Sunday, January 15, 2017

What to Sell in January....Swimsuits and Running Shoes.

I have always looked at January as post holiday spending hangover month....where sales typically drop. This is has been true for my Amazon account but my eBay account is busier than it has been in like the last 6 months.

This is largely thanks to swimsuits and running shoes. I bought a lot of swimsuits for $3.99 each (almost all plus size) and I have sold around 2 dozen since right before Christmas. They aren't huge sales but they are 300-400% profit. On average they have been selling for $15-20+shipping.

The other seller that is coming as a surprise is Nike Running Shoes. I have sold 4 pair in the last 2 days. I bought 30 or so pair from Sports Authority in June/July for $6.50 per pair but they have sat and sat.  They have sold for $25-40 free shipping.

I am chalking this up to the 40% 3 week sale I had going on at my store. Now that the credit card is paid off, it is time to stockpile some cash (my roof is now leaking) and make some room for yard sale season!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Look Back at 2016 Goals

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2016 goals and how they were met. I haven't actually set up any 2017 goals yet....they are forthcoming but I had the flu this past week. 

* Eventually by the end of the year make $75-100 per day in profits. We did until July then they fell off to about $20 a day
* Continue to list Fulfill by Merchant as the situation allows for (although I typically do this). I don't do this anymore as I have a hard time shipping on time and I don't want to risk my account health.
* Source 2-4x a week. Right now his preferred source is retail arbitrage; this is clearance season. Moving past that he is going to begin looking for hole in the wall local places. Usually about 1-3
 times a week; this works for us :D 
* Items shipped either same or next day. (we have shipped out 3 small shipments so far. In less than a week we have had $412 in sales....will make a separate post about sales soon). He is pretty confident on how to navigate Amazon's Seller Central. I am currently (and will continue as time permits) helping him ship items. I will also continue to help him shop (although he checks everything in my cart before we buy). This is, after all, the fun part. We do about 1 shipment a week. We found it to be way more cost effective to do large shipments.

* List 1 new item a day. (hence the low goal comment before). Most months were between 5-140 so I think overall I hit the goal.
* Source only from yard sales as money allows (again the fun part). Yes only went to a small amount of yard sales this month.
* I have at least 3 full tubs and my car trunk still full of unlisted clothes; I also have both kids closets full and 5 totes of listed clothing. As profitable as clothes can be its overwhelming to me right now and I tend to procrastinate.....So no more clothes unless its something that I seriously can't pass up (believe me with clothes its few and far between). Better than in years past but I still have a ton on clothes....but to be fair a good amount in my kids that I'm selling also.
*$500 in gross sales a month. $400-1000 so yes this is a win.
*In general just to be more selective about what I buy. This also I call a win; each year there are less and less duds.

* List a total of 5-10 a month. Nope I think I maybe listed 5 things all year.
* Become more picky about vintage.....alot of that means learning more. Didn't buy either. Don't have time to learn something new. "vintage" right now means my childhood (90s....and no Pogs :D )
* I bought a few (and I really mean a few) things to try my hand at Etsy crafting again. The price was unbeatable. However, its on the back burner for the near future. I have inventory to list before I can bite off more than I can chew. HAHAHAHA. Sold the stuff. 

*Pay off busines credit card by June. December but the main thing is it is paid off.
* We lost around $3k in 2015. would like to make $7k in profits. That would be an increase of $10k A profit of $6756.02. I would call that a win.
*Blog more consistently. Sorry guys.  

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Holidays and New Years.....I'm still here (and some financial results)

Hi all!
Sorry its been so long since I've posted. A good bit of depression set in early October and that's been an issue the last few months (my previous therapist called it chronic severe depression....not sure how accurate that is). Work has been crazy busy and not much time to post let alone blog.

It's so great to have the credit card paid off. If nothing else is accomplished this year, I am a happy girl. Hubby and I are sitting down tonight to make money goals for the new year.

I knew going into the holiday buying season, Amazon was missing "giftable" items. We have mostly focused on "practical items" as they sell consistently year round. However, I was more worried about paying off the credit card faster so I didn't invest in inventory the way I should have.

My eBay store was lacking new items (both new in package and newly listed). I'm down to an all time low of 300 items. It's not because I lack items to list but rather time/motivation.

We have decided to close down the Etsy store at least for now. I marked everything down 50-75% and it generated some sales. As the listings expire I won't be renewing them. The beads that I have been selling for the last 2-3 years are finally almost gone.

I believe I didn't post October or Novembers Sales Numbers. I'm going to post the abridged version
ebay 827.56
amazon 2545.20
etsy 21.95
fb 532.55
other 40

income 3967.28

costs of goods sold 913.58

outgo 3305.12

profit 662.16

ebay 7736.53
amazon 1828.42
etsy 8.54
fb 75.25

income 2685.74
costs of good sold 512.86

outgo 1795.86

profit 889.88

Thankful that we are turning profit regularly now. In 2016 I started January with a loss of 354.76 due to excessive sourcing. I'm hoping to avoid that pitfall this year. We are almost out of Amazon FBA inventory so it feels largely like starting from scratch. Thanks to eBay's supplies coupon quarterly, I am spending much less on supplies. Now that we are paid off the card, I am determined to spend the couple dollars more on "nicer" supplies (like for FBA bags that already have the suffocation warning label printed on it).

So just for are some eBay resale bombs for me.
+ A couple years ago I bought 400 ties. I still have 350. Very close to donating
+ When Kmart went out of business in June, I bought 50 or so pair of slippers for 2 each. I sold 3 pairs.
+ American Girl is no longer elite. It's sold at Kohls, Toys r Us and their are several pop up stores. The old stuff is still collectible. I have an entire tub stuffed full that I forced myself to list before the holidays. I still have 95% of it.

I will continue to post when I can/when I feel like it. I do enjoy reading all my blog friends posts though :D I will be back later in the week to look at 2016 goals make 2017 goals and December results. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


ok, so not our personal accounts so much yet but there's hope now, but our business is completely 100% debt free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started 2016 with over $16,000 in credit card debt to our business (a horrible story I don't wish to rehash  but most of it is posted within this blog in the last couple years). Sadly we ended up in default on it due to low sales, medical issues, not listing enough, sourcing too much, a 28% interest rate plus fees, etc. and ended up working with a collector but I made my last payment this morning!!

To those who have followed my journey, thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement throughout the journey.....they all did mean so much to me.

Now that we have that burden off our back, we are excited to save more, give more, pay off our personal credit cards faster, do some much needed home improvements, and probably my favorite, enroll our kids back in gymnastics :D