES "helping" me pack eBay packages so that's been the majority of it (15 packages to bring to the post office.)

eBay reseller account had 13 sales. Most were low $ clothing again; but those low $ sales on eBay have added up to a few hundred dollars.  A few went international. I was able to condense down another tub of clothing so I am happy. My clothing sale (40% off ends tomorrow)

 American Girl "Girl of the Year" Nicki partial Ranch outfit. Paid around $1.00 (bought in a huge lot of AG things.) Sold for $24.95+ shipping.

Playmobil misc pieces. Again, I bought in a huge lot for $20.00. Decided I didn't really like selling Playmobil and didn't have the time to do research. Already sold over $100 before this sale. I believe this is the last of the lot. Sold for $49.95+$35 shipping. At the $20 price point I would buy again for sure. Most were vintage from the 70s-early 90s.

eBay personal (small account) sold 6 items (5 were for a friend). Waiting on payment for 3 items. Mostly old vintage records and sheet music. Aerosmith sheet music book went to Sweden.

Etsy- nothing new to report

Amazon- 24 sales. 3 were very low $ merchant fulfilled (I was going to donate them but listed them since it takes 2 minutes no pics needed and they both sold within 4 days. I recouped my initial investment but not much more)

Skylanders Battlegrounds for the iOS (Apple products). Not nearly as popular as those for the console systems. Paid $10 each x2 sold both this week for $29.95 (got $22.50 each after fees.)

Heading up to my attic to bring out the Halloween.
With any luck they can be listed all by tomorrow when the bus comes in the PM.

That's my week. How's yours been?