Saturday, September 16, 2017

Just Keep Listing

I have to fight myself to list everyday now but it's a good problem to have. I have been selling so much I have a hard time both listing and shipping. It's been a great problem to have though. My Halloween goal is currently 864/1000 so I guess we will probably blow this one out of the water.

I belong on a facebook site for all the "hot" toys. I talked about in the last post how I don't personally sell them as I have been the parent for too long. However, I am familiar with 1 gentleman in our area who cases every Toys r Us, Walmart, and Target within a 2.5 hour radius. It's super frustrating. My daughter wants this 1 limited edition $5 car for Christmas; they sell for $200-800 on Amazon. When he posted at my Target buying 3 of them (it's guestimated to only be 1 out of 100 cars or so) about 10 minutes before I was in the store, I was super pissed. He's got this warehouse of sorts and all the "good" posted deals are gone long before I can get to them....I'm sure he isn't the only one (funny story on his facebook page he complains about another reseller getting to toys before him).

So yeah, I'm already frustrated about that. Called and talked to the manager. They are already aware of him (he stands outside the door an hour before open) they have to have loss prevention follow him around so he doesn't use self checkouts etc. They said they will call me when another comes in but won't hold. Well I'm not about to get into a physical altercation and I don't really want to wait an hour before fucking open so I'm not sure my daughter will get it or not.

Hubby is constantly asking me (in reference to Facebook) why I keep putting myself through this. I'm super cranky this year (more on that in a minute) and I see literally dozens upon dozens to hundreds of toys being held hostage. I get its a way to pay bills but for the love of all things good UGH!

I know it's a want not a need and I am a reseller too. But when is greed greed and not a way to make a couple extra bucks.

On another note, sourcing has been pretty good and yard sales meh. I don't know if I don't like them as much or if there quality and quantity are legitimately down. Getting inventory up for Amazon will certainly ease my stress a little.

I know I don't talk about my job much. I hope there are very few of you who know for what I chain I work for. We got a new General Manager maybe 3 weeks ago. It was an ex assistant manager who left badmouthing the company. Anyway long story short, they are an absolute nightmare to work for. She is a former assistant manager and came in after like 6 months thinking everything would be the same....think bull moose in a china shop. I get text after text after text how the restaurant is in the shitter and it is all my fault (I ran the store between GMs for 3 weeks and our scores were substantially higher). I don't have a good stress management tool and ADHD so thoughts never stop running through my head and I actually had the biggest panic attack of my life due to her. Like completely shut down ended up at the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. I know I can't work like this anymore and hubby wants me to start an HR claim for harrassment. She is blocked on my phone currently. Anyway have any advice for how to deal with a shitty coworker?

Happy sourcing! Reselling is currently keeping most of my sanity intact.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August Totals and a Fun Goal

So I'm all about little fun goals......this year was the first year we went all in going crazy buying seasonal items for the following year. So we are oozing Halloween items from 2016. So we set a goal of $1000 in gross sales for Halloween seasonal items. As I continued to list on both Amazon and Ebay I realized this goal might be a tad low but I'm going to run with it anyway. Soo.....I started a tally going back 90 day on how much sold and on what marketplace. I'm going to update each month from now till October's totals just for fun. Depending I may do something like this for Christmas too but I have a feeling I may be too busy.

Halloween goals- $1000 in gross sales
eBay $275.70
Amazon 238.34
total to date 514.04

So we are approaching the very beginning of the buying season (although in my experience it really is the last week of September) and I'm already halfway to my goal. I've started doing little things like this because I've been really discouraged at work lately and I need to find a way to keep myself motivated.

I almost passed up on this dress because I didn't want to put out $5.00. It sold within 2 weeks for full price of $24.95+ shipping. 

But now on to the regular numbers.....

August was nice to see numbers increase. I listed more consistently on eBay which I'm sure helped. (did they change anyone else's selling central format? They did mine I guess it's in beta but after getting used to it I love it). Amazon sales are slower than I would like but we are working on sending in several more boxes.I hope 4th quarter really rocks it with sales.

ebay 801.73
facebook 0
etsy 10.90
amazon 1000.52
other/swap 27.90

COGS 354.11
shipping 305.00
sellery 100.00
supplies 37.11
paypal 37.14
ebay 109.75
amazon 412.50
etsy 4.64
refunds 25.69

total income 1841.05
total outgo 1385.64

total profit 455.41

those amazon fees never cease to bug me :D

Here's to hoping September is awesome!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The "hot" Toys of 2017

I don't really sell many "hot" toys for Christmas just because I feel bad for the parents looking for them.....that's not to say I never sell any.

I don't sink tons of money into them as some "hot" toys notoriously flop and I got burned bad 1 year. However, here's a few things (according to speculation on the internet/toy stores/facebook sites dedicated to this crap) if you are out and about

***note none of the pictures are mine; they were used off Yahoo images**

 These are Cutie Cars by Shopkins. They as of this point are nearly impossible to find and are double the price on eBay/Amazon. They are super duper cute; my daughter bought some with her birthday money and I bought some more for Christmas. I searched for a week for these. They are die cast; single cars are $4.99. 3 packs are $12.99. There are 3 limited edition cars going (actually selling for) over $200 on eBay. She played with them for 5 minutes but loves Shopkins so if the 3 pack I bought spikes up to stupid $$ I will sell; otherwise in her stocking they go.I will say for cheap toys there is great attention to detail.
 These are interactive "fingerlings". There is also a unicorn and sloth set to be released later on which are supposed to be harder to find. Of these the white and black are harder to find and are double the price on Amazon. I have a couple to resell but I am concerned as the paint tends to peel off the fingers fast. Fun fact, Gamestop sells these and since most people don't think to look there there are more color choices. Retail price $15; buy from Walmart and they have exclusive little bonus stands.
 These are interactive pets with "blind bags" will you get 1 baby or twins? My daughter isn't interested and sadly there was a "hack" that went around the internet. If you twisted open the package you could feel the "babies" and could be sold as "guaranteed twins". When I went to Walmart, the whole case had obviously been tampered with. I call that theft and I have heard of at least 1 report of individuals being banned from stores by loss prevention. Don't do's sleazy at best. These I think are around the $5 price range
 This is Luvabelle; there is also a Luvabeau boy doll. It's AI and to me scary as hell. But are supposed to be a big hit. But at $99.99 they aren't entering my house. Heck you could pay me and I'm not sure they would come in. There are stories of high tech toys "spying" and I'm paranoid (and with the exception of American Girl, dolls have always creeped me out)
 He's back.....and it's hotly debated whether he will be hot. He's $94.99. He's not nostalgic to me and is another one I'm gonna skip on.

 Ok this is an $80 one I wanted. It's the classic SNES console with built in games. After the NES was so hot last year and discontinued immediately, I didn't want to take chances. I called before preorders were being taken and I missed the date.....all spots were filled within 45 minutes. So the chance is slim to none I will get one for the kids. Oh well. It's time to pull out the actual Super Nintendo and games from the closet and teach the kids how to blow into the system.
The rumor is for $300 MSRP you will be lucky if you score one at this price. It's a handheld unit and TV console built into one. We might do the Wii U but not this. We tend to stay a generation behind to avoid the costly price tag.

And that's it. I'm sure there are "hot boy toys" but I haven't heard of any. I require of my kids a Christmas list by October 1st so I have plenty of time to budget and find crap.

4th quarter selling season is around the corner!

Monday, August 21, 2017

...and the breakthrough

It must be officially end of summer/back to school. After a horrible couple months, I have had Christmas like sales the last few days. It's been a breath of relief honestly. I know the ebb and flow but I think (and I know its not just me) is this the year reselling died? Do I need to find another side hustle?

I sold more in 2 days on eBay than I did the entire month of July. Amazon finally cracked too.

....and my best sell.

I am going to withold the picture for now because it just shipped and I don't want to jinx it. I found an alarm clock (NIP, discontinued) at a yard sale for $1. It was from around 2008 ish. It's just a plastic cheap made in China alarm clock (retail price was only $20). The last couple on Amazon sold for $50; great return. Sent it to FBA and forgot it. We do have an auto repricer who checks an updates up to 500 listings an hr. Because there was no other competition the repricer seriously jacked up the price (would have manually corrected it had I known). So what to my surprise when it sold for $196! Yes that's not a typo.

So I'm praying buyers remorse doesn't kick in and it gets returned.

At that point I would have been happy with a $10 sale....LOL. Great way to kick off back to school retail arbitrage money :D

Hope all your sales have picked up too!